After Missing the Olympic Track and Field Team, Keni Harrison Broke a 28-Year-Old Record

You have to watch how she reacts to the news.

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2016 Will Be the Year You Keep Hearing About Gymnast Simone Biles

She’s not yet a household name, but will be soon.

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6 Secrets to Staying Stress-Free from Olympian Julia Mancuso

Olympic bronze medalist Julia Mancuso dishes on how she stayed stress-free at the Olympics, and how she’ll regain her focus for the rest of her racing season.

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Get Tough! How Olympic Athletes Stay Calm Under Pressure

We’re a week into the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, and we’ve watched many Olympic athletes achieve their goals and ascend the podium to accept their medals. With the amount of pure talent and dedication these athletes put into making it to the Olympics, we can’t help but feel inspired.

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Here’s What’s Going on with NBC Broadcaster Bob Costas’s Eyes

While skiers, snowboarders and skaters held viewers’ attention during this week’s Winter Olympics, it was tough not to notice TV broadcaster Bob Costas’s glaring eye infection as well.

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Olympic Eating: 9 Burgers From Around The World

Get into the Olympic spirit with these burger recipes inspired by some of the nations competing at the Games.

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Recipe of the Day: Royal Gin and Tonic

The 2012 Olympics ended with a bang this past weekend, in a closing ceremony that was a dizzying celebration of all things British, from Winston Churchill to the Spice Girls to Fatboy Slim.

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So Awesome: Olympic Volleyball Player Destinee Hooker

We watched women’s Olympic volleyball last night and were wowed by team USA, which has been delivering tough competition to anyone standing in their way.

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Too Much Travel May Be Tough on Olympians

As thousands of elite athletes gather in London to make their respective runs for gold, a new study suggests they face a higher risk of becoming ill if they travel across more than five time zones to get to a competition than if they compete at home.

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Allyson Felix’s Power Breakfast (Plus, Her Other Secrets to Success)

U.S. Olympic track star Allyson Felix races today in the 200 meter finals, but before she hopped on a plane to London, I sat down for a chat with the 26-year-old sprinter about power breakfasts (and splurge foods!) and how she stays motivated day in and day out.

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