No, Drinking Alcohol Before Bed Won’t Help You Sleep

As many as one in five Americans turns to alcohol sometimes to help them fall asleep, but that can lead to sleep problems later in the night, a new study finds.

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Sleep Apnea Linked to Lower Aerobic Fitness

People with sleep apnea may have lower levels of aerobic fitness, a new study suggests.

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5 Tricks for the Best Nap Ever

Snooze on the couch instead of your bed, plus other genius ideas.

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Sleep Apnea May Steal Some of Your Memory, Study Suggests

Sleep apnea may make it hard for you to remember simple things, such as where you parked your car or left your house keys, a small study suggests.

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The Best Day to Start a New Healthy Habit

If you’ve been thinking about joining a yoga studio, instituting a regular walk with a friend, or blocking out time to read for pleasure, here’s why you should try starting this Sunday.

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What Women in the Military Need to Know About Breast Cancer

Women in the military have a tremendous amount on their plate: Besides risking their lives in combat, they have to contend with post-traumatic stress disorder, and even sexual assault and harassment by fellow soldiers or officers. But research shows they may have something even more disturbing to cope with: an increased risk of breast cancer.

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5 Ways to Deal With the End of Daylight Savings Time

Here’s how to make the transition to Standard Time on November 2 as seamless as possible, plus some silver linings to the time change.

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19 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Becoming a Morning Person

Everyone has the potential to be an early riser. Here’s how to train yourself to enjoy your mornings better.

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Jet Lag and Shift-Work Weight Gain Tied to Gut Microbes

Disruptions in the human circadian clock can throw off microbes in the gut, potentially boosting the risk of obesity, a new study suggests.

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An Amazing Bedtime Yoga Routine to Help You Sleep

If you have a hard time dozing off at night—or just need a way to unwind before bed—these poses will work out the kinks in your body and calm your mind.

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