How My IUD Made My Skin the Best It’s Ever Been

How the birth control device cleared up one writer’s skin.

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7 New Sunscreen Formulas to Try

Sunscreen formulas have come a long way from the goopy lotions that left you with a ghost-like complexion. Find your new go-to block here, plus useful tips.

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I’ve Tried the #KylieJennerChallenge: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

One beauty editor thinks the plump lips trend, popularized by Jenner, has gone too far.

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13 Natural Beauty Products to Help You Look Even More Gorgeous

From products made at farms to stem cell technology, there’s a bumper crop of innovations to help you look your best.

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5 Beauty Tricks for Looking Well-Rested Even When You’re Not

You might think that late-night Netflix binge was worth every hour of missed sleep, but a zombie look just won’t cut in your morning meeting. To the rescue: Five pro tricks that will bring you back from “The Walking Dead,” fast.

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DIY This Funky-Chic Nail Art in Just 4 Easy Steps

Want to rock an avant-garde manicure? We enlisted the help of the beauty service booking site and app StyleSeat to create a custom look.

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10 Rainy-Day Beauty Essentials Under $10

When you know rain is on the horizon, you have to prepare.

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What Dr. Brandt Taught Me About Loving My Skin

Fredric Brandt, MD, the famed dermatologist to the stars, passed away on Sunday at 65. He was a dear friend to Health, and all of us in the beauty community are still mourning the loss of the skincare pioneer, “Baron of Botox,” and all-around kind person.

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Why You Should Maybe Think Twice About Using Eyeliner on Your Waterline

Applying pencil eyeliner to the inner eyelid increases the risk that particles will get into the eye and cause vision problems, a new study warns.

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Watch What Happens When Women Choose Between Doors Marked ‘Average’ and ‘Beautiful’

Dove knows exactly how to make us feel all of the feels, but their latest campaign will really get you thinking, too.

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