Teens Who Stay Up Late May Gain More Weight Over Time

Teens may have a new reason to take their parents’ advice and go to bed early. Staying up late on weeknights may increase a teen’s risk of becoming overweight over time, a new study says.

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Being Tall Linked to Higher Risk of Cancer, Study Suggests

A study of more than 5 million Swedish men and women suggests that the taller you are, the greater your risk of cancer.

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12 Hospitals That Might Make You Sicker

A new report ranked hospitals on their rates of hospital-acquired infections. These 12 ranked the lowest.

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10 Yoga Poses That Help With Bloating, Back Pain, and More

These moves from your favorite fitness class might help heal your most frustrating body problems.

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Is ‘Phubbing’ Ruining Your Life? Take The Quiz

‘Phone snubbing’—dubbed ‘Phubbing’—might be messing with your relationship and your overall mental health, according to new research.

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Yes, You Really Do Have a ‘Type,’ Science Says

A new study confirms beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that what individuals find to be attractive is likely incredibly specific to their life experiences.

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As Drunk Driving Declines, Drugged Driving Is on the Rise

More Americans are under the influence of drugs while they drive, even as drunk driving rates decline, new research shows.

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What You Should Know Before a Breast Cancer Gene Test

Only about one-third of women receive genetic counseling before they undergo testing to see if they have a gene mutation that increases their risk of breast or ovarian cancer, a new study reports.

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This Skin Condition Is Often Linked to Depression

Regardless of severity, patients with the often disfiguring skin condition psoriasis face an elevated risk for depression, new research suggests.

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This Blog Tells You How to Make a Woman Orgasm

Research shows that men (regardless of sexual orientation) are more likely to reach “the big O” than women. Now, a Tumblr page is giving women an anonymous platform to sound-off on this sexual disparity—and maybe get some answers.

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