The Facts About Newer Birth Control Pills and Blood Clot Risk

Newer forms of the birth control pill—brands such as Yaz, Yasmin and Desogen—are more likely to cause blood clots than older versions, a new study finds.

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The Surprising Health Risk of Being Pregnant With A Boy

A baby’s gender appears to affect a mother’s risk for diabetes during pregnancy — called gestational diabetes — and type 2 diabetes after pregnancy, a new study suggests.

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Guess What? You Don’t Need to Wash Your Vagina

Your local drugstore is likely packed with products promising you cleaner nether regions. Here’s why you don’t need them.

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Does Period Sex Raise Your Risk of Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that normally lines only the inside of your uterus (the endometrium) grows outside of it—around the ovaries, bowel and other areas in your pelvis. It can cause seriously painful periods as well as a host of other frustrating symptoms.

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What You Should Know About Hormone Therapy’s Link to GI Troubles

Hormone replacement therapy to relieve menopausal symptoms may raise the risk a bit for serious lower intestinal bleeding, a new study suggests.

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A Feel-Good Way You Can Donate While Buying Birth Control

The “buy one, give one” business model has now come to your birth control pills, thanks to a new website called Prjkt Ruby.

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Still Paying for Birth Control? You’ll Love This News

You go to the drugstore to pick up your birth control and the pharmacist tells you it’s $50. Wait a second, isn’t this supposed to be free? Here’s what’s going on.

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Does Swimming During Your Period Make You Shark Bait?

News that a great white shark is making its way up the east coast brings up a question that many of us have wondered about since puberty: Are sharks more likely to attack women during their period?

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Watch John Oliver Use Mother’s Day to Slam the Lack of Paid Maternity Leave

“You deserve the very best moms, you’re just not going to get it.”

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What You Should Know About Periods That Are More Than 4 Weeks Apart

Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out if your periods don’t show up every 28 days.

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