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Awesome or Crazy? A Cupcake-Dispensing “Gumball” Machine

Baked by Melissa (a New York City-based cupcake company known for its miniature varieties that come in out-of-the-box flavors like peanutbutter and jelly and s’mores) launched the first-ever cupcake “gumball” machine at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Yes, we said it: A cupcake gumball machine (and instead of gumballs, tiny cupcakes are dispensed). Chances are, if you’re like me, you’re asking: “Won’t the little cupcakes get smooshed?”

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Randy Jackson Talks Type 2 Diabetes

In 2003, Randy Jackson, host of American Idol, thought he came down with some sort of flu. “I just felt awful — I was perspiring and felt really lethargic,” says Jackson. Turns out, after symptoms lingered, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. And while Jackson wasn’t shocked by his diagnosis (“I grew up Louisiana, so my diet was rich southern fried foods,” he says), Jackson was surprised the same disease that affected his father also could impact him.

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We Tried It: Hiking With Goats

While “hiking with goats through southern Utah’s Escalante Grand-Staircase National Monument,” was never officially on my bucket list (most likely because I could have never conjured up such an experience in my head), after my day trek with Escape Goats outfitters, I had to add an addendum.

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Thirsty Thursday: Our Favorite Summer Sips

A friend of mine was kind enough to bring over a bottle of Jacob’s Creek sparkling moscato one sunny Sunday afternoon. A glass of it cooled me right down, and its sweetness paired particularly well with the bowl of fresh summer fruit we were devouring. Since then, I started making moscato my summer drink of […]

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The 116-Year-Old Woman’s Secrets for a Longer Life

The world’s oldest person, Besse Cooper of Monroe, Georgia, turned 116 on Sunday (congratulations Besse!), and we definitely love her secrets to longevity: “I mind my own business,” she told the Guinness World Records. “And I don’t eat junk food.”

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3 Powerful (and Pretty) Dish Soaps

When I went apartment hunting, one of the things that sold me on my current place was the kitchen. I’m always keeping my eyes open for attractive dish soaps that I don’t mind placing on my counter (not to mention, are eco-friendly, have a pleasing scent, and can actually wash a dish!).

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Allyson Felix’s Power Breakfast (Plus, Her Other Secrets to Success)

U.S. Olympic track star Allyson Felix races today in the 200 meter finals, but before she hopped on a plane to London, I sat down for a chat with the 26-year-old sprinter about power breakfasts (and splurge foods!) and how she stays motivated day in and day out.

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London Called: I Got a Gold Medal Workout

I’ve caught Olympic fever (along with, oh, 99% of the world). So when I heard about a circuit workout that squeezes a bunch of Olympic events into one exhausting-yet-enjoyably-thematic class, I had to give it a try.

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Poor George Clooney! Food Poisoning Strikes During Italian Vacation

Proving that food poisoning knows no celebrity status, People.com reported that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler got a bout while vacationing in Italy earlier this month.

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Why I’m a Cloth Napkin Convert

The minute I walked into my cousin’s home in Santa Cruz, California for a weekend stay, she handed me a cloth napkin. “This will be yours for the next few days,” she said. “Remember to put it in this napkin ring and leave it on the table so you can always find it.”

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We Brought Our Lunch! Health’s Favorite Reusable Containers

Sure, grabbing food is great when you don’t have time to throw something together in the morning or your fridge is stocked like a frat boy’s — as in empty, but here at Health we’re big proponents of bringing your lunch from home.

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Boxed Wine Gets Bigger (And Better!)

You may scoff at the thought of boxed wine (or at least hide it in the back of your fridge before guests come over for dinner—hey, we’ve done it too!), but wineries are giving us reason to mock no more: They’re popping up with quality, even highly-awarded boxed wines.

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Thirsty Thursday: 1 Cheese, 3 Pairings

Just picked up a splurge-worthy cheese for your cocktail party, but not sure what drinks to serve with it? We’re always wondering, too, so for this edition of Thirsty Thursday, we asked Tara Kirch, marketing manager of Coach Farm, to give us three different pairing suggestions for their fresh goat cheese.

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Thirsty Thursday: Naked Wines

The practice of making unoaked wine (aging it in stainless steel rather than in oak barrels) is nothing new.
Typically you’ll spot the phrase “unoaked” in a small font, somewhere on your label.

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Thirsty Thursday: Refreshing NYC Happy Hour Cocktails

It’s a red hot summer in New York City (like pretty much everywhere else around the country!), so we asked chefs at three of our favorite Big Apple happy-hour spots to share their most popular cooldown drinks.

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