Diabetes Drug Metformin May Affect Thyroid in Some Patients

September 22, 2014

MONDAY, Sept. 22, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Metformin, a drug commonly used to treat diabetes, may raise the risk of low levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) among patients with an underactive thyroid, a new study suggests.
The researchers cautioned that low TSH levels may be associated with heart problems and broken bones, although a cause-and-effect link [...]

Tight Blood Sugar Control Doesn’t Prevent Strokes in Diabetics: Study

September 19, 2014

By Steven ReinbergHealthDay Reporter
FRIDAY, Sept. 19, 2014 (HealthDay News) — A six-year study of people with type 2 diabetes found that intensively lowering blood pressure had a long-lasting effect in preventing heart attacks, strokes and deaths. But intensive blood sugar control didn’t produce those benefits, the researchers found.
For the study, investigators followed nearly 8,500 participants [...]

FDA Approves Another Weekly Injectable Drug for Type 2 Diabetes

September 19, 2014

FRIDAY, Sept. 19, 2014 (HealthDay News) — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new type 2 diabetes drug, Trulicity, on Thursday. Trulicity is part of a class of once-a-week injectable drugs that help manage blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes.
“Trulicity is a new treatment option, which can be used [...]

Healthy Lifestyle Changes Linked to Reduced Risk for Dementia

September 17, 2014

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 17, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Managing diabetes, quitting smoking, controlling high blood pressure, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk for dementia — even late in life, according to new research.
The World Alzheimer Report 2014, commissioned by Alzheimer’s Disease International, revealed that diabetes can increase the risk of dementia [...]

Traffic Pollution Linked to Higher Levels of Obesity Hormone

September 12, 2014

FRIDAY, Sept. 12, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Older people exposed to high levels of black carbon — the fine particle air pollution from traffic — may have increased levels of leptin, a hormone linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, a new study suggests.
Although the research doesn’t establish a cause-and-effect relationship between black carbon exposure [...]

Combo Diabetes Therapy Outperforms Other Treatments, Study Finds

September 12, 2014

By Alan MozesHealthDay Reporter
FRIDAY, Sept. 12, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Combining insulin with a relatively new hormone-like drug appears to be a safer and more effective way to treat type 2 diabetes than current methods, a new review suggests.
The drug belongs to a new class of injectable medications called “glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists” (GLP-1), which mimic [...]

Diabetics Face Much Greater Risk of Heart Damage, Study Says

September 11, 2014

By Dennis ThompsonHealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, Sept. 11, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Using a new ultra-sensitive test, Johns Hopkins researchers found that people with diabetes may have a sixfold higher risk of heart failure even if their cholesterol is low and they appear otherwise healthy.
Results of the new study suggest that people with diabetes and pre-diabetes [...]

Golden Retriever Study Sniffs for Cancer Clues

September 11, 2014

By Amy NortonHealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, Sept. 11, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Michael Court is a scientist and a dog lover, so he jumped at the chance to enroll his golden retriever in a nationwide study aimed at fighting cancer and other ills in canines.
The study, known as the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, hopes to ultimately enroll [...]

Statins May Help Prevent Diabetes-Related Nerve Damage, Study Finds

September 9, 2014

TUESDAY, Sept. 9, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Cholesterol-busting statins may also help prevent common and serious diabetes complications, a new study indicates.
Although the drugs are known to lower the risk for heart attack and stroke among those with type 2 diabetes, Danish researchers report statins may also help protect against diabetes-related damage to small blood [...]

Can Prediabetes Raise Risk of Certain Cancers?

September 8, 2014

MONDAY, Sept. 8, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Having prediabetes may increase a person’s risk for cancer, researchers report.
The researchers analyzed 16 studies that included nearly 900,000 people from around the world and found that people with prediabetes had a 15 percent overall increased risk of cancer. People with prediabetes have blood sugar levels that are [...]


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