Move of the Week: Boat Pose

This exercise seriously strengthens and challenges the stabilizing muscles in your core.

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Move of the Week: Stretch, Bend, and Kick

This fresh move from celebrity trainer and Health Contributing Fitness Editor Tracy Anderson combines a leg lift and a push-up.

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CVS Quits Cigarette Sales 4 Weeks Early, Won’t Sell E-Cigs

The area behind the registers at CVS stores just got a healthy makeover. Today, the retail giant removed cigarettes from its 7,700 locations, becoming the first pharmacy chain to snuff out smokes from its shelves nationwide.

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Move of the Week: Crunch to Boat Pose

Try this hybrid of the standard crunch and boat pose. Your abs will thank you.

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What’s the Deal With Sarah Silverman’s ‘Liquid Pot’?

Sarah Silverman brought marijuana to Monday night’s Emmy Awards in the form of a vaporizer. If you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck liquid pot is, you’re not alone. Here’s how it works—and what it does to your body and mind.

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Move of the Week: Triangle Crunch

This isn’t any ordinary crunch—since you’re kneeling on one leg, you’ll work your legs in addition to your core.

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5 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

If you think going out of town is an excuse to not work out, think again.

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Move of the Week: Sit Out

This toughie exercise from Alison Sweeney, host of The Biggest Loser, works the entire body while promoting agility and coordination.

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Robin Williams’ Death Ruled a Suicide

The Oscar-winning actor died yesterday at 63. Williams’ publicist said in a statement that the actor “had been battling severe depression of late.”

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The Story Behind the Ice Bucket Videos All Over Your Facebook Feed

Learn more about the person who started the #IceBucketChallenge and the impact it’s making.

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