Eyeliner Makeup Techniques Are Taking Over Instagram

June 17, 2016

You’ve got to check these out.

Here’s How to Fake Fuller Lips

November 19, 2015

No injections necessary.

Samira, Samira, Let Down Your Hair

November 18, 2015

That’s code for ‘put on a wig and tell us everything!’

Saggy Arms? More People Opting For Surgery to Fix Them

April 29, 2013

More women are getting arm lifts, according to newly released statistics, with the number growing from about 300 procedures in 2000 to about 15,000 in 2012. This type of cosmetic procedure can include removal of fat by liposuction or surgery called brachioplasty, in which loose skin is removed from the back of the arms.

Laser Liposuction May Zap Fat Without Skin Sag

April 15, 2013

Laser-assisted liposuction might provide an option for people who want stubborn pockets of fat removed but fear they’ll be left with loose skin.

Temporary Tattoos May Leave Permanent Damage

March 27, 2013

As thousands of college students head to sunny spots for spring break, getting temporary tattoos may seem like a fun thing to do. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns that they can cause blisters and permanent scarring.

Style Coach: How to Look Great in Rain Gear

March 15, 2013

A classic trench is always chic. And there are so many clever updates, like this chartreuse piping. Also key: keeping your feet dry without sacrificing style. You can’t go wrong with dark green or black wellies, but there is something fun about rain boots that give a pop of color.

10 Beauty Tricks for Daylight Saving Time

March 8, 2013

This weekend daylight saving time goes into effect, so don’t forget to ‘spring’ your clocks forward. On one hand the change is good–it means we are that much closer to summer. (Hello sun dresses and sandals!) But losing those precious 60 minutes can make for groggy mornings until your body adjusts.

As Economy Rebounds, More Folks Turn to Cosmetic Procedures

February 19, 2013

Evidence of the economic upturn can be found in more than housing starts and auto sales: A new report shows that the number of cosmetic procedures grew 5 percent in 2012. Botox injections and other types of minimally invasive treatments led the way as more people opted for these types of facial rejuvenation procedures, while the number who chose to “go under the knife” remained relatively stable, the findings revealed.

Want to Get Rid of That Old Tattoo? You’re Not Alone

February 11, 2013

It seems that tattoos are everywhere these days, but along with the increase in people getting inked, the number of Americans undergoing procedures to have a tattoo removed is also on the rise, experts say. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates both tattoo inks and the laser devices used to remove the body art, cautioned that deciding to have a tattoo removed is a lot easier than the removal process itself.


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