Breast Cancer Survivors Could Have Increased Risk of Thyroid Cancer

Women who survive breast or thyroid cancer are linked to an increased risk for the other, according to a new analysis.

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Colon Cancer Rates Are Rising in Men and Women Under 50

Colon cancer rates are rising among men and women under 50, the age at which guidelines recommend screenings start, a new analysis shows.

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President Obama Puts Joe Biden in Charge of Curing Cancer

Just months after Biden lost his son to the disease.

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For Cancer Survivors, Expenses Keep Mounting

A cancer diagnosis is costly, and new research suggests that it remains costly even after the disease has been treated.

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Could We Be Winning the War on Cancer?

Deaths from cancer continue to decline in the United States, according to a new report from the American Cancer Society.

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Taking Aspirin After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Could Decrease Risk of Death

Men who take aspirin regularly may have a lower risk of dying from prostate cancer, a new study suggests.

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5 Things Cancer Taught Me About Loving My Body

To paraphrase author Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Cancer fame, I would never call cancer a gift because I would never want to give it to you. But it was the best teacher that I’ve ever had.

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Thyroid Cancer Survivors Face Low Quality of Life, Study Finds

Thyroid cancer survivors report lower quality of life than people who survive deadlier cancers, a new study finds. Why?

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Breast Ultrasound Might Work Just as Well as Mammography, Study Finds

Ultrasound and mammography appear equally likely to detect breast cancer, a new study says.

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Hormone Therapy May Help Young Breast Cancer Patients Preserve Fertility

Chemotherapy can affect a young breast cancer patient’s fertility, sending her into premature menopause, so in many cases doctors provide patients with hormonal therapy during chemo to prevent this side effect.

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