4 Ways Being Lonely Can Affect Your Health

When you’re lonely, you may look for friends in all sorts of unexpected places. At least that’s the conclusion of a recent study in Psychological Science that found that folks who felt socially disconnected were more likely to view a doll’s face as human. Here are more ways loneliness can affect your health.

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The Little Green Action Figures Promoting Inner Peace

Meet Yoga Joe, the genius new toy that may finally convince your guy to try a class.

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Is That Character From “Gone Girl” Really a Psychopath?

If you’ve read the book “Gone Girl” or seen the new movie, we’re willing to bet there was at least one moment that made you think, “Whoa, what a psycho!” But was that person truly, clinically speaking, a psychopath? We asked a psychiatrist to break it down for us.

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Amal Alamuddin Quit Smoking for George Clooney

The successful lawyer kicked the habit after meeting Clooney. Research shows that loving partners can help each other ditch bad behaviors—and stick with healthy ones.

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Does Online Dating Lead to More Break-Ups?

A surprising new study shows that while online dating sites do work well for dating (obviously), they aren’t as successful at setting people up for marriage—or a lasting marriage, at that.

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The Shockingly Different Ways Men and Women React to ‘Overweight’ Tinder Dates

Being overweight may be a deal breaker for some guys when it comes to dating. Girls, maybe not so much.

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New Cuddlr App Wants You to Embrace Cuddling (With Strangers)

One new app is reminding us all why a little hug is good every once and a while.

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The Easy Way to Help Your Guy Live Longer

A whopping 99% of men aren’t doing all they can to keep their hearts healthy, and one poll shows that 26% percent of men hadn’t been to the doctor or other professional in a year. Here’s a trick you can try.

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The Surprising Way Your Partner Affects Your Career Success

People who have a conscientious spouse are more likely to have success in their own career than people with less attentive partners, according to a new study. So what are you supposed to do if your partner isn’t putting in a fair share of effort?

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7 Ways Being Single Affects Your Health

Despite plenty of sensational headlines—”Get married and get fat!” “Stay single and die young!”—it’s hard to say definitively whether being a spouse or a singleton is healthier overall. Here are seven ways flying solo may affect your health, for better or worse.

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