A Fit Mom of Four’s Inspiring Take on What Her Belly REALLY Looks Like

In an open and honest move, singer and mom Kimberly Henderson posted a picture on Facebook with her shirt pulled up, showing her flat stomach with loose skin.

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Why Millenials Are More Supportive of Working Moms

Young Americans are more accepting of working mothers than previous generations were, a new study finds.

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The Totally Normal Reason This Baby’s Trapped in a Tube

Here’s why the rosy-cheeked cherub’s been trapped in a jar.

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8 Seriously Adorable Father’s Day Pics Shared by Celebrities

From first-time dads like Justin Timberlake to more experienced papas like David Beckham, celebs were seriously feeling the love on Father’s Day—at least according to their social media feeds.

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This Dove Commercial Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

The spot is made from real-life footage of men getting happy news.

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How Breastfeeding Could Improve Babies’ Dental Health

The more babies breast-feed, the less likely it is that they will develop any kind of misalignment in their teeth later on, a new study shows.

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Babies Who Do This Are More Likely to Sleep Through the Night

Infants who “resettle” after waking up are more likely to sleep through the night, a new study suggests.

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Babies Recognize Faces Way Sooner Than You’d Think

Plus, other fascinating research into your baby’s brain.

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This Is Who’s Most Likely to Be Anti-Vaccine, According to One Study

Parents who cite “personal beliefs” to get their children exempted from routine vaccinations are typically white and well-to-do — at least in California, a new study finds.

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Breastfeeding May Reduce the Risk of the Most Common Childhood Cancer

Breast-feeding—even for a short time—may lower a baby’s later risk of this type of cancer later on, a new study suggests.

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