No, Birth Control Pills Don’t Cause Birth Defects, Study Finds

January 6, 2016

Becoming pregnant while taking birth control pills doesn’t seem to increase the risk of birth defects, a new study suggests.

The Pill, Hormone Therapy Safe for Women Taking Blood Thinners: Study

December 22, 2015

TUESDAY, Dec. 22, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Women on blood thinners can also take contraceptives that contain estrogen, or hormone replacement therapy, without raising their risk for blood clots or uterine bleeding, a new Italian study finds.
Currently, women diagnosed with blood clots may be advised to stop hormone therapy or use of the contraceptive […]

Girls Given Risky Meds Don’t Get Contraceptive Advice

December 16, 2015

By Randy DotingaHealthDay Reporter
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 16, 2015 (HealthDay News) — New research from a Midwestern hospital suggests a wide majority of teen girls and young women fail to get information about contraceptives when they take medications that could cause birth defects.
At issue are so-called “teratogenic” medications, used for conditions ranging from acne to anxiety, that […]

U.S. Abortion Rate Has Declined to New Record Low

December 11, 2015

The U.S. abortion rate has declined by more than one-third over the past two decades to a record low, federal officials reported Friday.

Teens More Cautious About Sex When Parents Set Rules, Study Finds

November 30, 2015

By Randy DotingaHealthDay Reporter
MONDAY, Nov. 30, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A new analysis suggests that parents who set rules and keep tabs on their teenagers may have kids who are more cautious about sex.
“Parents really matter, and they’re influential,” said report co-author Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, co-director of the Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health at […]

Kids More Likely to Listen to Safe Sex Advice If Mom Gives ‘The Talk’

November 2, 2015

Teens whose parents talk with them about sex are more likely to wait to have sex and to use birth control and condoms when they do, a new study finds.

Giving Birth, Breast-feeding May Help Women’s Long-Term Health

October 30, 2015

FRIDAY, Oct. 30, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Having babies and breast-feeding may extend a woman’s life, new research suggests.
Other beneficial factors appear to include starting menstruation at a later age and using birth control pills.
Researchers analyzed data from nearly 323,000 women in 10 European countries who were followed for an average of about 13 years. […]

Many Women With Essure Birth Control Implant Need Reoperation, Study Finds

October 14, 2015

New research raises concerns about Essure, an implanted long-term birth control device that’s already the focus of controversy.

Could Injection Be Used Someday to Spay or Neuter Pets?

October 5, 2015

MONDAY, Oct. 5, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A single injection might control fertility in pets and other animals, a new study suggests.
California Institute of Technology researchers working with mice said they’ve taken a first step in developing an inexpensive alternative to spaying or neutering dogs and cats.
One injection was enough to halt egg and […]

Mouse Study Hints at New ‘Male Contraceptive’

October 1, 2015

By Amy NortonHealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, Oct. 1, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A discovery in mice could pave the way to a reversible, non-hormonal form of birth control for men, researchers report.
The findings, published online Oct. 1 in the journal Science, add to efforts to develop the elusive “male pill” — that is, a reliable but temporary […]


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