4 Ways to Make the Switch to Daylight Savings Time Less Miserable

Here are steps you can take to make this Sunday’s time change more bearable.

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5 Non-Diet Factors That Can Affect Your Weight

Research shows that a number of lifestyle and environmental factors play roles in influencing metabolism and weight control. Here’s how to combat them.

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The Risk for Stroke is Greater in People Who Oversleep

Oversleeping feels like a treat on the weekend, but regularly sleeping too much is actually a sign that there may be a medical problem at play. New research shows people who sleep more than eight hours a day may be at higher risk for a stroke.

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Could a Bad Night’s Sleep Make You Eat More Fatty Food?

Skipping just a single night of sleep leads to a shift in brain activity that seems to spark a desire to consume more fat the following day, a new study suggests.

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How Much Sleep You REALLY Need

The only category in which the recommendation did not change: adults. We still need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Bummer.

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This is What Happened When Jennifer Aniston Stopped Exercising for the Movie ‘Cake’

Aniston needed to gain weight for her role as a woman addicted to painkillers, and at first skipping the gym felt like a relief.

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There‚Äôs Now Coffee to Help You Fall Asleep

Thanks to Counting Sheep Coffee, you can enjoy a cup of Joe before bed. The new product mixes decaf coffee with a sleep-inducing herb so you won’t be kept awake for hours.

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A Sleep Meditation for a Restful Night

This relaxing meditation led by Deepak Chopra will help you overcome insomnia and settle into deep sleep.

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Why Your Tablet May Disrupt Your Sleep

The light emitted by a tablet like an iPad can disrupt sleep if the device is used in the hours before bedtime, according to a new Harvard study.

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No, Drinking Alcohol Before Bed Won’t Help You Sleep

As many as one in five Americans turns to alcohol sometimes to help them fall asleep, but that can lead to sleep problems later in the night, a new study finds.

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