4 Cooking Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

Cooking at home seems like a far healthier option than dining out, right? Not if you’re making these 4 common blunders.

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5 Genius Ways to Use Almonds

Crunching on whole almonds? Been there, done that. Here are 5 creative ways to use almonds in meals and snacks.

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5 Winter Fruits and Veggies This Nutritionist Loves

While you may be missing summer selections like berries and melon, here are a few reasons to get excited for winter’s bounty.

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5 Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt This Year

You may have heard them before, but they’re without a doubt the most impactful eating habits you can set.

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5 Tricks for Healthier Hot Chocolate

Packets and powders aren’t great for you. Try these tips for making your own delicious hot cocoa.

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10 Biggest Food and Weight Loss Stories of 2014

These discoveries have shed light on the best ways to stay nourished and lean.

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7 Eating Habits You Should Drop Now

These common habits could be stalling your weight loss progress.

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7 Things You Should Know About Shrimp

Shrimp cocktail is on practically every holiday menu, but some people aren’t sure if they should avoid shrimp or dig in. Here are seven things you should know.

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6 Steps to Reset Your Diet After Thanksgiving

If, despite every intention of balance and moderation you completely overindulged on Thanksgiving, don’t panic. Here are six tried and true steps to help you lighten up, and get those uncomfortably tight jeans feeling loose again.

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5 Reasons to Love Cinnamon

The spice boosts satiety, mimics sweetness, and offers antioxidants. Here are more potential health benefits of cinnamon, plus 10 delicious ways to use it.

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