France Just Banned Ultra-Thin Models

Using a model who has a BMI under 18 could result in jail time.

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This Site Posted a Recovering Anorexic Woman’s Photos as Weight-Loss Inspiration

Anne Marie Sengillo’s photos were meant to send a cautionary message, not an aspirational one. Yet picked up the images and included them in a story about “amazing” weight loss transformations.

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7 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who’s Had an Eating Disorder

What makes one person uncomfortable may not bother another, but as a rule of thumb, here are some topics and phrases to avoid.

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This Brave Anorexia Survivor Posted Shocking Recovery Photos on a Weight-Loss Thread

Makeover specials, magazine covers and celebrity endorsements have ingrained the idea that a bone-thin body equals health and happiness. One young woman who struggles with anorexia hopes to prove the opposite.

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The Eating Disorder Many Women Don’t Know They Have

Unlike anorexia sufferers, people with BED aren’t bent on controlling their weight and shape.

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How an ADHD Drug Might Help Treat Binge-Eating Disorder

A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may also help treat binge-eating disorder, preliminary research suggests.

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For Men With Anorexia, the Focus Is on Muscle, Study Says

While female anorexia patients tend to place an excessive focus on food control, male patients tend to focus more on excessive exercise and muscle gain.

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Jennifer Lawrence Called Gluten Free the New Eating Disorder

Yes, it’s a broad generalization, but in some cases, going gluten free can be a sign of disordered eating. Here are 5 indicators that cutting out gluten could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship with food.

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The Dangerous Eating Disorder Even Normal-Weight Teens Can Have

Teenagers do not need to be rail thin to be practicing the dangerous eating behaviors associated with anorexia, a new study suggests.

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How Dieting in Your Teens Can Backfire

Dieting at a young age might set the stage for harmful health habits, including eating disorders, according to new research.

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