The Simple Sneaker Mistake You’re Making

It’s super common and it puts you at greater risk for injury.

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5 Surprising Ways Men and Women Sense Things Differently

Studies suggests that women really do seem to be the more “sensitive” gender.

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The Scientific Reason Avoidance Makes You Stressed

It can be tempting to ignore things that make you anxious, but evidence shows that avoiding your problems actually fuels distress.

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Here’s Why Serena Williams Cherishes Her Friendship With One of Her Biggest Rivals, Caroline Wozniacki

Though the pair are on-court rivals, they’re real-life best friends.

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Could Smoggy Air Raise Your Anxiety Levels?

Air pollution may take a toll not only on physical health, but mental well-being as well, two new studies suggest.

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Here’s the Secret Fitness Lab Where Apple Developed the Apple Watch’s Health Features

Inside, the lab looks like your average gym—except for the science-fiction style contraptions everyone’s wearing.

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4 Skin Conditions That Can Signal Other Health Problems

Itchy, irritated, or inflamed skin is certainly no fun—but did you know that skin troubles could be related to other health problems?

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5 Keys to a Perfect Warm-Up

Without a proper warm-up, you risk injury, less-than-optimal performance, or slowed progress (aka plateauing). Try this dynamic warm-up before your next workout.

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Ultrasounds Reveal How Smoking During Pregnancy May Delay an Unborn Baby’s Development

Smoking has long been known to be harmful during pregnancy, increasing the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and other problems. Now, it seems the harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy may actually be visible by ultrasound.

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Why Dog Saliva Is Being Studied for a Possible Allergy-Prevention Link

There’s no feeling quite like it: Your four-legged bud greets you with a slobbery, heartfelt lick across the face. It’s totally sweet, but also kind of gross. Well, researchers think that dog kisses may be more helpful than we think.

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