We’re Giving Away a Pure Barre Workout Outfit Tonight on Twitter!

Here’s the super easy way to enter for a chance to win.

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Does Bad News Make You Happy? Join The Club

When people feel down, browsing social media profiles of people they consider less attractive, not-so successful, or less well-off can provide a pick-me-up.

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Why No One Likes Your Vacation Photos on Facebook

And why you should stop caring about it.

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This Pepperoni Pizza Cake Has Officially Gone Too Far

If you’ve been trolling the Internet looking for recipes and ideas lately, you may have seen this concoction: Yep, it’s a multi-layer “cake” made of pepperoni pizza.

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Should You Join the ‘Anti-Facebook’ Social Network Ello?

Facebook paved the way for the rise of social networks, but now there’s a new platform that could steal its thunder.

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The Laughable Reasons Why Some People Don’t Like Stunning National Parks

National parks are jaw-droppingly beautiful. But not everyone is that impressed. Here are a few criticisms that will leave you baffled.

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What the Heck Is a #Metamarathon?

You’ve probably seen the #metamarathon hashtag floating around on Twitter and Facebook—and if you’re like us, it probably left you scratching your head.

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What’s the Favorite Food in Your State? Twitter Has the Answer

Tennessee loves blackberries, Connecticut can’t get enough lentils and Wyoming is all about watercress.

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Show Us What Makes You Happy!

To become more mindful of our happiness, we’re doing a 20-day Get Happy Challenge—and we’re inviting you to join!

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10 Horrifying Stories of Doctors Behaving Badly

If you thought the details of Joan Rivers’ death from complications during a routine endoscopy couldn’t get any more shocking, you’re wrong: Rumors surfaced today that Dr. Lawrence Cohen, the gastroenterologist who performed the procedure, allegedly snapped a selfie of himself moments before the procedure.

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