Why Sleeping In Might Be Bad for Your Health

Waking early on workdays and sleeping in on days off may not be as restful as you think.

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4 Key Ways to Make Sure Your Baby Sleeps Safely

There are a number of things you should do to keep your little one safe while sleeping.

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Why Interrupted Sleep Is Worse Than Short Sleep

When they compared which is worse, researchers found some striking effects on mood.

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6 Tricks for Saving Your Sleep (and Sanity) at the End of Daylight Saving Time

The end of Daylight Saving time is coming on November 1. Are you ready?

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11 New Eye Creams That Will Make You Look Rested… Even When You’re Not

Your skin will thank you.

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Teens Who Stay Up Late May Gain More Weight Over Time

Teens may have a new reason to take their parents’ advice and go to bed early. Staying up late on weeknights may increase a teen’s risk of becoming overweight over time, a new study says.

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This Pillow Case Gives “Beauty Sleep” a Whole New Meaning

Why one editor is saying yes to silk.

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Living Near Parks, Beaches Linked to Better Sleep

Getting close to nature might improve the quality of your sleep, new research suggests.

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Your Sleep Tracker Probably Isn’t Very Good at Tracking Your Sleep

Jawbones and Fitbits are fine, but there are still some health insights that your own brain figures out better

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Lack of Sleep Dramatically Raises Your Risk For Getting Sick

Getting six hours of sleep a night makes you four times more likely to get a cold compared to those who sleep more than seven hours a night, finds a new study.

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