Mom, Put Down That Smartphone at Dinner

Harried mothers who want to stay close with their kids should put aside their smartphones and tablets at the dinner table, a new study suggests.

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Co-Sleeping? Make That NO Sleeping

Any parent who’s shared a bed with a child can relate to this video.

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Too Many Babies Sleep With Blankets and Pillows Despite SIDS Risk

Although soft bedding has been linked to an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), more than half of American parents continue to use such bedding for their sleeping babies, according to a new study.

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Are You Packing Healthy School Lunches? Don’t Be So Sure

Surprise: a recent study showed that meals packed at home tended to have more calories, fat, and saturated fat than school lunches. Here, 4 tips for packing healthier meals.

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Kids’ Bag Lunches Get an ‘F’ for Nutrition

The lunches children bring from home may be less healthy than the school cafeteria offerings, a new study suggests.

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7 Habits of Highly Productive Women

Boom: A new study shows working moms actually outperform their peers at work.

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The Magical Thing Disney Is Doing for Kids with Allergies

From peanuts on the plane to dicey local grub, vacations can be a total nightmare for families of the estimated 15 million people with food allergies. But Disney has teamed up with the makers of the EpiPen to provide a safer haven.

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It’s Take Your Parents To Work Day. Yikes.

Right now, in office buildings across America, moms and dads are saying things like, “Honey, why don’t you have an office?” and “Don’t you think you should clean up that messy pile of papers?”

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Here’s What Happens When You Tell Kids You Ate Their Halloween Candy

Judging by Jimmy Kimmel Live’s annual Halloween prank video, you don’t want to come between kids and their candy.

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Woman Asked to Stop Breastfeeding in OB-GYN Office

You would think that a doctor’s office would be a safe place to breast-feed your child. But one Texas mom found out differently while in the waiting room of her obstetrician/gynecologist.

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