Gene Tied to Breast Cancer Raises Uterine Cancer Risk Too

June 30, 2016

THURSDAY, June 30, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Women with a gene mutation known as BRCA1 have an increased risk for a deadly form of uterine cancer, a new study finds.
The BRCA1 gene mutation is already well known for significantly increasing the risk of breast and ovarian cancers. In fact, the risk is so high that […]

Exercise May Help Thwart Ovarian Cancer

June 21, 2016

TUESDAY, June 21, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Lack of exercise is associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer and of death from the disease, two new studies suggest.
“Women may be overwhelmed with mixed messages about physical activity or exercise recommendations and opt to be inactive because they feel that they cannot meet the recommended […]

Female Reproductive Tract Not a Sterile Environment, Study Finds

June 7, 2016

TUESDAY, June 7, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Researchers have found bacteria in women’s ovaries and fallopian tubes — locations previously believed to be sterile.
The investigators also discovered that women with ovarian cancer have a different bacterial population in these locations than women without the cancer. This finding raises the question of whether bacteria in the […]

Two-Pronged Chemo Helps Some With Advanced Ovarian Cancer

June 4, 2016

By Dennis ThompsonHealthDay Reporter
SATURDAY, June 4, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Some women with advanced ovarian cancer may fare better if chemotherapy is dripped directly into their abdomens as well as introduced into their bloodstream through traditional IV, a new study finds.
Clinical trial results show the combination of abdominal and IV chemotherapy can slow the progression […]

1 in 5 Ovarian Cancer Patients Doesn’t Get Life-Extending Surgery: Study

June 3, 2016

FRIDAY, June 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Surgery may significantly extend ovarian cancer patients’ lives, but one in five women does not have the procedure, a new study finds.
“Though surgery isn’t right for every patient, we suspect that some women do not receive beneficial surgical treatment because they have poor access to specialty care,” said […]

Widely Used Type 2 Diabetes Drug May Reduce Cancer Death Risk

April 15, 2016

By Steven ReinbergHealthDay Reporter
FRIDAY, April 15, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Metformin, a commonly prescribed diabetes drug, may reduce the risk of dying from some cancers for postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests.
The study found that for women with type 2 diabetes and cancer, the odds of dying from cancer appeared […]

Gene Tests May Help Predict Outcomes in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

March 19, 2016

SATURDAY, March 19, 2016 (HealthDay News) — A special genetic test might help gauge outcomes for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a new study suggests.
As researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle explained, advanced ovarian cancer doesn’t progress as rapidly in women who have mutations in certain “DNA repair” genes, known as homologous recombination […]

Type 1 Diabetes May Raise Risk of Certain Cancers, Lower Risk for Others

March 2, 2016

Having type 1 diabetes may raise the risk of some cancers, but lower the risk of others, a new study suggests.

Ovarian Cancer Is More Than One Disease: Report

March 2, 2016

WEDNESDAY, March 2, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Ovarian cancer isn’t a single disease, but rather a number of different malignancies involving the ovaries, an expert U.S. panel says.
Evidence suggests that many ovarian cancers begin in other tissues, such as the fallopian tubes, and eventually spread to the ovaries. In other cases, cancers arise from cells […]

How a Blood Test Might Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer Deaths

December 17, 2015

An annual blood test to screen postmenopausal women for ovarian cancer could reduce deaths from this killer by 20 percent.

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