How a Better Night’s Sleep Can Cut Down on Sick Days

Getting enough sleep each night may mean you’re less likely to take time off from work due to illness, a new study suggests.

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Anxiety, Insomnia Medications May Be Tied to Alzheimer’s Risk

Older adults who habitually use sedatives for anxiety or insomnia may have a heightened risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a new study suggests.

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Insomnia

Untreated insomnia can be a serious issue. Here’s what you should know about this chronic sleep buster.

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As Many As 1 in 7 People Experience ‘Sleep Drunkenness’

“Sleep drunkenness” is more common than previously thought, affecting about one in seven Americans, or 15 percent, according to a new study that looked at the sleeping habits of more than 19,000 adults.

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Sleep Woes in Old Age May Be Linked to Brain Cell Loss

Loss of brain cells that act as a “sleep switch” may help explain why many seniors have trouble falling and staying asleep, a new study suggests.

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Poor Sleep Linked to Higher Suicide Risk in Older Adults

Sleeping difficulties may increase the risk of suicide in older adults even when other symptoms of depression aren’t present, a new study suggests.

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Many Shift Workers Use Drugs to Sleep or Stay Awake

Many shift workers take drugs to sleep or stay awake despite lingering questions about their benefits and risks, researchers report.

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Natural Light Exposure During the Workday Could Improve Sleep

Natural light during the work day may benefit employees by improving their sleep and quality of life, according to a new study.

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3 Reasons Not to Sleep With Your Phone in the Bed

Nearly half of cell phone owners have snoozed with their phone next to their bed. But snuggling up to your phone could be hazardous to your health—just ask the Texas teen who woke up to find her pillow burning.

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3 Ways to Have a Healthier Hotel Stay

Hotels offer so much more than a forgotten tube of toothpaste. On your next getaway, ask about extras that can help you feel your best.

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