Sofia Vergara’s Surprising Natural Beauty Tip for Brides-to-Be

As she prepares to say “I do” to Joe Manganiello, here’s her beauty advice for all the other soon-to-be-wed women out there.

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How to Choose the Best Haircut, No Matter Your Face Shape

Hairstyles are personal and turn out best when, essentially, you do you.

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The Powerful Way This Beauty Blogger Stood Up to the Ugliest Part of the Internet

In an inspiring short film, beauty vlogger and former model Em Ford bares her face to expose her severe acne—and makes a powerful point about society’s impossible standards of perfection.

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7 Things We Can All Learn From Kim Kardashian’s Beauty

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but at the end of the day, the attention-loving celebrity is a true beauty girl.

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10 Easy Hacks to Look 5 Years Younger

InStyle editor Amy Synnott shares her top 10 tricks to look five years younger—and fast.

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Your New Must-Have Beauty Product: The Sunscreen Brush

There’s nothing like spending time outside, especially after a brutal winter. But just as my dry winter skin fades, I’m plagued by the same two problems: Excessive sweating and forgetting to use SPF.

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I Dunked My Nails in Freezing Water (and You Should Too)

I recently read that you can dry your nails extra quick by submerging them in ice cold water.

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The Best Bronzer for Your Skin Type

Bronzer can be one of the trickiest products to shop for: Shimmer or no shimmer? Powder or cream? Too dark or just the right shade? We take all the guesswork out so you can get your perfect glow on with ease.

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See The Empowering Photos That Reveal the True Power of Makeup

See why women around are posting striking photos of their half-done faces.

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A 30-Day Deodorant Detox May Be Exactly What Your Armpits Need

You know when you sit down on the bus or subway and realize you forgot to put on deodorant? Then you get that panicky feeling that makes you squeeze your pits together to avoid your neighbor smelling your body odor. That was my life for 30 days while I attempted to give up deodorant.

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