Selma Blair on Why Women Shouldn’t Be Ashamed to Say ‘My Kid is My Life’

The actress opens up about her most cherished (real-life) role: Mom.

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4 Superpowers of New Moms

As if growing a new human being wasn’t enough to make a gal a superhero, here are four additional powers new mothers have that guarantee their status as Wonder Women.

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Celebrity Chef’s ‘Paleo for Babies’ Book On Hold Over Infant-Death Fears

“There’s a very real possibility that a baby may die if this book goes ahead.”

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Why Burger King Quietly Dropped Sugary Soft Drinks From Its Kids Menu

Milk and 100% apple juice now displayed as options for younger patrons.

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Maker of Children’s Tylenol, Motrin to Plead Guilty to Selling Contaminated Medications

The maker of liquid Tylenol and Motrin for children and infants has agreed to plead guilty Tuesday to selling the over-the-counter medications even though the bottles were contaminated with metal particles.

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Why Ashton Kutcher Is Ticked That Men’s Bathrooms Don’t Have Diaper Changing Stations

Kutcher has a problem with men’s bathrooms—where are all the diaper changing stations?

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Why Praising Children Too Much Could Turn Them Into Little Narcissists

Kids who think too highly of themselves likely developed their narcissism because their parents put them on a pedestal and doled out unearned praise, a new study claims.

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Female Executive Apologizes to ‘All the Mothers I Worked With’ in Powerful Essay

In a powerful Fortune column that went viral Tuesday, the president of an Internet start-up that helps women secure online work is apologizing for the way she treated working mothers in the past.

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Why Baby-Toting Moms and a Pregnant Model Were the Highlight of This Fashion Show

11 models at Dolce & Gabbana strolled hand-in-hand with their kiddies or had their little ones straddled on their hip.

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6 Doctors Who’ve Definitely Had it With Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids

Jimmy Kimmel got docs to share how they really feel about the anti-vaccine movement. Let’s just say they’ve had enough.

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