The Best Eye Cream in Your 20s, 30s, 40s

These perker-uppers will make you look fresher and well rested (even after a Netflix all-nighter).

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How Your Lipstick Could Save Your Life

Think lipstick is just a way to experiment with your look or detract from a bad hair day? Think again. Apparently, your favorite lip product could save your life.

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How to Get a Smoky Golden Eye Like Carrie Underwood

There’s no denying the appeal of all-things smoky — smoky chipotle peppers, smoky grilled meats, “Smokey and the Bandit,” etc. But perhaps the smokiest and most alluring of all is Carrie Underwood’s smoky, almost golden eye makeup.

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How Going Kardashian-Blonde Sent One Woman to the Hospital

The 25-year-old from Liverpool, United Kingdom, left the salon feeling confident in her new ombré look, but woke up the next morning alarmed.

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The Gross Reason You Should Think Twice About Getting a Full Brazilian Wax

No question, the salon treatment is way popular and even aesthetically pleasing—but is it healthy?

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10 ‘Five-Free’ Nail Polishes to Try

From our super smoothies to our skincare, it seems everything around us is “going green.”

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How to Find the Best Mascara for Your Lash Type

Know the formula for getting the lashes you’ve always wanted (and deserved).

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10 Products Every Acne-Prone Beauty Needs in Her Arsenal

We’ve found the best over-the-counter treatments for every kind of breakout, from bacne to blackheads and everything in between.

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How Lily Allen’s Pimple Selfie Is Helping Women Feel Better About Adult Acne

The singer helped acne-sufferers feel a little more normal this week when she posted an Instagram photo revealing bumps along her chin.

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5 Myths and Facts About Your Sagging Face

Let’s face it: Sagging’s only cute if you’re a Shar Pei.

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