The Health Risk Gay Men and Young, Straight Women Have in Common

Indoor tanning is far more popular among gay and bisexual men than it is among heterosexual men, a fact that may explain why they also have higher skin cancer rates, new research suggests.

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More Women Surviving Breast Cancer, Dutch Study Finds

Even with recent strides in breast cancer treatment, a woman’s chances of surviving the disease still partly depend on early detection, a new study says.

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Is the Best Treatment for Early Breast Cancer No Treatment?

If you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, you have surgery and get rid of it. Right? Not quite. For some women with early-stage breast cancer, a watch-and-wait approach, highlighted in a new documentary from Time, may be a better option.

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Being Tall Linked to Higher Risk of Cancer, Study Suggests

A study of more than 5 million Swedish men and women suggests that the taller you are, the greater your risk of cancer.

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What You Should Know Before a Breast Cancer Gene Test

Only about one-third of women receive genetic counseling before they undergo testing to see if they have a gene mutation that increases their risk of breast or ovarian cancer, a new study reports.

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Cancer May Also Harm Your Heart

People with cancer could be suffering silent, unseen heart damage due to their malignancy, a new study from Austria reports.

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Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy Doesn’t Harm Baby, Study Suggests

A new study suggests babies turn out fine if their mother undergoes cancer treatment while pregnant.

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Stella McCartney Designs Beautiful Post-Mastectomy Bra

There’s nothing like a bra that’s both comfortable and beautiful, and we can think of no group of women who deserve—no, need—a bra that meets those criteria more than women recovering from breast cancer surgery.

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How Aspirin Might Protect Against Colon Cancer

A new study suggests the inexpensive pill might extend survival for patients battling cancers of the gastrointestinal tract — including tumors of the colon and esophagus.

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What It’s Really Like to Have Thyroid Cancer

My year with a so-called “good” cancer.

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