The Diet That Might Fight Cancer

Adhering to a Mediterranean diet may significantly reduce a woman’s risk of uterine cancer, a new study suggests.

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3 Fun, Easy Ways to Grow Your Own Food in Your Kitchen

No garden, no problem: these cool kits set you up for growing foods at home, even if you don’t have the space (or a green thumb).

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5 Delicious Veggies You’ve Never Heard Of—And Need to Try

Ever heard of kalettes? What about plumcots? Break free of your kale-and-Brussels sprouts rut with these five fresh new ways to get your five a day.

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The Small Diet Changes That Can Add Up to Big Weight Loss

The small, simple changes to your eating that’ll yield major results on the scale.

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Which Is Healthier: A Gyro or a Greek Salad?

Torn at the diner? You may think, “It’s all Greek to me!,” but the winner is clear.

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8 Strategies for Getting Rid of Your Love Handles

None of us want them, but unfortunately, most of us have them. Even when we think we’re doing the right things to sculpt our middles, it’s that “lower back fat” that never seems to disappear completely. Here’s a foolproof plan for banishing your love handles!

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3 Delicious Ways to Get Creative With Your Veggies

Bored with the same old salads and green juice? Time to get creative!

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5 Delicious Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Make Your Morning Easier

With a little advance prep, you can take one big thing off your a.m. to-do list—and still eat a satisfying, wholesome, and delicious meal.

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Should You Be Drinking Milk?

For many of us, cow’s milk is the first thing we remember drinking.

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Is Your Metabolism Working Against You? 6 Simple Ways to Boost It

A new study found that some people’s metabolisms slow down when they try to lose weight. If you think you’re in this group, don’t give up. Here are six things you can do.

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