What Beats Buffalo Wings on Game Day? Buffalo Cauliflower!

This winning recipe is a spicy “super bowl” of buffalo-flavored deliciousness.

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5 Protein-Rich Breakfasts For People Who Hate Eggs

Luckily there are plenty of other easy, tasty ways to get your a.m. protein fix.

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5 Signs You Might Be ‘Skinny Fat’

When it comes to your health, the mirror and the scale tell only part of the story.

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How to Buy the Best Protein Powder for Your Smoothie

Clean, organic protein powders you can feel good about scooping into your blender.

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Eating Healthy and Still Not Losing Weight? This Might Be Why

You might be doing this without even realizing it.

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3 Controversial Changes in the New Dietary Guidelines

Here’s the gist on three crucial changes you should know about.

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This Chore Can Make or Break Your Weight Loss Goals

Here’s how to set yourself up for success.

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The Surprising Reason Why ‘Healthy’ Foods Can Cause You to Gain Weight

Words matter when you’re trying to eat right, new research suggests.

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How Putting a Mirror in Your Dining Room Might Help You Lose Weight

Magic mirror on the wall, should I stop eating junk food once and for all?

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38 Popular Diets Ranked From Best to Worst

Just in time for your resolution, U.S. News & World Report released their annual “Best Diets” rankings today.

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