What Happened When a Plus-Sized Blogger Asked Photoshoppers to Make Her ‘Beautiful’

We’ve already seen two journalists—one Caucasian and one biracial—go on a Photoshop trip around the world this year; but style blogger Marie Southard Ospina wanted to give it a new twist.

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Want to Slim Down? Why You Should Weigh Yourself at Least Once a Week

Plus the best day to do it.

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Why Christmas Songs Can Make Us Cry

Do you tear up during “Silver Bells” or “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”? Here’s a possible explanation.

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No, Drinking Alcohol Before Bed Won’t Help You Sleep

As many as one in five Americans turns to alcohol sometimes to help them fall asleep, but that can lead to sleep problems later in the night, a new study finds.

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Feel Younger Than Your Age? It May Help You Live Longer

Folks who feel “young at heart” may be more likely to live to a ripe old age, a new British study suggests.

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Most Doctors Aren’t Discussing Sex With Heart Attack Survivors

After suffering cardiac arrest, Karen Englert recalled that her doctors freely dispensed advice about not lifting milk jugs, not driving, not showering — but nothing about resuming sex with her husband, Jeff.

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6 Hilarious Holiday Videos That Will Help You Beat Stress

Trust us, you’ll be grateful to watch these clips the next time you’re on an endless line buying gifts or you’re freaking out about getting everything done before you leave for vacation.

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5 Email Habits of Very Productive People

Steal these strategies to help tame your inbox.

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Jennifer Aniston Says the Pressure to Be a Mom Isn’t Fair

Even though she’s in a great place personally and professionally, the 45-year-old actress still finds herself still fielding questions about why she hasn’t gotten around to giving birth.

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Angelina Jolie on Getting Chickenpox at 39: “Such is Life!”

While the new movie Angelina Jolie directed, Unbroken, is getting lots of good buzz, the star had to bail on upcoming promotional events for a surprising reason: She has the chickenpox.

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