Eating Disorders More Common at Some Schools Than Others, and Here’s Why

Eating disorders may be more prevalent at schools where a greater portion of the student body is female, a new study suggests.

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Zosia Mamet on How Her Mom’s Body Image Issues Hurt Her Own

“When I was hungry, her first response was, ‘Are you sure?’ I dreaded shopping. My mother would say to me, ‘Zosia, let’s look in the husky section.’”

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I Think My Friend May Have an Eating Disorder—Should I Say Something?

Here’s the best way to start the conversation.

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Childhood Bullies at Higher Risk for These Disorders

Bullies may be at increased risk for eating disorders, a new study suggests.

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The Neuroscience of Anorexia Reveals Why It’s So Hard to Treat

A new study in Nature Neuroscience reveals why people with anorexia often struggle so much to integrate new ways of eating into their lives.

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Demi Lovato Poses Nude, Makeup-Free to Celebrate Confidence

The “Confident” singer’s rules for her latest shoot: no makeup, retouching, or clothes.

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Portia de Rossi on Bulimia: ‘You’re Still Left With the Shame’

The Scandal star detailed her tough experiences in a video for the It Got Better series.

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Is Body Mass Index Really the Best Way to Regulate Modeling Agencies?

The recent banning of too-thin models in France based on body mass index, which comes on the heels of Israel, Spain, and Italy’s decision to do the same, has us taking a closer look at the logic of it all.

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France Just Banned Ultra-Thin Models

Using a model who has a BMI under 18 could result in jail time.

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This Site Posted a Recovering Anorexic Woman’s Photos as Weight-Loss Inspiration

Anne Marie Sengillo’s photos were meant to send a cautionary message, not an aspirational one. Yet picked up the images and included them in a story about “amazing” weight loss transformations.

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