Why Almost Everyone Needs a Flu Shot

Less than half of all Americans got a flu shot last year, so U.S. health officials on Thursday urged that everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated for the coming flu season.

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Flu Drugs Tamiflu and Relenza May Not Prevent Transmission or Complications

No evidence exists to show that anti-flu medicines stockpiled by countries around the world protect people from the spread of flu or reduce related hospitalizations and complications, a new analysis contends.

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Study: 75% of People Infected with the Flu Have No Symptoms

Think you know who has the flu? Think again: a new study finds that three-quarters of people infected with seasonal flu and swine flu in recent years showed no symptoms.

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Almost All Flu Sufferers In Intensive Care Didn’t Get Flu Shot: Study

If you want to avoid the very worst of the flu, get a flu shot. That simple message is hammered home in a new study from Duke University Medical Center that found virtually all of the people with influenza who ended up in intensive care earlier this flu season had chosen not to get the annual flu vaccine.

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China Reports First Human Death from New Bird Flu Strain

Chinese scientists reporting on the first confirmed human death from a new bird flu virus say the strain has gene mutations that could increase its ability to infect people. An elderly woman living in Nanchang City, China, recently died from infection with a new strain of H10N8 bird flu virus.

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Do You Have THIS Common Condition? Get a Flu Shot

Adults with diabetes are vulnerable to flu and its complications, experts say. Now a large new study finds they’re also at higher risk of being hospitalized for flu.

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Want to Stay Healthy? Try Washing Your Hands

Like “Turn out the lights” and “Don’t slam the door,” being told to “Wash your hands” is one of those universal instructions children hear every day. But it’s more than that. Hand washing has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to stay healthy.

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U.S. Flu Cases Continue to Climb

Flu season continues to tighten its grip on the United States, with 35 states now experiencing widespread influenza activity, federal officials reported Friday.

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Poorer Childhoods, More Colds as Adults?

Adults who grew up in poorer families might be more likely to catch colds than those who were raised in wealthier households, researchers report.

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Is It a Cold, Allergies, or a Sinus Problem?

Got a cold? If you have a stuffy nose, runny eyes, and other symptoms, you might think so. But it could also be due to allergies or even sinus infection, which you would treat differently than a cold. If you’re not sure, pin this handy guide to your Pinterest page, for quick and easy reference.

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