Lena Dunham’s Inspiring Take on How She Learned to Love Running

“I’m not about to embrace that triathlon life but it’s a true joy to continue getting more connected to my body and its powers.”

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5 Running Mistakes Beginners Always Make

How to set realistic goals, fuel up properly, and more.

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This Awesome Magazine Cover Proves That ‘Anyone Can Run’

Plus-size model Erica Jean Schenk proves on Women’s Running’s August cover—which features her looking strong and stunning while booking around Brookyn’s Prospect Park and is now going viral on social media—that here is no “typical” kind of runner.

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These Reversible Running Tights Will Make Your Routine So Much Easier

The best thing to happen in running gear in a while.

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11 Training Tips for Running Your First Half-Marathon

Thinking of tackling 13.1 in the near future? Consider these tips from top running pros before you lace up.

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4 Essential Tricks for Staying Cool During Outdoor Summer Workouts

And none of them involve staying indoors and cranking the AC.

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The Heart Test Every Endurance Athlete Should Know About

Endurance athletes should be tested for potentially deadly heart rhythm problems when they are exercising rather than resting, and the tests should include the right ventricle as well as the left ventricle, a new study says.

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This 92-Year-Old Woman Just Became the Oldest Person to Finish a Marathon

The woman who owns the title of fastest female marathon runner over 90 just broke another record.

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Should You Ditch Your Running Shoes?

A recent study says barefoot running may work for some, but not for others.

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13 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During a Half-Marathon

From “Do I look as awkward as that runner over there?” to “How do I drink water and run at the same time?”

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