IKEA Giving Away Free Repair Kits After Two Children Died From Tipped-Over Dressers

The affordable home-goods mecca Ikea is introducing a potentially life-saving repair program after two children died last year from being smashed beneath toppled sets of the company’s MALM dresser drawers.

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Dad Bod Is Explained By Science In a New Study

A first-of-its kind study to follow men for up to 20 years from adolescence shows that dads do get a little squishier after the kids.

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The Antibiotic Myths Parents Need to Stop Believing

Many American parents still have misconceptions about when their children should receive antibiotics and what the medications do, a new study finds.

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This Hilarious Ad for Nick Offerman’s ‘Pizza Farm’ Also Has a Serious Message

In a mock advertisement published on Funny Or Die today, Nick Offerman teams up with the American Heart Association to skewer—and raise serious awareness of—the nutritional challenges facing kids in this country.

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The Very Important Reason Carrie Underwood Broke Into Her Own Car

It’s a fear most mothers have: accidentally locking their child in the car. And this weekend, it happened to country singer and new mom Carrie Underwood.

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This May Be the Safest Antidepressant to Take During Pregnancy

New research provides more evidence of a possible link between antidepressant use early in pregnancy and a small increased risk of birth defects.

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Babies’ Hilarious, Oh-So-Satisfied Pooping Faces Captured in Slow-Mo Video

Of all the funny/cute things a baby does, the poop face has got to be one of our favorites.

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Your Child’s Prescription Ear Drops May Not Be FDA-Approved

The prescription drops your child is using for ear pain could be among 16 unapproved medications targeted this week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Meet the California Woman Who Gave Birth While Lost in the Woods for Days

The most intense birth story we’ve ever heard.

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Why Millenials Are More Supportive of Working Moms

Young Americans are more accepting of working mothers than previous generations were, a new study finds.

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