I Tried a High-Tech Running Shoe Designed Just for Women

Health’s fitness editor road-tested the new adidas PureBOOST x.

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Here Are 2015’s Top 50 Running Songs, According to Spotify

Spotify analyzed what runners listened to in 2015 to come up with this ultimate list of running songs.

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6 Running Tips to Keep You Safe This Winter

How to know when it’s way too cold to run outside.

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5 High-Tech Winter Running Accessories That Will Make You Want to Work Out in the Cold

Run happy all winter with this stylish cold-weather gear.

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Here’s How Far You Actually Need to Run to Reap the Health Benefits

If you like to run but don’t looove to run, here’s some news that’s sure to put a bounce in your step.

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Runner with Autism Graces the Latest Cover of Women’s Running

The magazine is once again proving that runners aren’t a one-size-fits-all group.

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How to Stay Warm (But Not Too Warm) On Your Winter Runs

Trying to find that sweet spot between “just bundled enough” and “burning up” is much harder than it should be.

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11 Rules of Running Buddy Etiquette

Like all successful relationships, having a running buddy requires communication and compromise.

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A 10-Minute Cycling Workout to Help You Hate Running Less

Training for a race? Just want to hate running less? This 10-minute cycling workout can help you improve.

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I Am Training for a Marathon. So Why Am I Getting Fat?

You would think all of this running must come with the happy side effect of some substantial weight loss, wouldn’t you?

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