Why Starting Chemo Before Ovarian Cancer Surgery May Help Survival

Undergoing chemotherapy before surgery may help women battling advanced ovarian cancer, a new study finds.

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Why Women With Dense Breasts May Not Need More Screening

The debate over how much screening women with dense breasts should get continues

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Most Americans Still Not Using Sunscreen

Most Americans still don’t regularly use sunscreen to help prevent exposure to the sun’s cancer-causing rays, a new study reveals.

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The Heartwarming Reason Céline Dion Is Ready to Perform Again

Céline Dion took time off to care for her husband who’s battling throat cancer. Later this summer, she’ll return to the Las Vegas stage.

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Why It Might Be A Good Thing That Fewer Men Are Being Screened for Prostate Cancer

Fewer American men are receiving prostate cancer screening in the wake of a national panel’s conclusion that the test does men more harm than good, a new study finds.

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See This Former Tanning Bed Devotee’s Shocking Skin Cancer Treatment Selfie

Still skipping sunscreen and ignoring the warnings about tanning beds? This photo will change your mind.

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Sandra Lee Reveals She Has Breast Cancer, Will Undergo Double Mastectomy This Week

The 48-year-old Food Network chef and author said she was “stunned” by the news after getting what she thought would be a routine mammogram.

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Read Taylor Swift’s Heartfelt Note to a Fan Whose Mom Passed Away

Taylor Swift is no stranger to a good deed.

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What Real-Life Doctors Say About Mad Men’s Shocking Cancer Diagnosis

Spoiler alert: If you’re behind on your “Mad Men” episodes, stop reading now.

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Too Embarrassed to Ask Anyone to Put Sunscreen on Your Back? Get Over It

In a survey of more than 1,000 Americans, over a third said they rarely or never apply sunscreen to their backs when they’re in the sun. Almost half also said that they never or rarely ask anyone to assist applying sunscreen to their backs.

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