What Shoes to Wear to CrossFit (Because Regular Sneakers Won’t Cut It)

Here’s why your regular sneaks are OK for the gym—but not for the box.

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8 Pairs of Workout Leggings That Are WAY Better Than Pants

It’s time to hit refresh on your workout wardrobe, don’t you think?

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The Brilliant Self-Rolling Yoga Mat You Didn’t Know You Needed

Your yoga practice is about to get even more relaxing, thanks to a smart new invention.

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Watch Michael J. Fox Demonstrate REAL Self-Lacing Sneakers in 2015

Great Scott! After yesterday, all of Back to the Future has officially happened in the past. While the film got a lot wrong about what 2015 would be like, one iconic feature of the beloved films has finally come true: Self-lacing sneakers. And thanks to Nike, they will also do some good.

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7 Gym Tanks That Will Motivate You to Work Out

Working out with a busy schedule can be hard—but having something cute and motivating to wear can help.

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Sorry Tim Gunn, Wearing Activewear in Public Is Not ‘Vulgar’

In a recent interview, Tim Gunn scoffed at the idea of people wearing the same outfit that they would wear to the gym (*gasp*) out in public.

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The Golden Rule for Buying Running Shoes

A recent study suggests THIS is the only thing that matters for safe running shoes.

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3 Fall Yoga Outfits You’ll Want to Live In

In search of stylish yoga gear for class and beyond? Layer up with these new must-haves.

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This Video About Constantly Wearing Activewear Is Your Life

Admit it: at least 75% of the time you spend in your super-cute gym gear, you are not actually working out.

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3 Ace Tennis Outfits You’ll Love for the U.S. Open

Serve up your best-looking game ever.

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