You Have to Hear Maya Rudolph’s Hilarious Life Advice (and Song!) for Grads

Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph had some serious fun with her commencement address to Tulane University graduates (including her niece), doling out hilariously random bits of life advice.

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Amanda Seyfried Opens Up About Her Paralyzing Anxiety

The actress reveals in a new interview that she’s suffered from paralyzing anxiety her whole life.

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17 Celebrities Explain Why Getting Older Is Actually Awesome

Jennifer Aniston, Meryl Streep, and other stars on the upsides of getting older (hello, hotter sex life!).

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The Heartwarming Reason Céline Dion Is Ready to Perform Again

Céline Dion took time off to care for her husband who’s battling throat cancer. Later this summer, she’ll return to the Las Vegas stage.

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Get J. Lo-Level Abs With These 4 Exercises

If the red carpet at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards was any indication, then belly-baring cutouts are the celebrity fashion trend of the moment.

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Pink Stands Up to Fat-Shaming Trolls: “I’m Not a Person That Will Be Bullied”

When Entertainment Tonight asked her how she handles haters who make fun of her body, her response was perfectly Pink.

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Sculpt Your Arms With This Move From Elizabeth Banks’ Trainer

The actress’ directorial debut premieres tonight: Pitch Perfect 2.

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Portia de Rossi on Bulimia: ‘You’re Still Left With the Shame’

The Scandal star detailed her tough experiences in a video for the It Got Better series.

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How Lily Allen’s Pimple Selfie Is Helping Women Feel Better About Adult Acne

The singer helped acne-sufferers feel a little more normal this week when she posted an Instagram photo revealing bumps along her chin.

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The 5 Best Things Kelly Clarkson Has Said About Body Positivity

With news that ‘American Idol’ will come to an end after its 15th season (set to run in January), it’s hard not to get nostalgic for the first season, the one that catapulted Kelly Clarkson to fame.

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