Can Ovarian Cysts Actually Be Cancerous?

It’s possible, but here’s why you shouldn’t freak out.

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Here’s Why You Really Need to Stop Worrying About Pooping at Work

Is bathroom stage fright bad for your health?

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Hospital Prices Vary Widely Across the United States

The cost of medical care varies widely across the United States, a new study reports.

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Here’s Why Your Boobs Hurt Before Your Period

What causes achy breasts? Dr. Raj has the answers.

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How Your Yoga Class Might Actually Save You Money

You know stress can affect your health. But you might not have ever thought about it in terms of your wallet.

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CEO’s Plan to Raise the Price of a Cheap Drug Sparks Outrage (Again)

This time the CEO is seeking a price increase for a drug to treat a disease spread by the ‘kissing bug.’

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How to Tell It’s Time to Stop Googling Your Body Issues

Are you a cyberchondriac?

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Why Sharing Rx Drugs With Friends Is Never Okay

Just… don’t do this.

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All About the Psychedelic Club Drug Being Used to Treat Depression

Ketamine, or “Special K” as its known, is a psychedelic party drug that brings on hallucinations. It’s also the next great hope for people with treatment resistant depression.

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What You Can Learn From Controversial DIY Gene Tests Like 23andMe

What can you really learn about yourself from these tests? And do you even want to know?

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