The 5 Natural Beauty Brands You Need to Know About

These are our go-to natural beauty picks.

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4 Ways to Get the Best Bold Brows for Your Features

Bold brows are here to stay. Here’s how to pull them off.

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Watch: How to Perfect Your Pout With Lip Liner

Follow this tutorial to add some polish to your pout with lip liner.

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5 of the Weirdest (and Coolest) Korean Beauty Trends

We have South Korea to thank for these beauty innovations.

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How I Finally Got My Brassy Blond Hair to Look Beautiful Again

Whether you’re thinking about lightening your locks or you already have, it’s definitely important you familiarize yourself with my learnings about toner, deep conditioning, and highlighting methods.

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Sophia Bush Shares Her Beauty Secrets (Including Her Go-To Mascara)

With her signature brunette waves and killer smile, Sophia Bush knows a thing or two about beauty.

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The One Makeup Mistake That’s Aging You Beyond Your Years

You no longer rock the same hairstyle you did in high school, right? Your makeup should evolve as you age, too.

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Here’s How to Fake Fuller Lips

No injections necessary.

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Samira, Samira, Let Down Your Hair

That’s code for ‘put on a wig and tell us everything!’

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7 Signs You Need a Heavier Moisturizer

Your skin is great—it’s soft, supple and clear. Then, out of nowhere, it becomes dry, flaky and red. What happened?

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