3 Fall Yoga Outfits You’ll Want to Live In

In search of stylish yoga gear for class and beyond? Layer up with these new must-haves.

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This Video About Constantly Wearing Activewear Is Your Life

Admit it: at least 75% of the time you spend in your super-cute gym gear, you are not actually working out.

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3 Ace Tennis Outfits You’ll Love for the U.S. Open

Serve up your best-looking game ever.

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4 Ways to Use a Foam Roller for Full-Body Relief

You know that feeling you get after a massage? Your body is better aligned, your muscles are looser, your mind is clearer? You can get that same feeling on your own with a foam roller.

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How to Master the Kettlebell: 3 Moves for Beginners

You may have seen these around your gym and just thought they were another one of those “gimmicky” pieces that seem to pop up out of nowhere. But in fact, the kettlebell has been used all over the world for years as a tool to increase strength, cardiovascular health, power, and mobility.

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These Reversible Running Tights Will Make Your Routine So Much Easier

The best thing to happen in running gear in a while.

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More Than 100,000 Lululemon Tops Recalled in the U.S. Due to Safety Concerns

An elastic cord they contain may cause injuries to your face or eyes.

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4 Essential Tricks for Staying Cool During Outdoor Summer Workouts

And none of them involve staying indoors and cranking the AC.

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8 Sexy Rash Guards You Need This Summer

These cute cover-ups will keep you stylin’ and sun-proof all summer long.

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Should You Ditch Your Running Shoes?

A recent study says barefoot running may work for some, but not for others.

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