Watch 100 Years of Workout Style With Cassey Ho

Let’s all just take a moment to be thankful that working out in a midi skirt, button-down shirt, and kitten heels is no longer a thing.

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Comedian’s ‘Dear Fat People’ Video Sparks Major Controversy

There is so much wrong with this video.

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Move of the Week: Single Arm Burpee

Ready for a challenge?

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The New York Times Guacamole Recipe That Sent the Internet Into a Rage

On Wednesday afternoon, the New York Times fired off an innocent tweet about guacamole.

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Move of the Week: Diagonal Burpee

This twist on the classic works your core even more.

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Move of the Week: Banded Triceps Extension + Rhomboid Pulse

Tone your triceps and your back with this superset move.

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Move of the Week: The Hundred

Want a better-looking belly? Look to The Hundred to leave your tummy firmer and flatter, in record time.

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How to Get Beautiful Nails at Home

Whether you’ve always done your own nails or are thinking about starting now, there are a few tricks to getting a great DIY manicure.

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Move of the Week: Single Leg Deadlift + Row

The multitasking exercise works your butt and hamstrings as well as your upper back and shoulders.

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Move of the Week: Straddle Crunch + Midline Crunch

This core strengthening sequence from ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer Jen Widerstrom goes way beyond the standard crunch.

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