9 Awesome Examples of GPS Art

Runners and cyclists are using their GPS-based tracking apps to plot out routes in tons of fun shapes, from adorable pandas to pints of beer.

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Running Linked to Lower Alzheimer’s Death Risk

Running more than 15 miles a week may reduce the risk of dying from Alzheimer’s disease, new research suggests.

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Addicted to Serial? 5 Podcasts to Get You Through Your Next Workout

Instead of listening to “Shake It Off” yet again while you hit the gym, mix up your sweat-session by listening to “Serial” or one of these other great podcasts.

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This Massive Treadmill Can Hold 10 Runners at One Time

Designed by the Chilean company Oxford Fitness, it’s about four times larger than the usual machine.

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Running Won’t Raise Risk of Knee Arthritis, Study Says

Regular running doesn’t seem to increase your chances of developing knee osteoarthritis, and it may even help prevent the disease, researchers report.

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4 Tips for Transitioning to Cold-Weather Workouts

Forget curling up under a warm blanket . Here’s how to take on the outdoors like a champ.

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8 Awesome Podcasts to Get You Through a Long Run

Whether you’re looking for entertainment or running tips, these podcasts will help you get through a long distance run.

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9 Tips for Running Your Best Marathon Ever

Here are a few basic but incredibly important things to remember during the final countdown to a marathon.

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5 Bright Running Shoes That Add a Little Flash to Your Dash

Outfitting yourself in reflective or glow-in-the-dark pieces will help keep you safe as you stride. Your first priority: a pair of flashy kicks.

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3 Foam Roller Moves to Help You Recover After a Run

You may already have a post-run recovery routine, but there’s another thing you can do to help reduce muscle soreness: Try a foam roller.

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