How to Apologize the Right Way, in 4 Steps

Since it’s the holiday season—full of spiked-nog-infused lapses in judgment, gift-induced hurts, office party pitfalls, and inter-familial tensions—odds are good that you’ll have to apologize for something in the coming days. Here’s how to do it right.

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Most Doctors Aren’t Discussing Sex With Heart Attack Survivors

After suffering cardiac arrest, Karen Englert recalled that her doctors freely dispensed advice about not lifting milk jugs, not driving, not showering — but nothing about resuming sex with her husband, Jeff.

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How to Create The Perfect Online Dating Profile

What do the most successful online daters do? It turns out dating sites and researchers have been studying just that. Here’s a few things they’ve learned about what works (and what really doesn’t).

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5 Weird Ways Love Can Affect Your Body

Feeling head-over-heels does more than just make you feel a little warm and fuzzy, it can actually transform the way you think and act.

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Why Couples Should Make New Friends Together

According to a new study published in the Personal Relationships journal, couples felt closer to each other when they made new friends together.

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The Weird Way the Pill Can Affect Who You’re Attracted To

New research suggests that taking hormonal birth control might influence how much stock you put into an attractive face.

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10 Seconds of Kissing Can Transfer 80 Million Germs

A kiss isn’t just a kiss: It’s also an opportunity to transfer millions of germs.

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Hilary Duff on Her Separation: ‘We’re Trying to Figure Out How We’re the Most Happy’

Our December cover star Hilary Duff, 27, is working on a lot of things these days. There’s her fifth album (her first since 2007), a new TV show (Younger, produced by Sex and the City’s Darren Star and premiering in January), and her marriage to Mike Comrie, from whom she split in January after 3 years together.

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5 Signs You’re In an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

In her new memoir, Jennifer Lopez shares that her love life has been rockier than any of us might have been imagined: The 45-year-old singer says she’s been in abusive relationships.

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Is Renewing Your Vows a Good Idea?

Beyoncé and Jay Z renewed their vows in Paris this month, but re-committment takes more than just a fancy ceremony.

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