More School Is Better for Your Heart, Study Suggests

While there are many obvious benefits to achieving a higher level of education, one you may not have considered is a boost to your heart health.

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Alcohol Not Always Good for Your Heart, Study Finds

“It appears that alcohol is not necessarily all good or all bad for the heart—it’s more complex than that.”

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Long Naps Might Up Your Risk of This Health Condition

While getting enough sleep is key to health, a new study suggests that long daytime naps may not be doing your heart any favors.

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The Surprising Health Benefit of Drinking Tea Every Day

Drinking as little as a cup of tea daily may be good for your heart health, new research suggests.

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Cholesterol in Eggs May Not Hurt Heart Health After All

The once-maligned egg may not be a heartbreaker after all, new research suggests.

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Holiday Stress Can Actually Be Bad for Your Health

The stress of making holiday time a happy time can put women at risk for heart problems.

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Is Ibuprofen Bad for Your Heart?

This common pain reliever (and others like it) may pose a heart risk for some. What you need to know.

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Is Butter Bad For You? What You Should Know

The saturated fat debate continues.

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Eating a Burger? One Topping Makes It Instantly Healthier

Next time you’re jonesing for a burger, consider topping it with avocado: A new study at UCLA found that it might ease some of the negative effects the meat has on your heart health. In the study, 11 healthy males between 18 and 35 ate hamburger patties plain, and then again with half an avocado spread on top.

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Happy National Nut Day!

It’s National Nut Day, a time to celebrate the heart health benefits of nuts and nut butters.

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