What You Need to Know About the ClassPass Price Hike

For the second time in less than a year, ClassPass is raising its prices for an Unlimited membership.

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Move of the Week: 100s

Really zero in on your lower abs and tighten your tummy in no time.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Take a Rest Day

Before injury strikes, listen to these five signs that might indicate your body needs some time off.

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How to Sculpt a Superhero Body Like Olivia Munn

Her secret: the Swiss Ball Inchworm.

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Hannah Bronfman: “You have to Live Your Day-to-Day Life With Positivity”

The first word Hannah Bronfman—DJ and founder of HBFIT—ever spoke was “happy.” So it makes sense that her life is all about positivity.

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Move of the Week: Pike Push-Ups

Use your body weight to sculpt sexy shoulders, triceps, and biceps by summer.

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4 Awe-Inspiring Trails to Run Before You Die

Yes, any old dirt path in your local park is worthy of a run, but here are four awe-inspiring trails to blaze before you die.

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The Big Benefits of Losing Just a Little Bit of Weight

Shedding just five percent of your body weight does a lot.

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Our 10 Favorite Items from Beyoncé’s New Athletic Line Ivy Park

Beyonce’s Ivy Park athleisure line officially launches today.

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Why It’s OK to Be the Slowest Runner in the Race

Setting tough fitness goals is fabulous. So is cutting yourself some slack.

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