7 Ways to Do Push-Ups

From strengthening your upper body and core to your glutes and legs, push-ups seem to be the go-to body weight exercise for men and women alike. Here are 7 variations to try.

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4 Key Ab Muscles and How to Target Them

Pretty much everyone could use stronger abdominal muscles. Here’s how to get them.

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A 7-Move Resistance Band Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Here’s how to get a complete full-body workout with just one small prop.

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3 Exercises You Can Do When There’s Literally No Room to Move

Packed gym? Studio apartment? No problem!

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4 Fat-Burning Barre Exercises You Can Do at Home

These ballet-inspired movements have been shown to flatten abs, sculpt thighs, tone arms, and lift your rear. And they can be done just about anywhere—no ballet barre required.

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5 Exercises That Will Change Your Life

Functional training gives you the kind of strength that matters at the end of the day: can you move your furniture or pick up your child? Try these 5 exercises that stem from natural, everyday movements.

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5 Calorie-Torching CrossFit Workouts to Try

Get a taste of what CrossFit is all about with one of these workouts that you can do at home or at the gym.

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3 Simple Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

Make any space your own personal workout haven with these easy tricks from DailyBurn trainer Keaira LaShae.

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4 Essential Strength-Training Moves for Runners

Strength training is an absolute must for runners looking to improve their game. Not only can it make you faster and more powerful, it can also help you avoid running injuries. Here are 4 moves to try.

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Skip the Kettlebells! Try This 4-Move Workout With a Laundry Detergent Jug

Head to your laundry room and try this 4-move workout to improve muscle tone without spending an extra penny on equipment.

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