Move of the Week: Boat to Canoe With Dumbbells

Try this exercise to get strong, sculpted lower abs.

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Move of the Week: Deadlift

Want to tone your lower half? Try this exercise from E! host Maria Menounos’ circuit routine.

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Jillian Michaels on Turning 40: ‘There’s a Confidence I Didn’t Anticipate’

In her refreshingly honest cover interview, Michaels spoke with Health about her milestone birthday and the sense of calm that came with it.

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Move of the Week: Get Strong Shoulders With the YTWL Exercise

Tone your shoulders or warm up before upper-body strength-training with the YTWL exercise.

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3 Foods You Can Peel with a Spoon

Peeling food is time consuming and it doesn’t always go smoothly. Leave your peeler in the drawer and try these easy tricks from our friends at Food & Wine.

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Move of the Week: Close-Grip Triceps Press

This exercise from E! host Maria Menounos’ circuit routine not only tones the backs of your arms, it also engages your core.

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Move of the Week: Booty Burn

This exercise from fitness instructor and TV host Brooke Burke-Charvet works your abs and hamstrings in addition to targeting your butt. What’s not to like?

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Move of the Week: Boat Pose

This exercise seriously strengthens and challenges the stabilizing muscles in your core.

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Move of the Week: Stretch, Bend, and Kick

This fresh move from celebrity trainer and Health Contributing Fitness Editor Tracy Anderson combines a leg lift and a push-up.

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CVS Quits Cigarette Sales 4 Weeks Early, Won’t Sell E-Cigs

The area behind the registers at CVS stores just got a healthy makeover. Today, the retail giant removed cigarettes from its 7,700 locations, becoming the first pharmacy chain to snuff out smokes from its shelves nationwide.

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