Feeling Cranky? It’s Time for a Snack

If you’ve ever blamed a bad mood on low blood sugar, you’re onto something.

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Boston Bombing Survivor Weds His Rehab Nurse

The worst day of James Costello’s life led him to the best.

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How Not to Let Stress Ruin Your Sex Life

For many people, once the stress shows, the sex goes. In fact, stress is the number one reason that couples stop having sex.

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4 Weird (But Wonderful) Ways the Color Red Affects Our Brains

You pull that trusty red dress from your closet and you feel sexy. Silly? Or science? More and more, it’s beginning to sound like science. Here are four areas of research on the hue that could impact your daily life.

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Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Despite what your unfaithful ex may have told you, there’s a good chance it will happen again.

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Julia Roberts’ Take on ‘Doing it All’ Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

A healthy dose of realism from the Oscar-winning, 46-year-old mom of three.

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More Unmarried Women Over 35 Are Having Kids

Fewer unmarried America women are having babies, with the notable exception of those who are over 35, federal health officials reported Wednesday.

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The “Manternity” Photoshoot You Need to See

You’ve probably seen plenty of beautiful pregnancy photos, but trust us, these shots from a soon-to-be Dad in Austin, Texas, take the cake.

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The Right Way to Talk to Your Partner About Your Sex Life

Hint: Emailing your spouse a spreadsheet detailing your disappointment isn’t it

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The Weird Way Twitter Can Mess With Your Relationship

Forget about the Twitter wars that break out regularly between outspoken celebrities: too much Twitter can be bad for your own relationship, a new study suggests.

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