Why We Loved Daisy Ridley’s Fake #NoMakeup Selfie

The actress used Instagram to make a powerful point about social media and self-esteem.

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This Is the Day of the Week People Feel Sickest

Nope, it’s not Friday or Monday.

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The Complex Link Between Social Media and Depression

The more time young adults spend using popular social media, the greater the link to depression, new research suggests.

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I’ve Been Flirting Online With an Old Crush—Should I Tell My Partner?

“I’d never cheat, but I find myself hiding the relationship from my mate.”

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How Social Media Is Wrecking Your Sleep

Young adults who spend too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may pay the price in poor sleep, new research suggests.

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8 Times Celebs Inspired Us to Hit the Gym This Year

As 2015 comes to a close and we prepare to take on our 2016 fitness goals, it’s a great time to look back. For us at Health, that meant scrolling through Instagram and checking out some of our favorite moments from A-listers who love to share their sweaty workout shots. And let me tell you, these […]

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Here’s Why Snapchat Is the Happiest Social Network, According to Science

Now might be the time to abandon Facebook as your go-to social media network and join your teenager on Snapchat. Why? It may be the “happier” platform, according to a new study.

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Why Kate Winslet’s House Is Social Media-Free

It’s not what you think.

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Dove Wants Everyone to Stop Chasing “Likes”

Their campaign aims to stop the insanity.

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Watch This Baby Prank Her Dad in the Most Adorable Way

This tiny trickster doesn’t want her Dad to cut her nails.

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