7 Natural Swaps for Refined Sugar

Thanks to low calorie sweeteners and natural substitutes, you can cut back on sugar and still get that sweet taste.

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How Food Labels Are Changing (and Why Some Companies Don’t Like It)

Some food companies aren’t happy that the FDA wants to list added sugar in the revamped food labels. If you’re in favor of the new changes, find out how you can show your support.

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You’re Eating Fish All Wrong

Eating fish has been tied with lower rates of heart disease, stroke, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. But how it you eat may be the real key to reaping its benefits

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Let’s Stop Shaming Each Other About Food Choices

As people get increasingly conscientious about what we put into our mouths—is it low fat? Low sugar? Gluten free?—we’re also getting more judgmental other people’s food choices. Here’s why that needs to stop.

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The New Super Seed You Need to Try

You may already know about chia and flax, but there’s a new super seed in town. Here’s why it’s so good for you, plus how to use it.

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What 5 Dietitians Order at Chipotle

Love Chipotle? See what RDs order at this popular burrito joint.

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4 Foods That May Shorten Your Life

Research has shown that some foods can actually mess with your telomeres, the ends of DNA that help protect cells, and up your disease risk.

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The Secret to Enjoying Pasta Guilt-Gree

Have you cut back on or—gasp!—given up pasta? Try our strategies for healthier noodles on National Pasta Day.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Whole Foods’ New Produce Labels

Whole Foods is rolling out a whole new ratings system for produce. Here’s what it examines.

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This Video Proves Michelle Obama Will Do Anything to Promote Healthy Eating

The First Lady got down with a turnip for her Lets Move! campaign. Fun aside, there are plenty of tasty ways to eat this veggie.

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