Master this Move: Sumo Squat Side Hop from Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea

The next time you head out for a stroll with your dog, try throwing this exercise move from celebrity trainer Erin Oprea into the mix. Here’s how to do Sumo Squat Side Hops.

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30-Day Plank Challenge

The plank is one of the best exercises to strengthen your core, which is more than just your abdominals. The core is a complex series of muscles that includes your entire body, minus your legs, head and arms.

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Ultramarathoners: How’s Their Health?

As ultramarathons become more popular, researchers have launched a long-term study of the runners who participate in these extremely long races.

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Crowded Gym? 5 Ways to Cope

January is most definitely a busy time of year for health clubs, but instead of getting upset about the crowded gym, here are five ways to cope.

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Get Tighter Abs and a Better Butt With Barre Classes

Dancers have the body of the moment: lean, graceful, sculpted. So it’s no wonder that the number of ballet-inspired barre classes, pioneered by dancer Lotte Berk back in the late 1950s, has grown exponentially in the last few years.

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Get a Sexy Back With the Balance Row Workout Move

Want a strong and sexy back? Of course you do! Try this workout move from Jerry Owens, trainer to stars like Rachel McAdams, to get results.

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How to Join the Right Gym for You

Research suggests that 60% of gym memberships go unused by mid-February. Why? Lack of motivation comes into play, of course, but there may be another reason. For many people, it isn’t just about joining a gym, but joining the right gym.

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3 Fitness Goals to Aim for in 2014

In the past, you might have thought some of your potential fitness goals were too overwhelming or out of reach, but it’s a new year and your motivation is at its peak, so there’s no better time than now to commit to one or two (or more!) fitness goals in 2014.

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Get a Dancer’s Body With These 3 At-Home Moves

You may not have the years of training that can produce a dancer’s lithe physique, but it doesn’t mean you can’t steal some of their fitness secrets. Here are three workout moves you can do (at home!) to get a longer, leaner, and stronger body.

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No. 1 Way to Torch More Calories

Want to burn more calories? Of course you do. And while exercise in general can do the trick, strength training is particularly important. Do these six workout moves twice a week for 10 weeks to lose four pounds of fat and gain muscle!

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