Why Baby Swings and Car Seats Aren’t Safe for Sleeping, According to One Study

Using car seats, swings, bouncers and other carrying devices as sleeping places for infants puts them at risk for injury or death, a new study warns.

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The Mom-and-Child Video That’s Making Millions Cry, Except Me

In “The Unique Connection,” a group of six blindfolded children ages 3 to 9 try to identify their moms using their senses and intuition alone. I had several reactions, none of which involved tears.

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This Model’s Post-Birth Abs Are Blowing People Away

In between caring for her newborn, L.A. model Sarah Stage continues to document the status of her belly on Instagram. The photo of her abs four days after giving birth—her wondrously flat, fit abs—is racking up likes and comments, as did her pregnancy selfies.

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Another Study Finds No Link Between Measles Vaccine and Autism

Yet another study finds no evidence that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine raises the risk of autism—even among children who are at increased genetic risk.

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Why We Love Kourtney Kardashian’s Latest Sexy Instagram Photo

On Saturday, the reality star posted a photo of herself reclining on a marble-top island, decked out in a tube top, skin-tight pants, and a pair of, um, pumps.

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What Many Pregnancies Have in Common With Kate Middleton’s

Many women are having their children too close together, finds a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), once again raising questions about the ideal spacing between pregnancies.

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How Family Stress Could Lead to Obese Daughters

Family stress may put teens at increased risk for being overweight or obese, a new study finds.

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Breast Milk Bought Online Might Contain Cow’s Milk, Study Finds

Parents who buy breast milk online may not always get 100 percent human milk. A new study found about 10 percent of samples tested were contaminated with cow’s milk.

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Meet the Adorable Little Boy Born Without a Nose

All loving parents think their child is one in a million. But new parents Brandi McGlathery and Troy Thompson have the medical data to back it up.

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How Surprises Help Babies Learn

Encountering surprising situations or objects can help infants learn, a new study suggests.

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