Score Julianne Hough’s Lean, Sculpted Legs With This Move

Add it to your routine and you’ll be ready to slip into your liquid leggings, er skinny jeans, in two to four weeks.

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Why Health Cover Star Cassey Ho Will Never Go On Another Diet

The fitness pro has opened up about a time in her life when she struggled with obsessive weight loss.

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The Best Celeb Instagrams from Winter Storm Jonas

Five of our favorite Snowmageddon moments (a.k.a., the happiness break you need right now).

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Should You Get Tested for the Breast Cancer Gene?

Family history isn’t the only factor to consider.

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What It’s Like to Work Out With an SI Swimsuit Model

It’s totally natural to want to out-burpee a supermodel, right?

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14 Celebs Get Refreshingly Honest About Their Feelings on Exercise

Stars, they’re just like us!

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Here’s Why Some People Go Off Their HIV Meds and Why That’s a Really Bad Idea

Charlie Sheen said he quit taking his antiretroviral drugs for a period of time. While that sounds shocking, it’s not unheard of.

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3 Ab-Sculpting Moves Inspired by Our Favorite Golden Globe Looks

Last night’s Golden Globes Red Carpet was all about insanely toned midsections.

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Just in Time for the New Year, Here Is Oprah’s First Weight Watchers Ad

The talk show host became a spokesperson for the popular weight loss company back in October.

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Renée Zellweger Opens Up About the Crazy Scrutiny of Her Appearance

The ‘Bridget Jones’ star had a surprising reaction to the Internet firestorm.

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