Watermelon Cakes: The Best Healthy Dessert for Your Summer BBQ

An Instagram-worthy dessert that tastes indulgent but still manages to be healthy-ish? Count us in.

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3 Vegetarian Meals That Are Packed With Protein

Each one has 20 grams of protein or more.

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These Cauliflower “Tater Tots” Will Be Your New Favorite Recipe

Crispy, cheesy, and packed with nutrients—what’s not to love?

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5 Alternatives to White Pasta You’ll Want to Try

Quinoa, spelt, Kamut—the latest noodles are nutritious, delicious, and super filling.

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Fuel Up With These Fiber-Rich, Healthy Homemade Energy Bars

Whip up a batch over the weekend and enjoy all week long.

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What Beats Buffalo Wings on Game Day? Buffalo Cauliflower!

This winning recipe is a spicy “super bowl” of buffalo-flavored deliciousness.

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3 Easy Dishes That a Celeb Nutritionist Makes for Dinner

Each one calls for just seven ingredients or less.

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3 NutriBullet Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies

You really can use this gadget at any meal.

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Cutting Carbs? Here’s How to Make Cauliflower Rice in Under 10 Minutes

Looking for a great way to sneak in veggies? Here’s how to make “rice” out of cauliflower.

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3 Healthy (But Indulgent) Recipes From ‘Bulletproof: The Cookbook’

These recipes will leave you feeling satiated and energized.

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