The Morning Habit that Boosts Your Libido Bigtime

What if there was a way that you could have more and better sex—and all it would take is a few minutes a day?

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Amy Robach on What Life After Breast Cancer Is Really Like

Every day I try to bring my focus back to the beauty of life rather than the fear of death.

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Here’s What Happened When I Cut Out Alcohol and Sweets for 40 Days

I’ve given up alcohol and sweets before. But I’ve only ever done it for Lent, and the whole sacrificing for the sake of your religion makes the task much easier.

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How to Make Healthier Monkey Bread (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

If there’s one weekend morning indulgence that hits all the notes, it’s monkey bread.

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When to Worry About a Cough That Sticks Around

I’ve had a cough for weeks. Should I be worried?

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How to Shut Down Holiday Diet Saboteurs

Friends and family members can wreck your diet efforts—intentionally or unintentionally.

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This Is Your Body on Turkey

This explains why Thanksgiving makes you sleepy.

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Watch: How to Perfect Your Pout With Lip Liner

Follow this tutorial to add some polish to your pout with lip liner.

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Having a Baby? It’s Safer to Avoid Giving Birth on the Weekend

Weekdays may be the safest time to have a baby.

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Here’s One Accessory You Should Not Buy for Your Baby’s Crib

Infant deaths linked to crib bumpers have spiked in recent years in the United States.

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