The Awesome Way Kelly Clarkson Responded to Being Fat-Shamed by a Twitter Troll

Thank you, Kelly, for showing us how to knock a hater down a peg without losing our cool.

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Watch the Awesome Ways This Woman Works Out With Her Kids

You need to see the creative ways Kimberley Welman, a.k.a. Stay Strong Mummy, makes fitness a family affair.

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How Facebook Is Helping Suicidal People

Facebook is going to give timelier help to users who post updates suggesting thoughts of suicide.

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How Body-Shaming Led Iggy Azalea to Take a Break From Twitter

It seems like no celebrity is safe from getting her body or face picked apart by mean internet trolls these days, including Iggy Azalea.

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Why Tweeting About THIS Topic Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

Speaking up about things in the news that boil your blood—say, the media ruthlessly critiquing an actress’ face—can be good for your psychological well-being.

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How One Woman’s Selfies Helped Her Lose Weight

Snapping selfies helped one mom shed 110 pounds.

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The Surprising Reason Why Women Who Tweet Are Less Stressed

Turns out constant sharing can actually be good for your mental health.

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Here’s Proof That Facebook Knows You Better Than Your Friends

Turns out there might be something else that knows you better than family and friends. New research shows Facebook likes have the power to predict a person’s personality better than those closest to them.

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Surprise: Snapping Selfies Linked to Narcissism

This may be the easiest way to tell if someone’s self-involved.

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Ebola, Ice Bucket Challenge Are Most-Talked-About Facebook Topics for 2014

Facebook measured how frequently a topic was mentioned in posts made between January and December 2014 and health stories were in the top 3.

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