Taking Antibiotics Might Up Risk for Diabetes

Taking antibiotics might increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, new research suggests.

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This Is How Much Longer You Should Stand Each Day to Get Health Benefits

Sitting too long may be hazardous to your health, even if you exercise regularly, Australian researchers report.

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Why Drinking Sugary Drinks Can Be Risky, Even if You’re Not Gaining Weight

Whether you are slim or obese, if you drink lots of sugary soda or other sweetened drinks you are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, a new analysis reveals.

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How These Diabetes Drugs Might Also Help Prevent Parkinson’s

A class of diabetes meds that include widely used drugs such as Actos and Avandia may help protect users against Parkinson’s disease, a new study suggests.

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How Type 2 Diabetes May Harm Your Brain

In as little as two years, people with type 2 diabetes may develop problems with blood flow in the brain, which could lower their thinking and memory skills, a small study suggests.

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The Surprising Health Risk of Being Pregnant With A Boy

A baby’s gender appears to affect a mother’s risk for diabetes during pregnancy — called gestational diabetes — and type 2 diabetes after pregnancy, a new study suggests.

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Here’s Why Type 1 Diabetes May Be More Deadly for Women Than Men

Women with type 1 diabetes have a nearly 40 percent greater risk of dying from any cause and more than double the risk of dying from heart disease than men with type 1 diabetes, Australian researchers report.

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Can All Work and No Play Make You Diabetic?

Working long hours may increase your risk for diabetes, a new study suggests. But the finding seems to depend on your job.

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The Weird Way Artificial Sweeteners Can Raise Your Blood Sugar Levels

Artificial sweeteners can potentially make blood sugar levels rise despite containing no calories, researchers found in human and mouse studies. That’s bad news for people with diabetes or prediabetes.

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Sam’s Club Offering Free Diabetes Screenings on Saturday

The discount chain is offering free health screenings from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m this Saturday for people who visit one of its nearly 600 locations with a pharmacy.

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