Recipe of the Day: Green-and-White Pasta Salad

This pasta salad uses fat-free ingredients like cottage cheese and sour cream, along with a dash of pesto, so you don’t need to feel guilty about eating it.

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No-Cook, Eat-in-the-Heat Dinner Recipe

Too hot to cook? I know the feeling. The Northeast has experienced some serious scorchers in recent weeks, so instead of cooking dinner and suffering in my steamy kitchen, I seek out no-cook meals that can be eaten in the heat and thrown together in just minutes.

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How to Choose the Healthiest Salad Greens

Headed to a hoppin’ salad bar for lunch? Chances are there will be handfuls of fresh greens up for grabs, from romaine and iceberg to spinach and red leaf lettuce. But when it comes to choosing the healthiest salad base, which types of lettuce pack the biggest nutritional punch?

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Recipe of the Day: Chopped Apple Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

This perfect-for-spring salad is packed with nutrients from apples, spinach, and walnuts. Apples and spinach are a great source of vitamin C, while walnuts are high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for heart health and may help ease mild to moderate depression.

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Meatless Monday Recipe: Two-Bean Greek Salad

This twist on Greek salad brings bold flavors and bright colors to your dinner (or lunch!) table. Instead of being topped with feta cheese, like most Greek salads, this salad has grilled haloumi cheese, which is salty, crispy, and similar to mozzarella.

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4 Get-Healthy Ideas for the First Day of Spring

Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and the sun is extending its stay in the sky longer. Well, that may be true in some parts of the country, others, not so much. But even if you’re still shoveling snow, today is officially the first day of spring–and time to start looking forward to warm-weather fun.

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Lettuce: Buy Bagged or Not?

Six separate recalls of bagged lettuce since April haven’t done much to bolster the public’s confidence in pre-cut and pre-washed greens. So what is one to do when faced with multiple choices in the produce aisle? Should it be bagged lettuce or au naturel? The short answer is to go with your personal preference, but be sure to wash whatever you choose, whether it’s bagged or not.

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Surprising Do’s and Don’ts of Salads

When I first started losing weight, I thought salads were a “safe” choice since they were made with lots of low-calorie and nutritious veggies. That’s partly true—salads are a great way to pack more veggies into your diet, but they can also wreck your weight loss efforts if you aren’t careful.

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Healthy Cooking on the Cheap: 3 Deliciously Filling Summer Salads

Hot summer weather calls for lighter meals, and these salads make a perfectly light but filling main dish.

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