Can Too Much Sitting Make You Anxious?

People who spend much of their day sitting may be more likely to feel anxious, a new review suggests.

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Just 2 Minutes of Walking Every Hour Can Help Offset the Effects of Sitting

Getting up and walking for two minutes every hour could help reverse the negative health effects from prolonged sitting, new research suggests.

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It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Exercise If You Also Do This

New research shows that moving more isn’t enough to counteract the time you spend sitting.

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One Thing to Do This Second to Live Longer

Get off your butt: Sitting less can help slow your body’s aging process, finds a new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Here are 5 ways to get moving.

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Desk Job? Even Short Walks Can Offset Damage From Sitting

Taking really short but frequent walks can counteract the harm caused by sitting for long periods of time, a new study suggests.

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Want to Sit Less? Here’s What NOT to Do

You probably know that sitting for long periods of time is a big health no-no, but get this: standing all day isn’t good for you either. Here’s how to strike a balance.

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Sitting Too Much Linked to Risk for Certain Cancers

A new study suggests that people who spend the bulk of their day sitting — whether behind the wheel, in front of the TV or working at a computer — appear to have an increased risk for certain kinds of cancers.

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Standing During Meetings May Get Creative Juices Flowing

Need to get more out of routine office meetings? Getting colleagues to stand up during those gatherings might help, new research suggests.

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5 Things You Should Know About Trying a Standing Desk

Thanks to working at Health, I’m well-versed in the evils of spending the workday tied to your chair: Sitting too much has been shown to up your risk of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic health problems, even if you work out regularly. I got a standing desk a few weeks ago, and here’s what I’ve learned so far.

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Too Much Sitting May Be Harmful for Older Women

Older women who spend too much time sitting are more likely to die at an earlier age than highly active women, a large, long-term study says. Researchers found that women who spent more than 11 hours a day sitting or otherwise being inactive had a 12 percent higher risk of premature death from all causes than those who were inactive for four hours or less per day.

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