Not Just in Meat: Antibiotics Could Be in Fish, Too

Researchers who discovered antibiotics in farmed and wild fish say their findings are cause for concern.

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Doctors More Likely to Prescribe Unneeded Antibiotics in the Afternoon

Doctors are more likely to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics for respiratory infections as the day progresses, a new study finds.

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Don’t Use THIS Treatment for ‘Swimmer’s Ear’

Anyone who’s ever contracted “swimmer’s ear” knows how painful the infection can be. Now, updated expert guidelines stress that the condition is best managed by antibiotics or antibacterials given as eardrops rather than by antibiotics in pill form.

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Emergency Rooms are Still Pushing Antibiotics

The inappropriate use of antibiotics among adult patients at U.S. emergency departments is not falling, despite increasing concerns about antibiotic resistance, a new study reveals. Improper antibiotic use is a contributing factor to antibiotic resistance, the University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers noted.

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Too Many People Still Taking Antibiotics for Sore Throats, Bronchitis

Despite efforts to curb the unnecessary use of antibiotics, many doctors still prescribe them for illnesses that don’t respond to the medications, Harvard researchers report.
Antibiotics only work against bacterial infections, and yet they are prescribed at a rate of 60 percent for sore throats and 73 percent for bronchitis, conditions that are typically caused by viruses, the scientists said.

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