10 Rainy-Day Beauty Essentials Under $10

When you know rain is on the horizon, you have to prepare.

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Here’s the Weird Thing Jennifer Aniston Says She Likes in Her Hair

Between “The Rachel” haircut in the ’90s, her partial ownership of haircare brand Living Proof, and her current luscious locks, Jennifer Aniston is basically a hair icon. So we totally trust her when she says she likes THIS in her strands.

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3 Tricks to Help Your Hair Look Amazing After a Workout

Want your blowout to last through an intense sweat session? Use these hacks from Head & Shoulders celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook Jones to get “I worked out like this” hair—in a good way.

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Do You Bite Your Nails? You Might Be a Perfectionist

Boredom, frustration and impatience can trigger chronic skin-picking, nail-biting, hair-pulling in some people, a new study suggests.

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See 100 Years of Korean Beauty Trends In Just 90 Seconds

One woman captures a century of different styles.

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How These Cooling Gadgets Can Help People With Cancer Keep Their Hair

An exciting update that could make treatment less stressful.

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50 Ways to Cover Your Gray

If sneaky strands of gray and white refuse to submit to your styling attempts, we’ve got the goods, tips, and tricks to help you whip your hair into shape. Your new safe word will be “gorgeous.”

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5 Tips for Going Blond the Healthy Way

Kim Kardashian revealed a new platinum look yesterday and some say it’s more yellow than blond. Try our no-fail plan to go from point A to point B(lond) sans negative chatter.

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3 Ways to Beat Damaged Hair

We love how our blow-dryers, curling irons, and straighteners help transform our hair, but they can also leave damage behind. Here’s how to minimize it.

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6 Embarrassing Hair Fails and How to Avoid Them

On Friday, Britney Spears suffered the ultimate beauty blunder when her hair extensions slipped out during her Las Vegas show. Try these in-a-pinch tricks to keep your hair looking perfect—even when it’s not.

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