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10 Percent of U.S. Adults Physically Limited by Arthritis: CDC

November 7, 2013

By Steven ReinbergHealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, Nov. 7 (HealthDay News) — More than 50 million Americans have arthritis, and almost half of them can’t perform normal daily activities because of the disease, U.S. health officials said Thursday.
Aging and obesity are the chief culprits behind this growing health problem, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and [...]

Lupus More Likely to Affect Young, Black Women, Study Finds

October 29, 2013

TUESDAY, Oct. 29 (HealthDay News) — Young, black women are at higher risk for lupus and suffer more life-threatening complications than white women, a new study says.
Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes symptoms such as fatigue, fever, rashes and joint pain. It can lead to serious organ damage, and occurs more often in women [...]

Moms With Lupus More Likely to Have Children With Autism, Study Suggests

October 28, 2013

Women with lupus are twice as likely to have a child with autism compared to mothers without the autoimmune disease, new, preliminary research finds. However, the overall risk is still low and the findings won’t change the management of women with lupus, said one expert.

Headaches Accompanying Lupus Often Not Disease-Related, Study Finds

October 28, 2013

MONDAY, Oct. 28 (HealthDay News) — Headaches are common in people with lupus, but are not linked to disease activity, according to a new study.
Researchers reviewed records for more than 1,700 people with lupus, an autoimmune disease that can damage skin, joints and organs, and looked at the headaches they experienced over a number of [...]

Many Lupus Patients Forgo Needed Medication, Study Finds

October 26, 2013

By Amy NortonHealthDay Reporter
SATURDAY Oct. 26 (HealthDay News) — Many poorer patients with the autoimmune disease lupus don’t take their medications as prescribed, a new U.S. study suggests.
Researchers found that lupus patients on Medicaid — the public health insurance program for the poor — were often not sticking with their prescriptions. Over six months, patients [...]

Women With Lupus Seem at Higher Risk for Hip Fractures

July 4, 2013

By Kathleen DohenyHealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, July 4 (HealthDay News) — Women with lupus — the autoimmune disease that can damage skin, joints and organs — also are at higher risk of a hip fracture known as a cervical fracture, new research from Taiwan suggests.
Dr. Shu-Hung Wang, of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and his colleagues evaluated [...]

Lupus May Be Linked to Serious Pregnancy Complication

November 2, 2012

FRIDAY, Nov. 2 (HealthDay News) — A new study suggests that pregnant women with the autoimmune disease lupus may have a twofold increased risk of preeclampsia, a dangerous condition characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine.
Preeclampsia can lead to serious health problems such as seizure, stroke and organ failure and cause the [...]

Genes May Give Clues to Severe Form of Lupus

January 18, 2012

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 18 (HealthDay News) — Researchers have identified a DNA sequence that appears to speed up the progression of lupus, an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks healthy tissues.
“Enhancers” are DNA sequences that accelerate the activation of neighboring genes, according to Italian researchers. In the case of lupus, researchers identified a [...]

Pregnancy Safe for Most Women With Lupus: Study

November 5, 2011

SATURDAY, Nov. 5 (HealthDay News) — Pregnancy is safe for most women with stable lupus, a new study indicates.
Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect many organs of the body and cause arthritis, fatigue and rashes. Lupus has been known to cause complications for pregnant women. The disease occurs mostly in women, [...]

Lupus Treatment May Soon Take Leap Forward

December 24, 2010

By Dennis ThompsonHealthDay Reporter
FRIDAY, Dec. 24 (HealthDay News) — For years now, doctors have made slow, incremental progress in the treatment of lupus, a chronic autoimmune condition that can wrack the body and seriously affect a person’s health.
But researchers now are preparing for a potential major leap forward.


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Get the latest health, fitness, anti-aging, and nutrition news, plus special offers, insights and updates from Health.com!
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