More Women Are Having Unsupervised Home Births

Home births without a midwife or doctor present — which have been linked to increased risk of infant death and disease — have jumped 79 percent in the United States in recent years, researchers report.

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Here’s the Deal on Women Eating Their Placenta After Having a Baby

Fans of this trend say that consuming the placenta in encapsulated pills or blended into smoothies during the weeks after giving birth can help boost a new mom’s energy level, encourage breast milk production, decrease bleeding, and, most notably, alleviate the “baby blues.”

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Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Struggle to Have a Second Child

Say what you want about Kardashian’s vanity or her career, but “secondary infertility,” or having trouble getting pregnant a second time, is a topic millions of women can relate to.

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This Model’s Post-Birth Abs Are Blowing People Away

In between caring for her newborn, L.A. model Sarah Stage continues to document the status of her belly on Instagram. The photo of her abs four days after giving birth—her wondrously flat, fit abs—is racking up likes and comments, as did her pregnancy selfies.

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What Many Pregnancies Have in Common With Kate Middleton’s

Many women are having their children too close together, finds a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), once again raising questions about the ideal spacing between pregnancies.

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Who Owns Frozen Embryos? Sofia Vergara and Her Ex Duke It Out

The relationship is over, but the bad memories—and a couple of frozen embryos—linger on.

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That Super-Slim Pregnant Model Had a Big Baby Boy

You can’t judge a baby by the belly: That’s the lesson a whole lot of people learned when L.A. model Sarah Stage gave birth on Tuesday.

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3 Moves to Steal From Ciara’s Trainer

These exercises from Gunnar Peterson helped the singer shed 60 pregnancy pounds.

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This 65-Year-Old Mother of 13 Is Expecting Quadruplets

German mom Annegret Raunigk is 21 weeks pregnant with babies 14, 15, 16, and 17.

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Watch This Mom of 6 Boys Freak Out When She Learns She’s Having a Girl

It’s a girl!

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