5 Natural Hacks to Lighten Brunette Hair

While you might not get to platinum status, these easy tricks will add some sun-kissed golden tones to your mane without the serious commitment of bleach. After all, who doesn’t love a good Summer fling?

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How the Mattress You Sleep on Actually Affects Your Beauty

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things to do for health. Whether weight loss, mental health or beauty is the goal, catching ZZZs is key.

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Your Official Guide to Getting Red Lipstick Right

Nothing says summertime quite like a bright lip.

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This Part-Dutch, Part-Fishtail Tutorial Will Cause Major Braid Envy

We break down the fishtail braid step by step because no matter how many video tutorials we watch, it’s still so hard!

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How to Apply Foundation Correctly

We’re no stranger to the tribulations of wearing foundation… especially during the summer. But what is the correct way to apply it?

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Watch 100 Years of Classic Italian Beauty in Just Over a Minute

Cut Video’s 100 Years of Beauty is back, this time with world beauty and fashion icon, Italy.

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10 Celebrities on the Very Real Body Hair Struggle

Everyone has an opinion (or a complaint) about body hair. Celebrities are no different. Here, 10 famous women open up about what’s growing where.

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Wet Hair, Don’t Care: 5 Styles to Hit the Beach This Weekend

Wet hair. Whether you’re poolside or caught in a down pour, there’s nothing that gives us more trepidation than having to style wet hair so it still looks great.

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9 Ways to Use Oils in Your Beauty Routine

Using a few drops of oil can provide more beauty benefits than the typical cream-based product you’ve been using, and it’s actually lighter in texture and weight. Read: no goopy, greasy mess.

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The Best Tinted Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

Forget foundation: Beat the heat and still score a naturally perfect-looking complexion with one of these lightweight, tinted new products instead.

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