The Best Plant-Based Sources of Protein

Learn how to best fuel your muscles with protein-rich foods that come from the earth.

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The Strange Way Fighting With Your Spouse Can Wreck Your Diet

A new study explains why a fight with your partner leads you straight to the fridge.

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Does a Low-Carb Diet Really Beat Low-Fat?

The debate continues.

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3 Delicious Things to Make With Bananas (That Aren’t Smoothies!)

You already eat bananas as a snack and toss them into smoothies, of course—but this potassium-loaded, fiber-rich fruit can do so much more. Here are three creative ideas, straight from our food director’s kitchen.

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3 Steps to Beat Every Junk Food Craving

Highly processed fare like pizza and ice cream are the most addictive eats, according to University of Michigan researchers. Break the cycle with these techniques.

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Southern Cooking Boosts Risk for Heart Attack

Fried chicken, sweet tea and greens cooked in bacon fat — delicious hallmarks of a Southern diet — may increase your risk for a heart attack, a new study suggests.

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The Surprising Link Between Carbs and Depression

Refined carbohydrates — such as those found in white bread, white rice and sodas — may harm more than the waistlines of older women. New research shows that eating too much of these highly processed foods might also raise their risk of depression.

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6 Reasons to Love Spicy Food

A new study links spicy meals to a longer life, but there are actually many reasons heating things up can be great for you. Here are 6 facts that just might surprise you.

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Fat Water Is Now a Thing

Bottled water mixed with oil has hit the marketplace.

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How Bacon May Be Wrecking Your Sperm

Attention, men: Your favorite meats might be helping or harming your fertility, a new study suggests.

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