Acupuncture, Exercise May Ease Pain for Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer patients who experience pain and swelling related to their treatment may find relief in acupuncture and exercise, new research suggests.

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Potential Upside of Lactose Intolerance: Lower Cancer Rates

People who are lactose-intolerant may be less likely to develop certain types of cancer, a new study suggests.

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Colon Cancer on the Rise in Younger Adults

There’s good news and bad news in the war against colon cancer: While rates have fallen among older Americans, cases among adults aged 20 to 49 are rising and expected to continue to do so, a new study finds.

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4 Surprising Health Benefits of Tea

As the weather grows chillier, now’s the perfect time to sit outside in the brisk fall air with a hot beverage. You won’t believe the benefits of filling your mug with tea.

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Does Having Lots of Sex Lower Prostate Cancer Risk?

Don Juans of the world, take note: Men who sleep with lots of women may be less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don’t play the field, a new Canadian study suggests.

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Many Colleges Have Tanning Salons on or Near Campus; Some Accept Campus Cash

Many U.S. colleges have indoor tanning salons on or near campus, even though tanning increases the risk for skin cancer, researchers report.

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Hugh Jackman Treated for Skin Cancer for the Third Time in a Year

It’s Groundhog Day for Hugh Jackman: for the third time in a year, the actor had a basal cell carcinoma lesion removed, his rep confirmed to PEOPLE.

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What Women in the Military Need to Know About Breast Cancer

Women in the military have a tremendous amount on their plate: Besides risking their lives in combat, they have to contend with post-traumatic stress disorder, and even sexual assault and harassment by fellow soldiers or officers. But research shows they may have something even more disturbing to cope with: an increased risk of breast cancer.

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Taye Diggs on Tanning Beds: ‘Stop Trying To Be Black, People!’

That’s what the actor told a roomful of people last night at the Skin Cancer Foundation Gala, an evening recognizing achievement in educating the public about sun protection and skin cancer prevention.

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This New Breast Cancer Music Video Is Everything You’d Expect From Paula Abdul

It’s been a long while since her smash “Straight Up” but now, Paula Abdul is finally back: as the star of a surprisingly catchy, sorta-cringeworthy, but also super sweet music video to promote self breast exams.

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