How Sharing Child Care Duties Helps Your Sex Life

Couples who share the responsibilities of child care end up feeling more satisfied with both their sex lives and their overall relationship, new research suggests.

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11 Sex Tips That Are Better Than ‘Female Viagra’

As the buzz continues over the FDA’s approval of a libido drug for women, let us not forget this old-school truth: Plenty of proven pleasure-inducing sex tactics do not involve a prescription (or even any money).

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‘Female Viagra’ Drug Approved By FDA

Authorities have approved flibanserin to treat lack of sexual desire among women

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Why This Libido-Boosting Drug for Women is Causing So Much Controversy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration could soon approve a controversial drug aimed at boosting libido in women.

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Women Are Less Interested in Sex When They’re Hungry, Study Finds

A full belly may be the key to setting the mood.

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Why Sexting Can Be Great for Relationships

A new survey finds more than eight in 10 adults admit to sending or receiving a sexually explicit text message — commonly known as “sexting” — and many say the practice leads to increased sexual satisfaction, particularly when couples are involved.

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The Experimental Treatment That Might Prevent Herpes

A drug applied as a vaginal gel may substantially cut women’s risk of contracting genital herpes, a common and incurable sexually transmitted infection.

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These Are the Aphrodisiacs That Might Actually Work

A new review of the research looks at which purported “aphrodesiacs” might work, which ones definitely don’t, and which ones may actually cause harm.

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What Makes a ‘Good-Looking Penis,’ According to Science

Girth and length surprisingly weren’t the most important characteristics.

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5 Weird Ways Ovulation Can Affect Your Body

From skin changes to how you dress, research suggests ovulation affects you in seriously surprising ways.

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