Losing a Loved One May Literally Break Your Heart

People are more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat following the death of their spouse or life partner, particularly if they’re younger or the loved one died unexpectedly.

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Treating Depression May Also Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Effective treatment of depression seems to reduce a person’s risk of heart disease, according to a new study.

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Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Her Depression and a ‘Particularly Rough Patch of Self-Hatred’

The 23-year-old says she is learning to not pick apart her every flaw.

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Why More Obituaries are Opening the Book on Addiction and Mental Health Struggles

Speaking openly is a way for loved ones to heal, and also create hope.

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The Complex Link Between Social Media and Depression

The more time young adults spend using popular social media, the greater the link to depression, new research suggests.

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These Are the Best Exercises for Anxiety and Depression

Your body plays a bigger role in your mental health than you might think.

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Constantly Reaching for Your Smartphone? You Might Be Anxious or Depressed

Some young adults who constantly reach for their smartphones might be anxious or depressed, preliminary research suggests.

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Anxious Parents May Be More Likely to Have Kids Who Are Fussy Eaters

Preschool children whose parents have depression and/or anxiety may be more likely to be fussy eaters, a new study suggests.

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A Lack of This Type of Sleep May Boost Anxiety and Depression

Bad and “restless” REM sleep experienced by insomnia patients may, in turn, undermine their ability to overcome emotional distress, raising their risk for chronic depression or anxiety.

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Winter Blues? Study Finds No Proof ‘Seasonal’ Depression Is Real

A new study cast doubts on the existence of seasonal depression—a mood disorder linked to reduced sunlight in the winter months.

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