A 6-Move Arm Workout for Weaklings

A workout for beginners.

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Move of the Week: Advanced Leg Crunches

Take your ab-scultpting up a notch!

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Move of the Week: Medicine Ball Russian Twists

Mix up your usual ab-sculpting Russian twists with a medicine ball!

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Pulse, Plank, Plié: The Barre Workout You Can Do at Home

Prepare to work muscles you didn’t even know you had!

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A Fast 6-Move Circuit to Get You Total-Body Toned

Keep this routine handy for when you NEED a workout, but you don’t have much time.

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Move of the Week: Hula Hoop Pump Ab Exercise

Hula-hoops aren’t just for kids!

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How to Avoid Weight Gain When Traveling for the Holidays

Stay fit on-the-go with these tips from leading fitness authority Jennifer Cohen.

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Take Our 12 Days of Fitness Challenge to Stay Active Through the Holidays

Happy holidays and happy sweating!

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6 Moves for Sculpted Shoulders by New Year’s Eve

There’s something to be said about having tank-top ready shoulders, even in the winter.

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This 6-Move Circuit Will Make You Feel Better About All That Turkey You’re Going to Eat

Go ahead, have all the seconds you want this Turkey Day. This workout’s here to help you get back on track.

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