Who’s More Appearance-Obsessed, Men or Women?

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the vainest of them all?

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Why Regular Bragging Is Better Than Humblebragging

You know the humblebrag—that snotty boast thinly veiled with self-deprecation or a “woe is me” complaint. It’s meant to downplay self-praise, but the humblebrag doesn’t exactly work that way, according to a new study.

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4 Tricks to Make a Healthy Habit Stick for Good

Here, steps you can take to arm yourself against less-than-healthy impulses, and minimize the angst you feel on a daily basis.

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8 Ways to Bounce Back After Disappointment

Moving on is a lot easier said than done. Follow these tricks and you’ll not only be able to rebound from disappointments—you’ll actually end up a better, smarter, stronger person than before.

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3 Things You Should Know About Impostor Syndrome

Here’s what it is and how to tell whether it’s holding you back.

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The Career Mistake You Don’t Realize You’re Making

When you’ve got the floor in a meeting, do you notice people looking at the clock or their phones? You may be an overtalker.

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Why You Should Stop Apologizing For Everything

In the aftermath of Juno, some meteorologists took to Twitter to say sorry for predicting a bigger, badder storm than what actually hit most of the Northeast. But they’re not the only people who rush to apologize for things beyond their control.

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How You Might Be Sabotaging Your Relationship Without Realizing It

Chances are you’ve engaged in at least one of these kinds of relationship sabotage.

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3 Key Habits of Mentally Strong People, and How to Master Them

These three crucial habits help you build resilience so you can better weather what life throws at you.

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The Site That Lets You Create a Fake Boyfriend Is Crazy. Or Is It?

With Invisible Boyfriend, you choose your faux-boo’s photo, name, age, and hobbies, and a real person exchanges texts with you.

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