After Three Nights of Poor Sleep, Even Caffeine Can’t Help

Caffeine no longer improves alertness or mental performance after a few nights of sleep restriction, according to a new U.S. military study.

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Letting Your Baby Cry More Before Sleep Isn’t as Bad as It Feels

Common techniques for helping babies—and parents—sleep at night seem to carry no long-term harms, a small trial finds.

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Your High-Fat Diet Could be Making You Sleepy

Men who eat a lot of fatty foods may find themselves needing an afternoon nap, a new study suggests.

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This Is Why You Have Trouble Sleeping in New Places

When you sleep in a new place, a part of your brain remains alert for potential threats, a new study finds.

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This Is Why Your Body Twitches When You Fall Asleep

These involuntary muscle spasms are actually very common—and harmless.

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You’re 4 Times More Likely to Catch a Cold If You’re Not Sleeping Enough

In news that’s sure to have mothers everywhere saying, “I told you so,” scientists have confirmed that a good night’s sleep may keep colds and other infections at bay.

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Sleepless Nights Linked to Brain Changes in Study

Insomnia is linked with abnormalities in the brain’s white matter.

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The 3 Keys to Healthy Aging After 40, According to Cameron Diaz

It all boils down to these factors.

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Long Naps Might Up Your Risk of This Health Condition

While getting enough sleep is key to health, a new study suggests that long daytime naps may not be doing your heart any favors.

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Why Apple’s iOS Update May Actually Help You Sleep Better

A genius feature called Night Shift adjusts the light from your screen at sunset.

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