Here’s What it Would Be Like if Men Needed a Prescription for Birth Control

What if buying condoms was as complicated as getting a prescription for birth control pills? A new video imagines what it would be like for a guy going through the process.

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Sex With a New Partner? There’s an App for That

Just in case an intimate encounter with someone new isn’t awkward enough, here’s a new app to really kill the mood.

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IUDs, Implants Should Be First-Line Birth Control for Teen Girls: Pediatrics Group

Long-acting contraceptive devices should be the first choice of birth control for teenage girls, new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics state.

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Back Pain After Sex? These Positions May Help

Guided by movements of couples engaged in sexual intercourse, a new report suggests that alternatives to the traditional missionary-style position can help men who have lower back pain.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Shocked That This 86-Year-Old Wrote a Steamy Romance

Fact: Older people have sex.

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HPV Vaccine Protects Against Infection 8 Years Out

A new long-term study shows that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine appears to protect against the sexually transmitted virus for at least eight years.

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How Not to Let Stress Ruin Your Sex Life

For many people, once the stress shows, the sex goes. In fact, stress is the number one reason that couples stop having sex.

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4 Weird (But Wonderful) Ways the Color Red Affects Our Brains

You pull that trusty red dress from your closet and you feel sexy. Silly? Or science? More and more, it’s beginning to sound like science. Here are four areas of research on the hue that could impact your daily life.

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Why Throat and Anal Cancers Are on the Rise in Young Adults

Although cervical cancers are declining in the United States and Canada, other cancers linked to human papillomavirus (HPV) are increasing, a new study indicates.

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The Right Way to Talk to Your Partner About Your Sex Life

Hint: Emailing your spouse a spreadsheet detailing your disappointment isn’t it

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