Female Executive Apologizes to ‘All the Mothers I Worked With’ in Powerful Essay

In a powerful Fortune column that went viral Tuesday, the president of an Internet start-up that helps women secure online work is apologizing for the way she treated working mothers in the past.

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Why Baby-Toting Moms and a Pregnant Model Were the Highlight of This Fashion Show

11 models at Dolce & Gabbana strolled hand-in-hand with their kiddies or had their little ones straddled on their hip.

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6 Doctors Who’ve Definitely Had it With Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids

Jimmy Kimmel got docs to share how they really feel about the anti-vaccine movement. Let’s just say they’ve had enough.

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Why Doctors Often Yield to Parents’ Request to Delay Kids’ Vaccines

Doctors commonly get requests from parents to delay young children’s vaccinations — and despite their better judgment, they often give in, a new U.S. study finds.

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Watch the Awesome Ways This Woman Works Out With Her Kids

You need to see the creative ways Kimberley Welman, a.k.a. Stay Strong Mummy, makes fitness a family affair.

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The Heartwarming Reason Why These Parents Tattooed Birthmarks on Their Legs

Parents of the year: Adam and Tanya Phillips. The reason they endured hours of tattooing will warm your heart.

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See How This Adorable Baby Prevents Her Mom From Getting Anything Done

This hilarious video captures just how challenging it is to do household chores when you have a pint-sized “helper” following you around.

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Newborn of Mom Who Posted Viral Anti-Vaxxer Rant is Measles Free

Finally: some good news about measles. (And you have to see Jennifer Hibben-White’s angry Facebook post if you haven’t already.)

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Watch Duchess Kate Speak Out About the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

In a new PSA, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, shares a powerful message for children and teens struggling with emotional problems.

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Here’s What Happens When Little Kids Try Coffee

It really is an acquired taste.

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