The Safest Place To Sit On a Train or Plane

Window seat dwellers, take note: In case of a train crash in which windows shatter, passengers in the aisle seat would be less likely to be struck by glass.

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10 Exercises that Could Land You in Rehab, According to PTs

Wondering which types of exercises might make you the most vulnerable? While any exercise performed with poor technique could put you in harm’s way, some moves are more commonly botched than others. We called on six leading physical therapists to share, which exercises could land you in rehab if done incorrectly. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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4 Things You Should Know About Treadmill Safety

Although treadmills are generally safe, accidents can happen.

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You Got a Running Injury During Race Training…Now What?

We called on some of the top running experts to share their tips on the best ways to address common running injuries — from 24-hour pangs to serious setbacks.

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Almost 1 Million Bikes Recalled After Rider Becomes Paralyzed

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is advising anyone who owns one of these bikes to stop riding immediately and get it repaired.

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Texting Bans Tied to Drop in Car Crash Injuries

Most U.S. states now have bans on texting while driving, and those laws may be preventing some serious traffic accidents, a new study suggests.

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The Simple Sneaker Mistake You’re Making

It’s super common and it puts you at greater risk for injury.

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Playing Tackle Football Before Age 12 Linked to Higher Risk of Cognitive Problems Later in Life

As football fans prepare to watch the 49th Super Bowl this Sunday, a new study suggests that boys who start playing tackle football before the age of 12 may face a higher risk for neurological deficits as adults.

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Gum May Have Played a Role in College Basketball Player’s Death

Shanice Clark, a 21-year-old student at California University of Pennsylvania was pronounced dead on Sunday after being found unresponsive in her dorm. Police said the preliminary medical report indicates that Clark inhaled gum while she was sleeping.

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The Sex Position That’s Most Likely to Injure His Penis (Yes, Really)

It can lead to a penile fracture.

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