The Tough Truth About Egg Freezing Perks

Ambitious young women on Silicon Valley campuses are going to learn a hard life lesson.

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Black Women Fare Worse With Fertility Treatment IVF

Black women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) are only about half as likely as white women to become pregnant using the popular assisted reproduction technique, new research indicates, and the racial disparity persists even when donor eggs are used.

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3 Weird Ways Birth Month Can Affect a Baby’s Health

Research has shown that everything from a mother’s stress levels and exposure to secondhand smoke and pet dander can affect a child’s risk of illness down the road. But here’s something that you might not expect to have such an effect: The month in which a child is born—or in some cases, conceived. Here are a few surprising connections.

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Apple and Facebook Will Pay for Female Employees to Freeze Their Eggs

When you’re an Apple or Facebook employee trying to climb the ladder, long hours are inevitable. So starting a family in the midst of it all may seem, well, near impossible. But now, these two Silicon Valley giants will cover the costs for female employees to freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons.

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Women Can Get an Epidural Any Time During Labor, Analysis Says

When it comes to pain relief during labor and delivery, mom probably knows best, new research suggests.

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We Love Jennifer Garner for Defending the Mom Paunch

As if we could worship Jennifer Garner any more, yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the actress stood with real women everywhere and spoke out loud and proud about having a less-than-taut tummy

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6 Ways to Help Prevent Breastfeeding Pain

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi recently had her second child and had this to say about breastfeeding: “I feel like my nipples are going to fall off.” Nursing shouldn’t hurt after the first week. But if it does, there are things you can do to improve your technique and relieve soreness.

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Giving Teen Girls Free, Long-Acting Birth Control Lowers Pregnancy, Abortion Rates

Giving teenage girls free birth control — especially long-acting implanted devices — could slash pregnancy and abortion rates to well below the current U.S. average, new findings suggest.

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3 Reasons I’m Choosing to Run Slower

After having a baby 4 months ago, I’ve changed my expectations and focused on making running more enjoyable. Here’s why.

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5 Celebrities Who’ve Flaunted Exposed Baby Bumps

These days, celebrities aren’t exactly shy when it comes to flaunting their mommy-to-be status. That became abundantly clear recently, when a pregnant Alicia Keys posted a nude photo of herself—with a peace sign painted on her tummy—to Twitter.

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