Danielle Walker’s Layered Chia and Almond Pudding Parfait

You know what always tastes great? Dessert.

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How to Get a Smoky Golden Eye Like Carrie Underwood

There’s no denying the appeal of all-things smoky — smoky chipotle peppers, smoky grilled meats, “Smokey and the Bandit,” etc. But perhaps the smokiest and most alluring of all is Carrie Underwood’s smoky, almost golden eye makeup.

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The Cost of Liking Someone: How Expensive is the Average Date?

The dating website Zoosk calculated how much it would cost for a date in major cities across the United States.

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How to Shed 10 Pounds (Just By Getting Dressed)

Did you know that your wardrobe alone could be piling on the pounds?

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When’s the Right Time to Go From Friend to Something More?

Taking the leap from the friend-zone to the love-zone can be risky when you don’t know if your pal wants to be more than friends, or if a romantic relationship will even work out.

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We Tried It: Krav Maga For Cardio, Strength-Training, and Self-Defense

Krav Maga: It’s the official hand-to-hand combat style of the Israeli Defense Forces, but it’s also gaining momentum Stateside as a great workout combining cardio, strength-training, and easy-to-understand self-defense techniques.

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Can You Spot a Cheater Before He Cheats?

If you knew a potential boyfriend was going to cheat on you, would you date him? Probably not. But we can’t predict who will be faithful and who won’t be ahead of time. Or can we?

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How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Many have tried them; few have succeeded in making them work. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth the effort.

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‘DWTS’ Pro Karina Smirnoff Opens Up About Her Dating Disasters

The Dancing With the Stars pro has had her fair share of dating blunders, all of which she details in her new book.

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Dos and Don’ts for Looking Good in Pictures From an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Alum

America’s Next Top Model winner CariDee English spills her tips and tricks so you can take the best selfie ever, if only so you’ll never find a bad photo of yourself tagged in a friend’s Facebook or Instagram photo again.

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