Working Out and Still Not Losing Weight? Here Are 7 Reasons Why

These common mistakes may be to blame for your frustration.

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Why Jennifer Garner Says She’s Done With Diets

Jennifer Garner would make a great BFF, wouldn’t she?

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This Is the Most Popular Way to Lose Weight in North America

Turns out cutting fat is not the most desired method for losing weight these days. A new Nielsen survey reveals that more people in North America would rather boost their diet with fresh and natural foods.

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Healthy Changes May Be Easier When Partners Make Them at the Same Time

Men and women who want to stop smoking, get active and lose weight are much more likely to meet with success if their partner also adopts the same healthy habits, according to new research.

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5 Things Not to Say to Someone Who’s Had Weight-Loss Surgery

Although many bariatric surgery patients are open about their experiences, there are still some questions that are simply insensitive or inappropriate to ask. Here’s what’s not OK.

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How the Cold Weather Can Help You Slim Down

Cold weather has an upside: New research suggests that spending time outside when the temperature dips could increase brown fat, which triggers your body to burn more fat and keep your warm.

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How to Lose Weight With Kale Chips (the Dog)

The fundraising gimmick to save this adorable overweight pooch’s life may be just the motivation you need to stick with your health resolutions.

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The Self-Acceptance Lesson You Can Learn From Whitney Thore of ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’

For YouTube dancing sensation Whitney Thore, it took years to accept her body. Now through her new reality show on TLC, the video star is spreading the message of self-love and acceptance.

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3 Breakfast Rules to Follow to Lose Weight

Not all breakfasts are created equal: some of them can derail your weight-loss efforts if you’re not careful. Instead, follow these breakfast rules to help you slim down.

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What’s the Best Diet in America? The Answer May Surprise You

If you’re looking for a hot new plan to get excited about, you’ll be disappointed: The tried-and-true beat out fads.

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