Where to Buy the Cool Clothes Jillian Michaels Is Wearing in Our October Issue

September 17, 2015

Here’s where you can buy the awesome workout clothes Jillian is working in our October issue.

3 Feel-Good Companies That Sell Fresh Greens, Chocolate, and More

August 3, 2015

These companies are making it part of their business to sell high-quality products and help communities, the environment, or both.

Dad Bod Is Explained By Science In a New Study

July 21, 2015

A first-of-its kind study to follow men for up to 20 years from adolescence shows that dads do get a little squishier after the kids.

The Best Tinted Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

July 10, 2015

Forget foundation: Beat the heat and still score a naturally perfect-looking complexion with one of these lightweight, tinted new products instead.

6 Small Fitness Tweaks That Add Up to Big Results for Your Body

July 7, 2015

These tiny moves can make a big difference to your success on the scale or in the gym.

These Body-Positive Photos Prove All Legs Are Beautiful (Yes, Even Yours)

June 29, 2015

Check out the reason this New York City photographer is taking stunning photos of women’s gams in all their various shapes, sizes, and lengths.

5 Essential Tricks for Treating a Sunburn

June 26, 2015

Of course you understand the importance of sunscreen, but sometimes, no matter how diligent you were with reapplying, you still end up getting too much sun.

A 4-Move Workout to Tone Your Thighs

June 24, 2015

The thigh gap is crap. You know that. But that doesn’t mean you should totally ignore your inner thigh muscles, which help support a stable core.

Everything You Need to Know About Sprouted Grains

June 24, 2015

This hot food trend is actually worth following.

8 Seriously Adorable Father’s Day Pics Shared by Celebrities

June 22, 2015

From first-time dads like Justin Timberlake to more experienced papas like David Beckham, celebs were seriously feeling the love on Father’s Day—at least according to their social media feeds.



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