5 Ways to Keep Your Valentine’s Heart

If you’re hoping that a bouquet of flowers or a heart-shaped box of chocolates might give your relationship a boost this Valentine’s Day, you might be disappointed. A new study suggests that a good relationship depends on daily maintenance: building trust and a common bond between the two of you.

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Valentine’s Day a Show of Wealth for Single Men?

On Valentine’s Day, single men are far more likely than married guys to splurge on a loved one, a marketing expert from Harvard Business School says. Compared to men who have already tied the knot, unmarried fellows run up a 50 percent higher tab on gifts professing their admiration and devotion, his new small study finds.

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Healthy Cooking on the Cheap: 3 Winter Recipes to Warm You Up

By Jenna Weber
Warm up with these comforting winter classics! Broccoli-cheddar soup takes on a new twist with potato, and will keep you going strong all afternoon. Plus, plan the perfect Valentine’s Day. Start with a warm mug of creamy Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, and then serve the quick and easy Beef Stroganoff for a cozy […]

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Easy, Elegant Valentine‚Äôs Day Menu Under $40

Need a little extra something to put the sizzle back into your Valentine’s Day? Don’t waste your money on an expensive Valentine’s dinner out. Do something truly special and cook for the one you love. Not only are these homemade meals delicious, but they’re also easy on the wallet.

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