Shopping Is Like Playing A Sport, Researchers Say

Shop ’til you sweat.

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The Top 10 Body Positive Moments of 2015

Despite many ridiculous things that caught our attention online this year (looking at you, #TheDress), one of bright spots of 2015 has to be the amazing onslaught of powerful body positive moments.

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5 Important Relationship Lessons We Learned From Gilmore Girls

While Lorelai and Rory’s unique mother-daughter bond is one of our favorite relationships from the show’s seven-season run, the series was filled with every kind of relationship—friends, boyfriends, parents—and taught us so much about what it means to be in one.

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How Your Favorite TV Shows Might Actually Make You a Better Person

Feeling guilty about lounging around and binge-watching shows like Mad Men and Grey’s Anatomy for hours at a time? Turns out that those marathon sessions may actually be a good thing—for your personality, at least.

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What Birth Order Really Says About Your Personality

Forget what you’re heard about birth order determining your adult personality, a new study suggests.

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‘Conversion’ Therapy for LGBT Youth Should Be Banned, Experts Say

Less than a year after the Obama Administration came out against so-called “conversion” therapies for gay and lesbian youth, a new government report calls for the practice to be eliminated nationwide.

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Liking Black Coffee Doesn’t Mean You’re a Psychopath

A new study, published in the the journal Appetite, found an association between a preference for bitter-tasting things and “malevolent” personality traits like psychopathy. Here’s what this really means.

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Rihanna Poignantly Explains Why She Went Back to Chris Brown

In a new interview, Rihanna nails the confusing and difficult psychology of domestic abuse and opens up about where she’s at now.

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Got ‘Bitchy Resting Face’? Fear Not: You May Be a Great Communicator

It’s not exactly a diagnosable condition, but “bitchy resting face” can be problematic for the poor folks who have it.

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You Can Embarrass Yourself Even When You’re All Alone

Embarrassing moments don’t have to happen in a crowd. Oh, no — you are perfectly capable of embarrassing yourself even when you’re all alone.

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