Thinking of Getting an IUD? Here’s What to Expect

(Besides very reliable birth control.)

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Why Thousands of Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery Down There

One of the hot trends in plastic surgery right now is labiaplasty, a procedure to trim the vulva’s inner lips, aka the labia minora.

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Should New Moms Eat Their Placenta?

Kim Kardashian West shared she’s once again taking placenta pills after the recent birth of her second child, Saint.

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What to Do If Your Orgasms Are Actually Painful

So good it hurts? Not so much… Here’s what might be going on.

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5 Reasons Why Some Women Go Through Early Menopause

One in 100 women will go start to experience the frustrating symptoms of early menopause before they turn 40.

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These Period Tracker Apps Will Make Monitoring Your Cycle So Much Easier

These apps take the guesswork out of your period by monitoring your cycle, notifying you when you’re most fertile, and alerting you to impending PMS.

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The Truth About Your Cycle and Your Appetite

There’s a reason you crave chocolate.

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7 Possible Reasons You Missed a Period (Aside From Pregnancy)

Don’t panic just yet: there are a number of reasons why you could miss a period.

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How Much Weight Should You Really Gain During Pregnancy?

Every woman, and every pregnancy is different, but many moms-to-be really are gaining too much, experts say.

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Lawsuit Claims Birth Control Packaging Mistake Led to 113 Unplanned Pregnancies

A pharmaceutical company has been hit with a class action lawsuit after distributing mis-labeled birth control pills back in 2011.

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