The Sex Position That’s Most Likely to Injure His Penis (Yes, Really)

It can lead to a penile fracture.

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Now There’s a Female-Friendly Condom You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Buy

The condom shopping experience can be totally creepy for women. Now, Lovability (and a few other brands) are pushing to destigmatize the process for female consumers.

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Hook-up Apps Blamed for a Spike in STDs in the UK

There may be a link between swiping right and getting the clap.

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Most Doctors Aren’t Discussing Sex With Heart Attack Survivors

After suffering cardiac arrest, Karen Englert recalled that her doctors freely dispensed advice about not lifting milk jugs, not driving, not showering — but nothing about resuming sex with her husband, Jeff.

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How to Create The Perfect Online Dating Profile

What do the most successful online daters do? It turns out dating sites and researchers have been studying just that. Here’s a few things they’ve learned about what works (and what really doesn’t).

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What Caffeine Can (and Can’t) Do for Your Sex Life

Is your coffee habit interfering with your love life?

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Men Can Get Oral HPV Infection From Women, Study Shows

Men are at increased risk for oral human papillomavirus (HPV) infection if their female sex partners have oral and/or genital HPV infections, a new study shows.

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Very Personal Trainers: 3 Kegel Devices to Work Your Pelvic Floor

If doing Kegels sounds like a drag, you’ll love these three devices meant to make your pelvic floor exercises easy and even fun.

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Does Having Lots of Sex Lower Prostate Cancer Risk?

Don Juans of the world, take note: Men who sleep with lots of women may be less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don’t play the field, a new Canadian study suggests.

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9 Simple Aphrodisiacs to Help Put You in the Mood

Some foods, smells, and behaviors might help make your bedroom romps even hotter. Here are the top aphrodisiacs experts recommend trying.

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