Gear Guide: A Sports Bra That Gives Bounce the Boot

What better way to test a sports bra than with a workout that requires a lot of jumping? So I headed to STREB Extreme Action Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to channel my inner gymnast, and give New Balance’s Fabulous Framer II ($42; available in March), which is part of their Psyche collection, a go.

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Gear Guide: The Square by Clean Bottle

I’ve sipped from tons of water bottles in my day. In fact, I have about five different ones (various shapes, sizes, and colors) sitting on my kitchen counter at this very moment. But I think I’m about to give them all the boot for this beauty: The Square by Clean Bottle.

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Video: How to Buy the Best Running Shoes

Let’s face it, sometimes buying new running sneakers can be quite the challenge. And since there are so many cute kicks lining the shelves these days, you may be tempted to buy based on looks rather than what your feet really need. (And that’s a no-no!) That’s why we headed over to the Asics Store here in New York City to chat with running specialist Ricardo.

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Gear Guide: The Cold Roller

I think I am in love…with the Cold Roller. You see, it combines two of my favorite forms of recovery: foam rolling and cold compression.

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Gear Guide: At-Home Pilates Systems

Back before I had a kid, I used to take weekly Pilates classes at a local studio. While many of the moves bore passing resemblance to those we do in my yoga class, it was unabashedly a workout—a sweat-inducing, core-honing, fast-paced workout.

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Gear Guide: Dancing With the Stars DVD

I love to dance, though I rarely get to do it. This is likely why, even though I have rhythm, it can take me a while to catch on to the steps.

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Gear Guide: 3 Terrific New Water Bottles

Sure, it’s a bit chilly outside, but you still need to hydrate! Do the earth a favor—skip the plastic throw-aways and try one of these excellent new bottles. All are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

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Gear Guide: The Top 5 Winter-Weather Boots

In the market for a new pair of winter boots? Allow me to help! During a recent extended vacation in Vermont, I put well over a dozen pairs through their snowy paces—taking icy walks, snowshoeing, tromping around pre- and post-ski, waging a snowball fight against my husband.

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