These Pumpkin, Chocolate, and Espresso Bars Will Blow Your Mind

Can’t get enough of pumpkin baked goods? Try this blondie recipe that includes sweet chocolate and rich espresso.

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15 Surprising and Tasty Ways To Use Apples

There’s more than one way to prepare apples. From pies to pizza, these perfect-for-fall dishes work great with the superfood.

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9 Quick and Easy Make-Ahead Casseroles

These easy recipes are perfect for baking ahead of time, so you have dinner prepared and lots of leftovers for quick weeknight meals.

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This May Just Be Your New Favorite Salad

Wave goodbye to the Waldorf. Tell the chopped salad it’s getting cut. This Tomato and Roasted Lemon Salad leaves those boring alternatives in the dust.

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Make Cornbread Muffins Healthier With Broccoli

Sweet cornbread makes broccoli more appetizing in a batch of muffins. You’ll also get a boost of fiber with this recipe.

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Savor Autumn With a Pumpkin Spice French Toast Casserole

This delicious dessert recipe features creamy pumpkin pie puree.

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How to Make the Best Baked Apples This Fall

Nothing says fall like baked apples. With this recipe, you’ll be able to make your own delicious version at home.

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Serve These Chicken and Almond Pesto Sliders at Your Next Party

Nix the beef in your chicken sliders for a healthier party food.

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The Spicy Mac & Cheese That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Veggies and reduced-fat cheese make this bowl of pasta a healthy treat.

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Dip Into This Twist on Classic Guacamole

Guacamole hummus may be the best of both worlds. Guests won’t be able to get enough of this delicious guac update at your next bash.

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