These Are the Aphrodisiacs That Might Actually Work

A new review of the research looks at which purported “aphrodesiacs” might work, which ones definitely don’t, and which ones may actually cause harm.

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Jealous Partners May Be More Likely to Be Problem Drinkers

Intense jealousy may trigger drinking problems, a new study suggests.

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What Makes a ‘Good-Looking Penis,’ According to Science

Girth and length surprisingly weren’t the most important characteristics.

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The Longer You Spend With Your Partner, The More Attractive They Become

The best-looking guys usually land the prettiest girls, but knowing people before dating them might help level the romantic playing field.

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These Amazing Pics of a Couple and Their Dog Working Out Will Seriously Motivate You

Looking for some new fitspiration? Chicago-based couple Mike and Lex Sawtelle love working out together—and aren’t afraid to get their precious pup Wrigley in on the act.

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American Marriages Are Much Better — and Much Worse — Than Ever

The modern American marriage has the potential to be both much better and much worse than ever before.

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Why Millenials Are More Supportive of Working Moms

Young Americans are more accepting of working mothers than previous generations were, a new study finds.

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Why the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Decision is Good For Couples’ Mental Health

The U.S. Supreme Court’s historic decision on Friday now guarantees the right to marriage for same-sex couples across the nation.

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This Man’s Tribute to His Dog Will Make You Want to Hug Your Pets NOW

Photographer Ben Moon and his dog, Denali, saw each other through the best and worst of times.

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Aziz Ansari on Online Dating: ‘You Forget That You’re Talking to a Real Person’

It doesn’t matter if you’re 26 or 66: Dating in the age of technology is difficult for everyone.

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