3 Feel-Good Companies That Sell Fresh Greens, Chocolate, and More

These companies are making it part of their business to sell high-quality products and help communities, the environment, or both.

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The Surprising Health Risks of Being a Very Picky Eater

A kid who is a seriously “picky eater” is also likely to struggle with emotional problems like anxiety and depression, new research suggests.

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3 Reasons to LOVE Chipotle From an RD

It’s pretty unusual for an RD to be able to gush over an American fast food restaurant. But thanks to Chipotle, that’s what’s happening.

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The Science of Why You Crave Comfort Food

It’s not just because these foods are tasty. It’s because they make us feel less alone.

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What 5 Amazing Athletes Eat for Breakfast

Five amazing athletes (from an ultrarunner to a yogi) and the morning recipes that fuel their days.

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What’s the Deal With Activated Charcoal? 3 Things to Know

Learn the facts about this supposed “detox” tool.

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Cooking for One? 9 Tricks to Kill It in the Kitchen

These nine hacks will help you manage your kitchen and make the most of your single-serve eats.

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Your (Delicious) Secret Weapon for Staying Cool

It’s going to be sweltering this week in the Northeast and other parts of the country, and we have a delicious way for you to stay cool that’s much more fun than hiding in the air conditioning.

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False Advertising Lawsuit Claims This Almond Milk Brand Doesn’t Have Enough Almonds

A false advertising suit claims Almond Breeze is only 2 percent almonds.

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5 Easy Steps That Will Transform How You Grill This Summer

Our resident RD proves the possibilities are endless. This will definitely give you some new (healthy) ideas.

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