Mindful Meditation Might Help Ease Back Pain

Mindful meditation may offer a measure of pain relief to seniors suffering from chronic lower back pain.

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In the Future You Might Be Able to Take Ibuprofen Via a Skin Patch

This breakthrough technology could be big news for chronic pain sufferers.

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A Super-Simple Strength Routine to Soothe Your Aching Back

When dealing with an aching back, the last thing you feel like doing is a workout, I know. But when it comes to back pain, gentle exercise really is the best medicine.

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The Best Move to Do for a Pain-Free Body

The efficacy of static back lies in its simplicity. When your body works with gravity to find realignment, comfort will increase naturally.

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Doctors Often Miss This Rare Infection That Causes Back Pain

People with back pain that doesn’t improve with treatment could have a rare type of spine infection, new guidelines suggest.

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Why Your Back Isn’t ‘Bad’

The way you think about pain and injury and reinforce those ideas through words may have a greater impact on healing than you realize.

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When You Should (And Shouldn’t) See a Chiropractor

Is it safe to see a chiropractor for back pain?

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How Texting Can Seriously Mess Up Your Spine

New research shows just how bad looking down at your phone is for your neck.

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Back Pain After Sex? These Positions May Help

Guided by movements of couples engaged in sexual intercourse, a new report suggests that alternatives to the traditional missionary-style position can help men who have lower back pain.

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Acetaminophen May Not Help Back Pain After All

Even though its use is often advised by doctors, the painkiller acetaminophen — best known as Tylenol — does not help treat lower back pain, according to a new Australian study.

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