Anne Hathaway: There Is ‘No Shame’ in Carrying Baby Weight

The star, who gave birth in March, is over the ridiculous pressure to get back in skinny jeans stat.

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Why This Fitness Blogger Is Saying #ScrewTheScale

This Instagram star is showing us just how little the number on the scale matters.

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New Drug Seems to Help People With Rare Disease That Causes Constant Hunger

An experimental drug spurred substantial weight loss in people with a rare genetic disorder that causes severe obesity because patients feel perpetually hungry.

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The Surprising Link Between Dehydration and Obesity

Water might be a secret weapon for dieters, research involving nearly 10,000 adults suggests.

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This New Weight-Loss Device Removes Food From Stomach After Meals

A new surgically implanted device to treat obese patients has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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This Balloon-in-a-Pill May Be a New Way to Lose Weight

The balloon system, known as Obalon, helped obese people lose nearly 7 percent of their body weight, according to researchers.

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Cutting Calories Improves Mood and Sex Life, Even If You’re Not Seriously Overweight

Dieting might help improve your health, mood, sex drive, and stress levels even if you’re not obese, a new clinical trial reports.

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If You Crave This Type of Food, You Might Just Be Bored

If you find yourself reaching into a bag of chips and you know you’re not hungry, maybe you’re just bored instead.

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Have One Minute? You Can Get In a Good Workout

Couch potatoes, there are no more excuses.

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Can Eating a Big Meal Really Stretch Your Stomach?

Your stomach is an elastic organ, so when you take in a large volume of food, liquid, or air, it does expand to accommodate everything that’s put into it.

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