Move of the Week: Perfect Lunge

Lunges are a low impact body-weight move that tone your butt, hips, and thighs, but doing them wrong can be bad news for your body.

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Move of the Week: Ab Cross-Crawl

Bored with your go-to core moves? Try this instead!

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This No-Gym, HIIT Workout Gets the Job Done in 10 Minutes

This HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout is the perfect fat-burning addition to any exercise program you’re currently doing. The best part? It will only take you 10 minutes, and the only equipment you need is a stopwatch.

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Move of the Week: X Jack Jump

Spike your metabolism for more calorie burn and sculpted arms, legs, and abs—all with this twist on an old-school jumping jack.

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6 Small Fitness Tweaks That Add Up to Big Results for Your Body

These tiny moves can make a big difference to your success on the scale or in the gym.

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The Ultimate Pilates Ab Workout: 6 Must-Try Moves

If you’re sick of slogging through endless rounds of crunches at the gym, we don’t blame you. Ab workouts can be boring — but that’s where Pilates comes into play.

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Steal This Power Leg Move from Rashida Jones’ Trainer

Find out how the Parks and Recreation alum sculpt those stems.

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Move of the Week: Squat and Overhead Press

Get double the fat-burning power out of one exercise—and target your legs, butt, abs, and shoulders along the way.

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Move of the Week: Sumo Jump Squats

Add this move into your next circuit to rev your heart rate, blast fat and sculpt some seriously toned legs and glutes.

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The Hot (and Healthy) New Party Trend You’ve Got to Try

There’s a new workout in town and it’s an AM dance party—a 7 to 9 AM dance party, to be precise.

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