11 Celebrities Get Real About Plastic Surgery

From boob jobs to Botox, here are 11 stars who’ve talked frankly about cosmetic procedures: the good, the bad, and the “I can’t seem to move my face…” kind.

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The Facts About the Morning Sickness Drug Kim Kardashian Is Taking

Kim Kardashian-West took to Instagram on Sunday to promote a medication called Diclegis, a prescription drug that helps treat nausea during pregnancy. The reality star is known for lending her name to plenty of wacky products. Is this one of them?

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Model Chantelle Winnie’s Powerful Message About Self-Acceptance

Her story proves grit and believing in yourself no matter what can take you far, but the really beautiful thing about her is this message.

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The 5 Most Powerful Moments From Last Night’s ESPYs

Caitlyn Jenner’s first official public appearance was one of many inspiring highlights.

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How a Finger Injury Landed Jimmy Fallon in the Hospital for 10 Days

Here’s an injury you didn’t even want to know was possible: Jimmy Fallon returned to the Tonight Show last night after getting hand surgery for a ring avulsion (don’t Google it—seriously) that bent his finger “sideways.”

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This Hilarious Ad for Nick Offerman’s ‘Pizza Farm’ Also Has a Serious Message

In a mock advertisement published on Funny Or Die today, Nick Offerman teams up with the American Heart Association to skewer—and raise serious awareness of—the nutritional challenges facing kids in this country.

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10 Celebrities on the Very Real Body Hair Struggle

Everyone has an opinion (or a complaint) about body hair. Celebrities are no different. Here, 10 famous women open up about what’s growing where.

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The Very Important Reason Carrie Underwood Broke Into Her Own Car

It’s a fear most mothers have: accidentally locking their child in the car. And this weekend, it happened to country singer and new mom Carrie Underwood.

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Jennifer Lawrence Just Dropped a Major Truth Bomb About Body-Shaming in Hollywood

The Hunger Games star is once again getting seriously candid about how women are judged by their weight.

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Sofia Vergara’s Surprising Natural Beauty Tip for Brides-to-Be

As she prepares to say “I do” to Joe Manganiello, here’s her beauty advice for all the other soon-to-be-wed women out there.

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