The Facts About the Morning Sickness Drug Kim Kardashian Is Taking

Kim Kardashian-West took to Instagram on Sunday to promote a medication called Diclegis, a prescription drug that helps treat nausea during pregnancy. The reality star is known for lending her name to plenty of wacky products. Is this one of them?

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Meet the Mom Who Wants Women to Be Proud of Their Post-Baby Bodies

Julie Bhosale is embracing her “lumps, bumps, marks and jiggly bits.”

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Prenatal Gene Tests Can Sometimes Spot Cancer in Mom-to-Be

Abnormal results on noninvasive, prenatal genetic tests don’t always indicate a problem with the fetus. In some cases, these tests may uncover maternal cancers, a new study reports.

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This May Be the Safest Antidepressant to Take During Pregnancy

New research provides more evidence of a possible link between antidepressant use early in pregnancy and a small increased risk of birth defects.

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A Fit Mom of Four’s Inspiring Take on What Her Belly REALLY Looks Like

In an open and honest move, singer and mom Kimberly Henderson posted a picture on Facebook with her shirt pulled up, showing her flat stomach with loose skin.

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Meet the California Woman Who Gave Birth While Lost in the Woods for Days

The most intense birth story we’ve ever heard.

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Pregnancy Results Good for Women Who Have Lupus

Not long ago, women with lupus were often told pregnancy was too risky. But new research confirms that when the disease is under control, women usually have healthy pregnancies and babies.

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Hilaria Baldwin Shows What a Post-Baby Body REALLY Looks Like

And we love her for it.

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Having D&C Procedures May Raise Your Risk of Preterm Birth Later

A widely used gynecological procedure may increase the risk of preterm delivery in future pregnancies, a new study suggests.

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Good News: The Teen Birth Rate Fell in 2014

The overall birth rate in the United States rose a bit for the first time in seven years in 2014, according to new federal government data.

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