10 Beauty Products That ’90s Kids Will Never Forget

Read on for a trip down memory lane via your favorite beauty products of yesteryear.

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9 Surprising Beauty Uses for Raw Honey

A jar of honey can zap zits, soften hair, remove dark circles, and more.

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Jennifer Lopez’ Low-Maintenance Haircut That Anyone Can Pull Off

J. Lo is one of many celebs to debut a short cut recently. Here’s why you should consider this style.

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See 100 Years of Breathtaking Indian Beauty Trends in Less Than 2 Minutes

The people behind the 100 years of Mexican, Korean, and African American beauty trends, just released a new video that captures all the vibrancy and boldness of Bollywood glamour.

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How Going Kardashian-Blonde Sent One Woman to the Hospital

The 25-year-old from Liverpool, United Kingdom, left the salon feeling confident in her new ombré look, but woke up the next morning alarmed.

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4 Genius Beauty Tricks for When You Oversleep

Use this guide to fix the worst morning beauty problems FAST, and fool your boss into thinking it was just bad traffic.

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How to Try the Pastel Hair Trend Without the Commitment

Spring has sprung, and while many women opt for a lighter version of their hair color in warmer weather, these celebs are popping up in pastels. Here’s how to try it, minus the bleach and permanent dye.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know Dry Shampoo Could Do

Turns out your beloved oil-absorber and volume-booster can be a lifesaver for more than just bad hair days.

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Watch 100 Years of Mexican Beauty Trends in 1 Minute

It may be 100 years of beauty in one minute, but the team over at Cut Video has already made it around the globe in under 180 days with its series.

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13 Natural Beauty Products to Help You Look Even More Gorgeous

From products made at farms to stem cell technology, there’s a bumper crop of innovations to help you look your best.

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