The Weird Reason Why the Downton Abbey Cast Can’t Touch Each Other

The cast of the period drama has been told not to get all touchy-feely because there wasn’t all that much physical contact during the early 20th century. One reason why? The fear of spreading disease.

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Open Enrollment for Obamacare Starts On Saturday

The “Obamacare” marketplaces are now gearing up for a new challenge: persuading Americans who slogged through last year’s troubled open enrollment to renew their coverage.

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What Many Primary Care Docs Get Wrong About Allergies

Many primary care doctors may not be up to speed on the causes and best treatments for allergies, a new study suggests.

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Many Americans May Get Hospice Care Too Late

Of the more than 1.5 million patients who received hospice care in the United States in 2013, one-third died within one week of getting it, a new report shows.

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The Biggest Healthcare Benefits Decision You’ll Have to Make This Year

This benefits open-enrollment period, your employer may ask you—even force you—to enroll in a high-deductible health insurance plan with a health savings account.

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The Simple Way to Get a Flu Shot for Free

Under Obamacare, most Americans will pay nothing for an influenza vaccine. And skipping the shot can be costly.

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Can’t Get an Appointment With a Psychiatrist? You’re Not Alone

Residents of major U.S. metropolitan areas who need a psychiatrist are often likely to come up empty-handed, regardless of ability to pay, new research suggests.

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Doctors More Likely to Prescribe Unneeded Antibiotics in the Afternoon

Doctors are more likely to prescribe unnecessary antibiotics for respiratory infections as the day progresses, a new study finds.

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry (Too Much) About Ebola in the U.S.

Yesterday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the United States, at a hospital in Dallas. While that might seem frightening, the reality is there’s no need to panic.

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Children Given Certain Antibiotics Before Age 2 May Have Higher Obesity Risk

Children who are given broad-spectrum antibiotics before the age of 2 may face a slightly higher risk of becoming obese during childhood, new research suggests.

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