Serve These Spicy-as-Heck Chicken Strips as a Pre-Game Super Bowl Snack

Love your chicken extra spicy? Then bite into this recipe which combines hot sauce, BBQ sauce, AND chili sauce.

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The Oatmeal Cranberry Almond Bars That Work for Breakfast, a Snack, or Dessert

Made with fiber-rich rolled oats, heart-healthy sliced almonds, and naturally sweet dried cranberries, these bars will help fill you up and please your taste buds.

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10 Healthy-ish Super Bowl Recipes That Will Be the Talk of the Party

These creative snack ideas will get your guests excited and many of them sneak in veggies and fruit.

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9 Protein Pancakes That Will Power You Through Your Morning

Feel fuller longer with these recipes that boast protein from Greek yogurt, ground flaxseed, protein powder, and more.

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5 Delicious Popcorn Seasoning Recipes You Need to Try

Nothing beats the flavor of fresh, homemade popcorn. That is, unless you top your kernels with some tasty seasoning. With these blends, you’ll never settle for plain popcorn again.

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A Recipe for Crispy Baked Onion Rings You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

Forget deep-fried onion rings: This baked version from Hungry Girl is a whole lot healthier thanks to a mix of high-fiber bran cereal and panko breadcrumbs.

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6 Breakfast Casserole Recipes for Christmas Morning

Prepare one of these dishes ahead of time and you can spend more time with family and friends on Christmas morning.

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10 Ways to Use Maple Syrup Beyond Breakfast

It seems impossible to think maple syrup could exist without breakfast food. But these 10 lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes prove otherwise.

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How to Make Your Own Lower-Calorie Eggnog Latte

If you want to keep your calories (and spending) in check this holiday season, try this recipe for a lower-calorie eggnog latte, which you can make at home.

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7 Full-Sized Cupcakes With 200 Calories or Less

Here are seven recipes to satisfy your cupcake craving—with less sugar, fat, and calories.

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