Let This Dancing Mom-and-Daughter Duo Demonstrate Why This Song is Taking Over the Internet

Nikki and Jaylyn aren’t the only ones who can’t get this song out of their heads.

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These Amazing Pics of a Couple and Their Dog Working Out Will Seriously Motivate You

Looking for some new fitspiration? Chicago-based couple Mike and Lex Sawtelle love working out together—and aren’t afraid to get their precious pup Wrigley in on the act.

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The Safe Way to Get Medical Advice From Your Facebook Friends

A top health expert says it’s fine to do—if you use the feedback the right way. Here’s how to do it wisely.

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This Trainer’s Before-and-After Selfies Teach a Very Important Lesson About Fitness

Can you guess how long between the before and after?

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These Body-Positive Photos Prove All Legs Are Beautiful (Yes, Even Yours)

Check out the reason this New York City photographer is taking stunning photos of women’s gams in all their various shapes, sizes, and lengths.

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See The Empowering Photos That Reveal the True Power of Makeup

See why women around are posting striking photos of their half-done faces.

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The Totally Normal Reason This Baby’s Trapped in a Tube

Here’s why the rosy-cheeked cherub’s been trapped in a jar.

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8 Seriously Adorable Father’s Day Pics Shared by Celebrities

From first-time dads like Justin Timberlake to more experienced papas like David Beckham, celebs were seriously feeling the love on Father’s Day—at least according to their social media feeds.

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Does the Belly Button Challenge Really Reveal Whether You Need to Lose Weight?

We went to the experts for the truth on this viral trend.

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This 8-Year-Old Boy Didn’t Let Bullying Stop Him From Growing Out His Hair for Sick Kids

An 8-year-old boy in Florida spent two years growing out his hair, even enduring taunts from other kids for looking like a girl, all so that he could donate his blonde locks to other kids who’ve lost their hair due to cancer treatment, burns or alopecia.

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