How This Cooking Trick Can Slash Calories in Rice by Half

Strangely enough, it involves adding fat.

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Use This Trick to Spot Added Sugars in Your Food

While the Food and Drug Administration is working to make added sugars a part of future food labels, for now you’re stuck with the combined total grams of both types. Still, you’re not doomed to eat more sugar than you need. Use this simple trick to spot it out.

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Organic Frozen Foods Recalled Over Listeria Scare

Amy’s Kitchen recalls over 73,890 cases of products due to tainted spinach.

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5 Habits of Vegetarians You Should Steal

Even semi-vegetarians weigh less and have lower risks of high blood pressure and diabetes. Here are some healthy habits you can adopt, even if you aren’t interested in a vegetarian lifestyle.

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5 Restaurant Meals That Are Better Than a Salad

Salads seem safe when you’re dining out, but beware: Some restaurant salads have a thousand calories or more! Here are a few to avoid, plus better-for-you alternatives.

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15 Genius Kitchen Hacks for Gadgets You Already Own

We found three surprisingly innovative — and healthy — ways to use five classic cooking tools already hanging out in your kitchen.

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3 Ways to Tell If a ‘Natural’ Food Is Actually Good for You

People are shying away from foods with “better for you” label terms and leaning toward natural foods and clean eating. But “natural” doesn’t inherently mean healthy. Here’s what you need to know.

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Watch Kevin Bacon Embrace His Destiny in This Hilarious New Ad for Eggs

As the new spokesman for, Bacon embraces his delicious last name with a truly hilarious commercial.

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5 Ancient Grains You Need to Try

Everything old is new again. The same whole grains grown by ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Aztecs, and Incas are shaking up the 21st century as they’re now appearing in staples like cereal and greek yogurt.

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7 Healthier Shamrock Shakes You Can Make at Home

Even if you rarely eat fast food, there’s one item that’s likely testing your resolve this month. Yes, we’re talking about McDonald’s beloved, limited-time-only, oh-so-perfectly-minty Shamrock Shake.

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