Why Regaining Weight Is So Common and How to Deal

For anyone who’s seen the numbers on the scale creep up after dropping a significant amount of weight, the statistics aren’t exactly encouraging. Studies show that most people regain the weight they lose, whether they shed it fast or slow.

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5 Really Simple New Rules for Weight Loss

The news is bloated with information on weight loss—but as it turns out, there are some simple key rules to keep in mind.

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Is Your Metabolism Working Against You? 6 Simple Ways to Boost It

A new study found that some people’s metabolisms slow down when they try to lose weight. If you think you’re in this group, don’t give up. Here are six things you can do.

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Can’t Lose Weight? Yes, Your Metabolism Might Be to Blame

A new study confirms what many frustrated dieters already suspect: Your metabolism might make it tougher for you to lose weight than others.

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We’re Giving Away 10 Copies of ‘Slim Down Now’ on Twitter Tonight!

Ready to get serious about slimming down for summer? We’re giving away 10 copies of Slim Down Now by Cynthia Sass, our contributing nutrition editor!

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Why This Plus-Size Blogger Says She’s Not ‘Brave’ for Wearing a Swimsuit

Jessica Kane argues that being brave is about much more than going against societal expectations.

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4 Health Products You Should Never Buy Online

Whatever you need, you can get it online. That can make shopping for health products a little bit, shall we say, sketchy.

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The Two Mainstream Diet Plans That Actually Work, According to Science

Diets really do work. How’s that for good news?

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How to Keep the Carbs and Still Lose the Pounds

Many diets are based on cutting out entire food groups, like carbs. My clients find these plans restrictive and frustrating; they just reinforce the idea that weight loss is about deprivation.

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The Chew’s Daphne Oz: I’d Rather Weigh 5 Lbs. More and Be Really Happy

Chef and author Daphne Oz says she has more important things to focus on than the number on the scale.

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