Watch the Adorable Dove Campaign That Celebrates Curly Hair

Dove’s new video encourages women and girls to embrace their #curlpower.

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See 100 Years of Black Beauty Trends in a Minute

Cut Video promised that more versions of their viral hit featuring women and men from different racial backgrounds were to come. The next installment is here and it’s as fun and fascinating as the first one.

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4 Golden Products That Give You All-Over Glow

From shimmering hairspray to glimmering gloss, the latest crop of gilded goodies will brighten you up all over.

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How to Get Reese Witherspoon’s Signature Side-Swept Hair

This simple hairstyle easily transforms bland strands into touchable tresses.

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4 Beauty Trends That Look Good on No One

With each passing year, it seems like there are more and more trends that leave us asking “why?” Avoid these unflattering looks.

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6 Genius Beauty Tricks for Traveling

When it comes to holiday traveling, maintaining your sanity—let alone your looks—can be a real challenge. Here, six globetrotting beauty pros share their best tips to help you stay gorgeous on the fly.

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How to Get Kate Middleton’s Royal Ponytail

Everyone knows how to tie up a simple ponytail. Switch up yours with these expert pointers for achieving Kate Middleton’s modern twist on this classic style.

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Watch 100 Years of Beauty Trends in 1 Minute

This clip might just give you some retro hair and makeup inspiration.

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3 Easy Ideas for Updating Your Hair Color

Dye job feeling flat and tired? Boost your hue without a major makeover.

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5 Party-Ready Hair Accessories

Whether your cut is short or long, add one of these accessories to up the wow factor.

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