Beyoncé Launches Vegan Meal Delivery Service With Her Trainer

Attention, all the vegan ladies: The star singer and her trainer, Marcos Borges, recently announced they’re launching a vegan meal delivery program.

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Is a Vegan Diet the Best Way to Lose Weight?

New research shows the best way for you to shed unwanted pounds might be to give up your favorite omnivorous treats in favor of a vegan diet.

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Vegan Blogger’s Unusual Eating Disorder Shocks Followers

People opt for a vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons. For Jordan Younger, the popular blogger known as The Blonde Vegan, it was for health reasons.

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Jay Z is Going Vegan: 6 Dos and Don’ts for First Timers

You may have heard that Jay Z is going vegan for most of December. If you’re interested in trying it yourself, perhaps as a pre-holiday cleanse, there are plenty of benefits (check out my previous post about five healthy “side effects” of a plant-based diet). But reaping the rewards comes from doing vegan right.

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5 Reasons to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day (Even If You Eat Meat)

Today is World Vegetarian Day, and even if you’re not interested in becoming a vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of reasons to up your intake of plant-based meals.

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Celebrate National Blueberry Muffin Day With These Recipes

Today is National Blueberry Muffin Day! To celebrate this classic breakfast and snack food, we’re sharing two recipes for these berrylicious muffins (one of which is vegan).

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The Ultimate Guide to Healthier Baking

From breakfast to dessert, it’s no secret we’re fans of making our food healthier. Here are our favorite baking substitutions to help back on some of that unnecessary sugar and fat to make healthy, hearty, and delicious baked goods.

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5 Healthy and Easy Vegan Recipes From Around the Web

Everyone has different dietary needs and goals, but we wanted to demystify vegan cooking, which often sounds pretty intimidating. These five recipes are 100 percent vegan and 100 percent doable—no wacky ingredients, no conversions, and definitely no “flax eggs” (seriously, what is that?).

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Hold the Cream: 5 Vegan Substitutes That Are Just as Good

Heavy cream can elevate many dishes, but its high saturated fat and calorie content doesn’t exactly make it the healthiest option. And if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, your meals may be lacking that distinct texture from the dairy product. Stop pining and get the creaminess back with these five vegan substitutes!

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Recipe of the Day: Miso-Marinated Tofu and Eggplant Over Soba Noodles

This low-cholesterol, low saturated-fat meal is delicious and only 200 calories per serving. What more can you ask for in a dish?

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