CDC Adds New Zika Warning for Pregnant Women and Their Sex Partners

Pregnant women with a male sexual partner who has traveled to, or lives in, an area affected by active Zika virus transmission should refrain from sex or use condoms during sex until the pregnancy is over.

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Should You Cancel Your Caribbean Trip? Zika Experts Weigh In

We asked infectious disease researchers, “What would you do?”

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Trying to Get Pregnant? Stop Drinking Alcohol to Cut the Risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, CDC Says

More than 3 million U.S. women risk exposing their baby to alcohol, federal health officials reported Tuesday.

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Even Slight Jump in Blood Pressure During Pregnancy May Be Bad for Baby

Even slightly elevated blood pressure in late pregnancy may increase the risk of having an underweight or stillborn infant, new research suggests.

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Autism Risk Is Higher When Mom Is Obese and Has Diabetes During Pregnancy

Mothers-to-be who are both obese and diabetic have a higher risk of giving birth to a child with autism than healthy women, a new study suggests.

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What Is a Doula? 4 Reasons Pregnant Women Might Want One

New research may cause you to consider enlisting the help of a doula.

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This Mom-to-Be Is 7 Months Pregnant and Still Has a Six Pack

“I’m embracing my body’s changes,” says the 31-year-old bodybuilder and figure competitor.

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All Pregnant and Postpartum Women Should Be Screened for Depression, Panel Says

All U.S. adults, including pregnant and postpartum women, should be screened for depression by their family doctor, the nation’s leading preventive medicine panel recommends.

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During Pregnancy, Skin Cancer May Be More Dangerous

Women diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer during or just after pregnancy are at greater risk from the cancer than other women, a new study finds.

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Zika Virus Could Spread to Southern U.S., Experts Say

Experts say it’s only a matter of time before the disease, which has been linked to an alarming increase in birth defects in Brazil, is transmitted within the United States.

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