5 No-Treadmill Cardio Exercises

The five moves below from DailyBurn 365 trainers will help you work up a sweat, and all you need to get started is your body.

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Move of the Week: Plyometric Side Lunge

This plyometrics move will help you blast fat and rev up your heart rate at home, no equipment needed.

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A 4-Minute Tabata Workout for People Who Have No Time

Tabata is a type of interval training that brings your heart rate up and gets you a workout in just 4 minutes.

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Buddy Up: Partner Exercises for a 3-Minute Ab Workout

Schedule a mini strength session with your bestie, significant other, coworker or kids, and team up for the core exercises below.

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Move of the Week: Leg Drop

Need a tummy-toning move you can do anywhere?

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Move of the Week: Swan

How to tone your butt, thighs, and lower back with one move.

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The One Move You Need to Sculpt Your Back and Shoulders

Steal this move to score awesome arms like Taraji P. Henson

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Move of the Week: Single Arm Burpee

Ready for a challenge?

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4 True Lower-Body Blasters to Tone Your Legs, Butt, and Thighs

Challenged by a less-than lower half? Steal these failproof star-sculpting secrets.

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Move of the Week: Boat Pose

It’s a huge relief to know that crunches don’t have to be in your tummy-toning workout routine.

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