3 Totally Unexpected Things Your Fitbit Can Tell You About Your Health

Like, “Surprise, you’re pregnant!”

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14 Hot Workout Leggings for Under $25

Because you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune for quality workout gear.

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Why Your Fitbit Thinks You’re Lazy

A new study sheds light on fitness trackers’ accuracy.

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Where to Get All of the Hot Workout Gear Cassey Ho Wears in the Jan/Feb Issue of Health

New year, new you: that *can* include new gym outfits, right?

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3 Sports Bras for Big Boobs That Actually Work

Uncomfortable bouncing means your sports bra is not supportive enough—something that can not only hold you back during your workout, but can also be bad for your boobs.

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How to Stay Warm (But Not Too Warm) On Your Winter Runs

Trying to find that sweet spot between “just bundled enough” and “burning up” is much harder than it should be.

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What Shoes to Wear to CrossFit (Because Regular Sneakers Won’t Cut It)

Here’s why your regular sneaks are OK for the gym—but not for the box.

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8 Pairs of Workout Leggings That Are WAY Better Than Pants

It’s time to hit refresh on your workout wardrobe, don’t you think?

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The Brilliant Self-Rolling Yoga Mat You Didn’t Know You Needed

Your yoga practice is about to get even more relaxing, thanks to a smart new invention.

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Watch Michael J. Fox Demonstrate REAL Self-Lacing Sneakers in 2015

Great Scott! After yesterday, all of Back to the Future has officially happened in the past. While the film got a lot wrong about what 2015 would be like, one iconic feature of the beloved films has finally come true: Self-lacing sneakers. And thanks to Nike, they will also do some good.

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