3 Steps to Perk Up Your Posture

Prove you’re no slouch: Stretch taller and look leaner with this back-sparing yoga routine.

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3 Ways to Burn More Fat With Yoga

A few simple tweaks to your practice can help you torch bonus calories the next time you step on the mat.

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A Total-Body Move to Get Sculpted Like Shakira

Bonus: it especially hits the core.

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Move of the Week: Crunch to Boat Pose

Try this hybrid of the standard crunch and boat pose. Your abs will thank you.

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11 Reasons to Get Excited About Fall

Summer may be ending, but here are some reminders why fall is one of the greatest seasons.

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Amazing College Gyms That Will Make You Want to Go Back to School

You might think your gym is awesome, but it’s nothing compared to the insanity of what some universities boast these days.

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10 Reasons You’re Not Losing a Pound

If you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau, it may be time to take a hard look at your exercise routine.

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The Ultimate Beyoncé Workout Playlist

In honor of her mini-concert at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, here’s a playlist of 12 Beyoncé songs that are guaranteed to get you moving—plus a few Destiny’s Child hits we couldn’t resist.

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Move of the Week: Triangle Crunch

This isn’t any ordinary crunch—since you’re kneeling on one leg, you’ll work your legs in addition to your core.

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Want to Stay Slim? Leave the Car at Home

Leaving the car at home and getting to work by walking, cycling or public transit is good for your health, a new study indicates.

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