7 Double-Duty Workout Moves You Need to Try

Combine these seven moves into one fun, hard-working circuit, or mix-and-match them into workouts you’re already doing (and perhaps growing bored with).

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The 3 Best Moves for Tight, Trim Abs

Celebrity trainer Joel Harper prescribes this tummy-firming routine 3 times a week on nonconsecutive days.

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We Tried It: Krav Maga For Cardio, Strength-Training, and Self-Defense

Krav Maga: It’s the official hand-to-hand combat style of the Israeli Defense Forces, but it’s also gaining momentum Stateside as a great workout combining cardio, strength-training, and easy-to-understand self-defense techniques.

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Watch 100 Years of Fitness Trends in 100 Seconds

Did you know that light stretching was once considered a serious workout?

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Move of the Week: Kettlebell Swing

Not sure how to use a kettlebell? This is a great place to start.

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How Being in Shape Can Help Middle-Aged Men Lower Their Cancer Risk Later

Fit middle-aged men appear less likely to develop lung and colon cancer in later life than their out-of-shape peers. And if they do develop cancer, they are more likely to beat it, a new study suggests.

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The Simple Sneaker Mistake You’re Making

It’s super common and it puts you at greater risk for injury.

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Try This Move to Sculpt Killer Abs Like Kate Hudson

The star of the upcoming Rock the Kasbah, who turns 36 this month, has a core you just can’t ignore.

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Tone Your Legs & Abs in Just 1 Move, From Celeb Trainer Erin Oprea

We know only doing one move won’t get you there completely, but adding in my chops exercise, will definitely set you on your way. The combination of engaging your legs along with twisting your core, will give you a good burn the next time you sweat it out!

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Here’s the Secret Fitness Lab Where Apple Developed the Apple Watch’s Health Features

Inside, the lab looks like your average gym—except for the science-fiction style contraptions everyone’s wearing.

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