3 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Medical Scan

While CT scans can be truly life-saving, it’s never a bad idea to minimize the amount of ionizing radiation you’re exposed to. Make sure you ask these questions.

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A 17-Year-Old Forced to Get Chemo Takes Her State to Court

The plaintiff, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September, allegedly views chemotherapy as toxic. She’s asking for the chance to be considered mature enough to refuse lifesaving treatment.

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What the Sony Hack Can Teach You About Your Health Privacy

There’s another consequence of the Sony Pictures hack that’s been less publicized but potentially more serious: the release of sensitive materials about employees’ medical bills and health conditions, some including names and identifiable information.

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You Can Video Call a Doctor Now, But Should You?

New services allow you to do your doctor’s visits online. But is it safe? And how does it work?

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Are Routine Ultrasounds for Women With Dense Breasts Worthwhile?

New research questions the value of ultrasound screening for women with dense breasts who’ve had a normal mammogram.

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Nearly 75% of Americans Agree With Right-to-Die Movement

Already-strong public support for right-to-die legislation has grown even stronger in the days since the planned death of 29-year-old brain cancer patient Brittany Maynard, a new HealthDay/Harris Poll has found.

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Half of People Ignore Possible Cancer Symptoms, Survey Finds

Many people ignore potential warning signs of cancer, a new British survey found.

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Some Newly Insured Under ‘Obamacare’ May Have Trouble Finding Doctors

Millions of Americans bought health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act in the past year. Now, several shortcomings in the system have been discovered.

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The Weird Reason Why the Downton Abbey Cast Can’t Touch Each Other

The cast of the period drama has been told not to get all touchy-feely because there wasn’t all that much physical contact during the early 20th century. One reason why? The fear of spreading disease.

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Open Enrollment for Obamacare Starts On Saturday

The “Obamacare” marketplaces are now gearing up for a new challenge: persuading Americans who slogged through last year’s troubled open enrollment to renew their coverage.

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