This University Is Requiring Freshmen To Wear Fitbits

Data from the trackers is automatically collected by the school.

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Here’s Why More Exercise Won’t Help You Lose More Weight

That daily 5-mile run may not be burning as many calories as you think, a new study suggests.

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Exercise, Socializing May Boost Protein That Protects Against Alzheimer’s

A protein in the brain may hold a key to slowing progression of Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests.

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Here’s How Far You Actually Need to Run to Reap the Health Benefits

If you like to run but don’t looove to run, here’s some news that’s sure to put a bounce in your step.

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Get Sculpted Shoulders Like Cookie Lyon, TIME’s Most Influential Fictional Character of the Year

Cookie’s fabulously fit frame comes from intense workouts, including this sculpting move.

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How to Get Janet Jackson’s Showstopping Abs

Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.

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I Spent 7 Days Eating and Exercising Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

It was not easy.

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Working Out in Your 20s Pays Off Big Time Later On

Hitting the gym or playing field in your 20s may bring health benefits that last a lifetime.

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The Dynamic Warm-Up You Aren’t Doing (But Should!)

With these seven key moves, you’ll warm and prep your muscles, tendons, joints and fascia for your upcoming workout.

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5 No-Treadmill Cardio Exercises

The five moves below from DailyBurn 365 trainers will help you work up a sweat, and all you need to get started is your body.

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