5 Ways for Caregivers to Feel Cared For

Almost a third of adults act as a caregiver for an ill or disabled relative, and many spend a lot of time and money doing so. But you don’t have to go it alone. Try these resources for emotional and logistical support.

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3 Weird Ways Birth Month Can Affect a Baby’s Health

Research has shown that everything from a mother’s stress levels and exposure to secondhand smoke and pet dander can affect a child’s risk of illness down the road. But here’s something that you might not expect to have such an effect: The month in which a child is born—or in some cases, conceived. Here are a few surprising connections.

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4 Movies Germaphobes Should Never Watch

Are Ebola headlines making you jittery about the thought of a global pandemic? Escape your worries with a nice movie. That is, not one of these 4 fright-fests.

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Hey, Guilt-Ridden Parents: Exercise Isn’t Selfish

Fathers face many of the same family and work barriers to exercise as mothers, new research indicates.

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3 Pet Rescues That Will Brighten Your Day

Humans aren’t the only ones who need saving in fires. Here are three adorable instances of firefighters rescuing pets.

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Red Wine Bath? Basketball Star Says it Helps Him Recover

While most people enjoy drinking red wine, the New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire has been soaking in it.

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Take an Rx Pain Pill

America has a painkiller problem. The overprescription of highly addictive opioid pain pills like Oxycontin and Percocet is leading to widespread abuse of the drugs. Don’t accept a script for a painkiller without getting the following questions answered.

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Working Out Three Times Per Week Can Lower Depression Odds by 20%

Physically active people are less likely to show signs of depression, a new study finds.

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Jet Lag and Shift-Work Weight Gain Tied to Gut Microbes

Disruptions in the human circadian clock can throw off microbes in the gut, potentially boosting the risk of obesity, a new study suggests.

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Can’t Get an Appointment With a Psychiatrist? You’re Not Alone

Residents of major U.S. metropolitan areas who need a psychiatrist are often likely to come up empty-handed, regardless of ability to pay, new research suggests.

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