Move of the Week: Sumo Jump Squats

Add this move into your next circuit to rev your heart rate, blast fat and sculpt some seriously toned legs and glutes.

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The Hot (and Healthy) New Party Trend You’ve Got to Try

There’s a new workout in town and it’s an AM dance party—a 7 to 9 AM dance party, to be precise.

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Is It Better to Do Cardio or Strength Training First?

When you’re strapped for time, and need to squeeze cardio and weights into a single sweat session, which should you tackle first? Strength training, according to the recent research and fitness pros. Here’s why.

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6 Moves That Burn More Fat in Less Time

The secret: They’re all plyometrics. Plyo-what??? Allow our fitness pro, Jennifer Cohen, to explain.

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The Hilarious Way Sofia Vergara Stays Motivated to Work Out

You might say her secret is “magic.”

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Move of the Week: Goblet Squat

Tone your legs and tush with this twist on the old-fashioned squat.

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Can’t Do a Pull-Up? Try This Sculpting Substitute to Get Toned Arms Like Carrie Underwood

Singer Carrie Underwood hit the CMT Awards last night—and while the 32-year-old’s on-stage performance definitely turned heads, even more people took note of the slim figure the Grammy Award-winner showed off on the red carpet.

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Knock Out Your Muffin Top with Tips from Pro Boxer Laila Ali

Bathing suit season is officially upon us. And for many, the struggle to get rid of a muffin top is frustratingly real.

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Here’s How Khloé Kardashian Works Out

Her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, walks you through her routine.

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Steal J. Lo’s Go-To Move for Awesome Abs

It’s one of her secrets for always looking so fit and red-carpet fab.

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