The Weird Way the Pill Can Affect Who You’re Attracted To

New research suggests that taking hormonal birth control might influence how much stock you put into an attractive face.

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10 Seconds of Kissing Can Transfer 80 Million Germs

A kiss isn’t just a kiss: It’s also an opportunity to transfer millions of germs.

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Hilary Duff on Her Separation: ‘We’re Trying to Figure Out How We’re the Most Happy’

Our December cover star Hilary Duff, 27, is working on a lot of things these days. There’s her fifth album (her first since 2007), a new TV show (Younger, produced by Sex and the City’s Darren Star and premiering in January), and her marriage to Mike Comrie, from whom she split in January after 3 years together.

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5 Signs You’re In an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

In her new memoir, Jennifer Lopez shares that her love life has been rockier than any of us might have been imagined: The 45-year-old singer says she’s been in abusive relationships.

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Is Renewing Your Vows a Good Idea?

Beyoncé and Jay Z renewed their vows in Paris this month, but re-committment takes more than just a fancy ceremony.

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Does Having Lots of Sex Lower Prostate Cancer Risk?

Don Juans of the world, take note: Men who sleep with lots of women may be less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don’t play the field, a new Canadian study suggests.

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5 Ways to Tell If Someone Is Emotionally Unavailable

Taylor Swift recently told Vogue UK “Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind…I kind of run from it when it presents itself.” But you don’t have to be a Grammy-winning superstar with a hot new album to flee from commitment. Here, five questions that can show someone’s dating true colors.

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Video: Woman Harassed on the Street 108 Times in One Day

A new PSA shows what happened to one woman as she walked around New York City by herself wearing jeans and a crewneck tee shirt.

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9 Simple Aphrodisiacs to Help Put You in the Mood

Some foods, smells, and behaviors might help make your bedroom romps even hotter. Here are the top aphrodisiacs experts recommend trying.

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4 Ways Being Lonely Can Affect Your Health

When you’re lonely, you may look for friends in all sorts of unexpected places. At least that’s the conclusion of a recent study in Psychological Science that found that folks who felt socially disconnected were more likely to view a doll’s face as human. Here are more ways loneliness can affect your health.

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