A Fat-Burning Green Smoothie Recipe to Kickstart Your Morning

A metabolism-boosting green smoothie that’s totally Pinterest-worthy.

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5 Myths and Facts About Vitamin C

Everything you need to know about this essential nutrient.

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The Best Snacks You Can Keep in Your Desk Drawer

Should you stock your desk with snacks? That depends.

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5 Delicious On-the-Go Snack Ideas

How to build a better snack.

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The Perfect Work Snack: No-Bake Energy Balls

You can whip up a batch (or two) of these Sunday night to take with you to work all week long.

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An RD-Approved Guide to Healthy Snacking at Work

Whether your weakness is nonstop grazing or a “treat yourself” tendency, here’s how to clean up your office picks.

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6 Weird Diet Tricks That Actually Work

These tricks are just strange enough to work.

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5 Lean, No-Cook Meals for When It’s Way Too Hot Outside

Five easy, breezy no-cook go-tos for when you just can’t face turning your oven on.

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4 Ways Women Differ From Men When It Comes to Weight Loss

As the saying goes, men are from Mars, women are from Venus—even when it comes to weight loss.

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6 Reasons to Love Spicy Food

A new study links spicy meals to a longer life, but there are actually many reasons heating things up can be great for you. Here are 6 facts that just might surprise you.

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