8 Awesome Podcasts to Get You Through a Long Run

Whether you’re looking for entertainment or running tips, these podcasts will help you get through a long distance run.

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9 Tips for Running Your Best Marathon Ever

Here are a few basic but incredibly important things to remember during the final countdown to a marathon.

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5 Bright Running Shoes That Add a Little Flash to Your Dash

Outfitting yourself in reflective or glow-in-the-dark pieces will help keep you safe as you stride. Your first priority: a pair of flashy kicks.

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3 Foam Roller Moves to Help You Recover After a Run

You may already have a post-run recovery routine, but there’s another thing you can do to help reduce muscle soreness: Try a foam roller.

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Wife-Carrying Championship: The Craziest Race You’ve Ever Seen

The 15th annual North American Wife Carrying Championship, held this past weekend in Maine, is exactly what it sounds like.

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The Simple Trick to Make Your Cardio Workout Easier

We all have ploys to make our cardio sessions fly by faster or seem easier. But it turns out those efforts could backfire.

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The 10 Best Sports Bras for Women With Big Busts

These amazing sports bras that are easy to get on, offer stellar support and, most importantly, are still cute!

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The Simple Trick to Run Your Fastest 5K

When people entered the same race as a “rival,” they ran about eight seconds faster per mile.

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3 Reasons I’m Choosing to Run Slower

After having a baby 4 months ago, I’ve changed my expectations and focused on making running more enjoyable. Here’s why.

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The Surprising Way Running Affects Your Brain (and Appetite)

We all know that running has plenty of good-for-you benefits. What you might not know is that it may also up your self-control when it comes to food cravings.

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