The Top 5 Reasons People Cheat

Most Americans say infidelity is wrong, but affairs happen. Here are the most common relationship problems that can lead people to cheat.

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Couples Who Do This Together Are Happier

A study shows that this joint activity is a good indicator the relationship’s going to last.

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The Strange Way Fighting With Your Spouse Can Wreck Your Diet

A new study explains why a fight with your partner leads you straight to the fridge.

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How Sharing Child Care Duties Helps Your Sex Life

Couples who share the responsibilities of child care end up feeling more satisfied with both their sex lives and their overall relationship, new research suggests.

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What Being Single and Happy Says About Your Personality

Single people can be just as happy as those in romantic relationships — but it may depend on their temperament, a new study suggests.

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11 Sex Tips That Are Better Than ‘Female Viagra’

As the buzz continues over the FDA’s approval of a libido drug for women, let us not forget this old-school truth: Plenty of proven pleasure-inducing sex tactics do not involve a prescription (or even any money).

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‘Female Viagra’ Drug Approved By FDA

Authorities have approved flibanserin to treat lack of sexual desire among women

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Why This Libido-Boosting Drug for Women is Causing So Much Controversy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration could soon approve a controversial drug aimed at boosting libido in women.

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Why Your Ex-Boyfriend Is Probably Still Sad About Your Breakup

Women feel the pain of break-ups more intensely, but they get over it. Men, on the other hand…

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Science Assures It’s Fine to Have Fewer Friends in Your 30s

According to a new study, your middle-age happiness can be predicted by two things: the quantity of friends in your 20s, and the quality of friendships in your 30s.

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