The Truth About Your Cycle and Your Appetite

There’s a reason you crave chocolate.

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7 Possible Reasons You Missed a Period (Aside From Pregnancy)

Don’t panic just yet: there are a number of reasons why you could miss a period.

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How Much Weight Should You Really Gain During Pregnancy?

Every woman, and every pregnancy is different, but many moms-to-be really are gaining too much, experts say.

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Lawsuit Claims Birth Control Packaging Mistake Led to 113 Unplanned Pregnancies

A pharmaceutical company has been hit with a class action lawsuit after distributing mis-labeled birth control pills back in 2011.

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7 Things Every Woman Should Know About UTIs

Whether it’s your first urinary tract infection or you’ve had one multiple times, we’ve got the facts on what you need to know to deal with this common problem.

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Doctors Blamed This Plus-Sized Model’s Symptoms on Her Weight—Until They Found Cancer

When plus-sized model Elly Mayday first landed in the emergency room with terrible lower back pain, she knew this wasn’t regular back pain or a pulled muscle. But the doctors sent her home, advising her to take the prescribed medication and work on her weight.

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Eating During Labor is Actually Fine for Most Women, Study Finds

Labor and delivery is often a grueling ordeal for many women, and current guidelines rule out eating.

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No, You Should Not Drink While Pregnant (Not Even a Little), Pediatricians Say

While some studies have hinted that a little alcohol might be harmless during pregnancy, a leading U.S. pediatricians’ group has issued a new warning that no amount of drinking is safe while pregnant.

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Dove Wants Everyone to Stop Chasing “Likes”

Their campaign aims to stop the insanity.

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Many Women With Essure Birth Control Implant Need Reoperation, Study Finds

New research raises concerns about Essure, an implanted long-term birth control device that’s already the focus of controversy.

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