‘Fat Shaming’ Linked to Weight Gain, Study Says

September 11, 2014

Discrimination against overweight or obese people, commonly known as “fat shaming,” does not help them lose weight and may do more harm than good, according to research from London.

Cutting Calories May Ease Sleep Apnea in Obese, Study Finds

September 10, 2014

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 10, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Cutting calories could improve sleep apnea and lower blood pressure in obese adults, Brazilian researchers report.
Sleep apnea causes pauses in breathing while sleeping and is associated with high blood pressure, heart problems and stroke.
The study included 21 obese people, aged 20 to 55, with sleep apnea. Over a [...]

Breast-Feeding May Help Obese Moms Lose Pregnancy Pounds

September 4, 2014

By Tara HaelleHealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, Sept. 4, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Breast-feeding may help women lose their pregnancy weight and keep it off if they were obese before they became pregnant, according to new research.
When women who were obese prior to becoming mothers followed national breast-feeding recommendations, they weighed almost 18 pounds less than obese mothers [...]

Which Diet’s the Best? All of Them, Study Says

September 3, 2014

Big dieting names like Atkins, Ornish and Weight Watchers have long competed in the battle of the bulge. But a new analysis concludes that whichever diet people choose, their chances of success are about the same.

Nerve Blocking Procedure Fails to Impress in Weight Loss Study

September 2, 2014

By Steven ReinbergHealthDay Reporter
TUESDAY, Sept. 2, 2014 (HealthDay News) — A device intended to help with weight loss by blocking a certain nerve linked to appetite and metabolism failed to meet expectations in a trial among obese patients.
Using electric impulses to block the vagus nerve, which runs between the brain and stomach, researchers hoped to [...]

Low-Carb Diet May Beat Low-Fat for Weight Loss and Heart Health

September 2, 2014

For people who want to lose weight and boost their heart health, cutting down on carbohydrates may work better than trimming dietary fat, a new study suggests.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Drinks at Least 1 Soda a Day: CDC

August 14, 2014

By E.J. MundellHealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, Aug. 14, 2014 (HealthDay News) — A new survey of American adults across 18 states finds 17 percent drinking at least one sugary soda per day, with rates varying widely across states.
For example, while about 12 percent of people in New York state or Hawaii downed one or more non-diet sodas [...]

Pride Over Weight Loss May Help Drive Anorexia

August 6, 2014

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 6, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Women with the eating disorder anorexia nervosa feel a sense of pride about their weight loss, and this positive emotion may play a major role in the deadly condition, according to a new study.
“What we think happens is that positive emotions become exaggerated and are rewarding these maladaptive [...]

Make Kids’ Weight Loss a Family Affair, Study Suggests

July 30, 2014

By Alan MozesHealthDay Reporter
WEDNESDAY, July 30, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Parents who want to help their preschooler shed excess pounds may want to team up with their child, new research suggests.
Youngsters whose parents joined them in a supervised behavioral modification program gained less weight than their peers who were enrolled in a traditional child-only program [...]

How Dieting in Your Teens Can Backfire

July 30, 2014

Dieting at a young age might set the stage for harmful health habits, including eating disorders, according to new research.


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