10 Biggest Food and Weight Loss Stories of 2014

These discoveries have shed light on the best ways to stay nourished and lean.

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Gluten-Free Diet, Ebola Symptoms, and Other Trending Health Searches From 2014

Google released its annual Year In Search list, highlighting some major trends in health searches.

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7 Eating Habits You Should Drop Now

These common habits could be stalling your weight loss progress.

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The Holiday Party Food That Can Help Burn Fat

Research says this item in the party spread could help turn white fat cells into the fat-burning brown kind.

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5 Ways to Prep Healthy Breakfasts Ahead of Time

A bit of easy work either on Sunday or during the week can set you up with nourishing breakfasts for days.

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Don’t Fall for This Sneaky Menu Trap

Learn how to eyeball proper portions using these guidelines.

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Why Most Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat

A new study finds that more than 80% of vegetarians and vegans end up going back to their omnivorous ways—here’s the eating plan they should try instead.

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7 Things You Should Know About Shrimp

Shrimp cocktail is on practically every holiday menu, but some people aren’t sure if they should avoid shrimp or dig in. Here are seven things you should know.

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The Easy Way to Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

Making food harder to get to often results in big calories savings. Research shows even the smallest tweaks to your environment can make a difference.

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What 5 Dietitians Order at The Cheesecake Factory

This chain may have a more-is-more philosophy, but there’s no need to swear it off. With these 5 nutritionist-recommended choices, you might even have room for dessert.

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