‘Goth’ Teens Really Are More Likely to Be Depressed

The dark look associated with Goths may not be all show: Teens in this subculture appear more prone to depression and self-harm than their peers, researchers report.

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Happiness Really Is Contagious, Study Finds

Surrounding yourself with good moods and good friends may be the key to mental health.

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The Surprising Link Between Carbs and Depression

Refined carbohydrates — such as those found in white bread, white rice and sodas — may harm more than the waistlines of older women. New research shows that eating too much of these highly processed foods might also raise their risk of depression.

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Your Phone Knows If You’re Depressed

Phone data could predict with 87% accuracy whether someone had depressive symptoms

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This May Be the Safest Antidepressant to Take During Pregnancy

New research provides more evidence of a possible link between antidepressant use early in pregnancy and a small increased risk of birth defects.

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The Strange Link Between Junk Food and Depression

Some—but not all—sugars were associated with depressive disorders.

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Many Men With Mental Health Issues Don’t Seek Help

Close to one in 10 American men suffers from depression or anxiety, but fewer than half get treatment, a new survey reveals.

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There Are Really Zero Health Benefits from Eating Placenta After Giving Birth

While some celebrity moms swear by it and have made it trendy, doctors and scientists say consuming the placenta after birth offers women and their babies no benefit.

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Mindfulness-Based Therapy May Be as Good as Meds for Depression

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy might offer an alternative for people with depression who don’t want to take antidepressants long-term, British researchers say.

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Ryan Phillippe on Depression: ‘I’m Just Innately Kind of a Sad Person’

The star of ’90s cult favorite ‘Cruel Intentions’ recently opened up about dealing with sadness.

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