When Spilling Your Drink Can Lead to a Chemical Burn

Relaxing with a fruity drink by the pool? A hangover might be the lesser of your worries if you’re not careful.

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Why the Beach Is So Much Grosser Than You Thought

“Beach goers should be aware of the health implications of contaminated beach sand, and should not assume that sand is always safe.”

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5 Easy Steps That Will Transform How You Grill This Summer

Our resident RD proves the possibilities are endless. This will definitely give you some new (healthy) ideas.

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Now Experts Are Issuing Warnings About Sunburn Art

Sunburns are painful and potentially cancer-causing, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming an increasingly popular means of artistic expression.

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These Reversible Running Tights Will Make Your Routine So Much Easier

The best thing to happen in running gear in a while.

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Is It Possible to Drink Too Much Water?

A new statement released this week by a panel of 17 experts suggests that some myths about water might actually put people at risk of overhydration, or hyponatremia.

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Everything You Need to Know About Heat Rash

Plan on being in the sun this weekend? This is a must-read.

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How to Keep Bugs Away in Every Summer Situation

Three tick- and skeeter-scaring ingredients that let you enjoy the great outdoors without paying for it later.

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Your New Must-Have Beauty Product: The Sunscreen Brush

There’s nothing like spending time outside, especially after a brutal winter. But just as my dry winter skin fades, I’m plagued by the same two problems: Excessive sweating and forgetting to use SPF.

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Why Is It So Hard to Get a Lyme Disease Diagnosis?

Avril Lavigne opened up again this week about her struggle with Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness she says left her bedridden for months and desperate for answers. Why did it take so long for her to get answers?

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